My first Kingdom Hearts fic, and as I've seen, the first one from Hades' POV. I absolutely adore his character, and I tried to keep it true to him. R&R, there's more where this came from! Dedicated to Katarina Freeman, for not squishing my support of this char, and to Snowri Leonhart, for writing some really nifty stuff. Read on!


So, the little witch thought she could defeat them? I'm surprised, I thought they'd be LONG dead. But hey, they're mortals, they have to be resourceful.

I got my resources all worked out.

Even though they've run dry, I've still got me.
See, that's the difference between me and her, ya see? I'm always me.

And she? She turned into a dragon, for crying out loud! She didn't die at their hands. Oh no…Maleficent died by the darkness. That dragon wasn't her. If they had said lizard, maybe I'd believe it. But not a dragon.

But perhaps, she did have that air of nobility, that sneer, that manipulation…

Yeah, maybe a dragon.

But what's it matter? She's still dead.

She should have known better. Wasn't she the one saying that the darkness was too strong in ME? Hah.  Yeah well, shows what she knows. After all, who's DEAD HERE?!
Oh for crying out…

You gotta be kidding me!
Those twerps don't honestly think they can win the Hades Cup, do they? I mean, they might have beat Jafar. And Ursula. And Oogie Boogie, and even Captain Hook. But look at them. Mortals. And something that shouldn't even be alive. Of course they'd lose.

But while Maleficent may have been a sorceress supreme—"Mistress of Evil", I remember her gloating—I'm a GOD.

That's right, a god, and don't you forget it!

Oh, but those morons up on Olympus have. Zeus and his gloating, and his accursed wife and friends…They might have banished me.

But who needs one world when you can have them all?
I'll take care of those little twerps, I've got the space ready and everything.

Nothing can go wrong.
And nothing will go wrong.

No little runt with a key is going to stop me.