Okay... I know people are probably going to be pissed at this... but I don't feel like writing for my current fics right now so I've decided to post this as it's own thing.

But anyway... first things first...

1. I am not going to try and shoehorn the Disgaeaverse into Nasuverse systems, it is much simpler to just do it the other way around.

2. This does not follow any of the Disgaea storylines and characters from the games will only appear 'post-game'

3. If you don't like the idea of the Nasuverse being overpowered by the Disgaeaverse, then just leave... now. Disgaea characters can casually destroy planets and pull off whatever insane bullshit they want to for special moves.

Anyway... now that those points are out of the way...

Let's get this show on the road.

Emiya Shirou couldn't stop a groan of agony from escaping his throat as his consciousness returned to him.

The process was slow as his body screamed in protest at every miniscule movement as his mind slowly processed what had happened to him.


He had fought Gilgamesh and finally realized his reality marble, though he had needed Rin's prana to actually use it due to sheer lack of experience and power on his part.

But he had won.

He had taken the arrogant kings arm and then just as his reality shattered, the Servant had started to form a hole in space… and the ancient king had tried to take him with him.

He remembered fighting the pull for a little while before realizing that his foe might actually escape destruction if he kept pulling… and so he gave up.

He had let himself get pulled into the mass of darkness and that was the last thing he remembered.

He had to get up.

He had to search for his enemy.

He had to find out exactly what had happened and why he was still alive.

So he pushed.

He pushed as hard as he could and slowly but surely, he started to rise.

His body protested every ounce of energy he put into it, he felt like he was going to fall apart at any moment but that was nothing.

He had to rise up because if he didn't then who would stop Gilgamesh?

He managed to get his knee under him and he finally gained stability… and so he opened his eyes.

What he saw was not what he was expecting.

Wherever he was, it was lush, green and littered with ruined architecture that looked like it was straight out of a manga… something that should've been impossible to create and yet here were ruins of those very same impossible structures.

However that wasn't what really caught his attention, no, what truly caught his attention was the fact that there were two suns in the sky… and they were just sitting right next to each other.

His mind reeled at the single, logical conclusion of that astrological evidence… he wasn't on Earth anymore.

Somehow he had been transported to another planet and he was now trapped away from home, on an unknown planet with the ruins of some great civilisation and he had no idea where his foe was or how he was going to get back home.

Honestly this was now officially one of the worst days in his life and given that he had had a piece of shrapnel impale him through the spine that was actually saying something.

But he had felt worse before, especially when he fought Archer, in that fight his body was burning, his muscles felt like they were ripping and he was pushing himself far beyond his breaking point for the sole purpose of not giving in to the future version of himself.

So he pushed himself further, feeling his muscles scrap against each other as he prepared himself to continue the fight with the golden hero.

He couldn't stop himself from feeling both relieved and disappointed when he realized that the arrogant hero was nowhere to be seen.

But he couldn't let himself relax and fall, he didn't yet know where he was or if it was even safe to stay here.

"Yo dood, what're doing here dood?" his mind focused sharply upon hearing an unfamiliar voice and he turned his head to look towards whoever was speaking to him, only to find nothing at face level.

He then looked lower and found himself blinking in disbelief as he began to wonder if he was suffering from exhaustion induced hallucinations.

It was a penguin.

And not just a normal penguin but a blue, peg legged, stuffed penguin with a satchel located at the waist, the worst part was that it was looking at him and blinking.

He couldn't stop himself from staring as it stared back before tilting its head and opening its mouth.

"Uh, are you all right dood?" he was certain his jaw dropped at the absurdity of this situation… at least until the pain he had been ignoring became too much and he started to crumple despite refusing to fall.

"Uh, I guess I'll take that as a no dood," the creature said once more and Shirou found himself wondering just why it was saying dood constantly.

"Well I guess I should take you somewhere safe, right dood?" he felt himself frowning at that before feeling the little peg legged creature lift him above its head much to his surprise.

As he watched the scenery go by, he found himself wondering just how much more complicated his life had just gotten.


Shirou felt his eyes open upon the morning light hitting his face.

Looking around the room, he found himself recognizing the simple but warm décor and soft furnishings that he had been living with for the past week.

Rising from the bed he had been given, he started to work out some kinks that had developed overnight before getting himself dressed for his morning routine.

The house he was currently recuperating in was small, just a hut with a living room with a cooking fire in the centre, two bedrooms located off the living room and a single small bathroom with a bathtub heated by a fire.

So it was a rather simple home but it was at least comfortable and more importantly, he had managed to recover from his fight with Gilgamesh while he was here.

Leaving the house, he proceeded to walk over to the nearby forest and silently projected a simple axe as he started to cut down a tree or two for the fires.

"Emiya-san, what do you think you're doing?" a voice that had quickly grown familiar to him called out from behind him and he found himself freezing mid swing.

Turning around he looked at the owner of the voice.

His name was Trey and he was short, short enough that he only came up to Shirou's shoulder, he was also very thin and had greyish blonde hair tied into a pair of pigtails and a pair of pointy ears.

The fact that the boy wore what was essentially a strapless white dress that pooled at his feet had made identifying him as male rather difficult at first.

Of course, he wasn't complaining about being brought here, that much was for certain given how the boy was literally capable of using healing magic strong enough to fix him up in a second.

The part that took a while to get used to was the massive handcuffs and the barbs that caused the young boy to bleed everywhere and soak his dress crimson near the bottom.

He had tried to convince the boy to stop wearing such self-destructive clothing but had failed due to the boy being unprepared to not punish himself for his sins.

"Uh, I… um…" he tried to think of a way to say he was going to cut down some firewood without actually saying that.

"You were going to cut down a tree weren't you?" the boy stated with narrowed eyes and he found himself grimacing as he gave a nod of confirmation, "how many times do I have to tell you… leave it to the Prinny, it's supposed to be working to pay off its sins so doing its job for it is making having it pointless."

Shirou grimaced at that statement.

He had been told that the blue penguin like thing was what was called a Prinny and that it was the soul of a dead human put in a vessel and working for its chance at reincarnation.

"Sorry, it just doesn't feel right to leave everything to it," even now he still didn't know what gender the Prinny actually was, the fact it wouldn't tell him only made him feel more depressed at having to called it 'it'.

"The more work you take from it, the longer it'll take for it to reincarnate," the boy stated firmly, "do you want it to suffer even longer than it has too?"

That was true, he had actually seen the contract signed for ownership of the Prinny and despite how unfair it looked to him, the fact that he had discovered it was a standard contract for a Prinny made him reluctantly accept the situation.

Emphasis on the reluctantly.

"Prinny!" the boy called out, causing the peg-legged creature to appear and give a firm salute.

"Yes Master dood!" the response was enough to make Shirou feel his annoyance at the creature's situation stir up again… it was pretty much slavery as far as he was concerned after all.

"Stop lazing around and get some firewood ready," the blonde boy stated seriously, though admittedly the voice was still rather soft compared to most of the males he knew.

"Yes dood!" and with that the little penguin like creature rushed up to the tree he was about to cut down before pulling a large axe out of the satchel and starting to hack into the tree.

Shirou still didn't know how it managed to hold the handle when all it had was a pair of flippers.

"It doesn't feel right to not do anything," he found himself admitting as he watched the dead person doing the job he was about to do.

"… then you can go into town and get some food for dinner," the boy stated with a small grin, "after all, you're a hell of a better cook than the Prinny."

"Sorry Dood!" the penguin shouted from its position next to the tree.

"Uh, yeah, sure," he acknowledged, he guessed that going into town wouldn't be so bad, the last time he had gone there things had been pretty nice… hard to adjust to but nice none the less.

"Good," and with that the little boy gave him a purse full of money and he started on his trip to the nearby town for groceries.


The nearby town of Borque was a nice little hamlet completely in keeping with the house he was now living in, simple, made mainly of stone and wood.

It gave off the impression of a stereotypical medieval English settlement whenever he saw it and made his curiosity about the ruins increase even further.

What sort of disaster had befallen this world to end whatever civilisation had created such impressive structures?

"Hello Emiya-kun, here alone today?" a friendly and effeminate voice called out causing him to look towards the owner.

It was taller than him, had a friendly smile adorning their feminine face, a slender figure that was shown off by the lack of clothing it wore and most importantly, it was a plant.

As in, it had a pair of flowers instead of hair, green skin, a large bud and a root forming its lower body and he had even been told that it was technically both male and female due to the whole fact it was a plant.

"Ah, hello Adari-san," he answered upon remembering the name of the creature that had called out to him, "I'm just here to get some groceries."

The first time he had come to this town he had been shocked to the point where he was about to trace Kanshou and Byakuya due to the sheer number of inhuman creatures he had seen on his first view of the town.

That was when Trey had finally told him where he was.

This was one of a near infinite number of Netherworlds that existed in the multiverse… it was literally a world of demons.

He had nearly hyperventilated at that but had managed to hold off on attacking any of the demons that resided there.

Eventually though he came to conclusion as he interacted with the demons and started to learn a little about their culture.

Demons weren't Evil.

Sure most regularly tried to be evil since that was what their culture expected of them, but they were surprisingly less capable of committing evil than a typical Magus was… let alone a Dead Apostle or an Ancestor.

That realisation had cause him to relax around the beings that he thought he should very well be scared half to death of.

"Oh? Is that so?" Adari was what they called an Alraune and seemed to be exceptionally pleasant towards him, "do you need any vegetables?"

It also ran a vegetable stand in town, even priding itself on growing the oranges from its own body.

The fact that Adari seemed happy with the idea of people eating parts of itself was something he didn't think he'd ever get used to… or the fact it couldn't tell the difference between fruit and veg despite being one itself.

"Yeah," he admitted as he started to view what was on offer, not that anything was on sale, he'd quickly come to realize that demons didn't make things cheaper for any reason except legislation, which meant everything was always being sold at full price no matter when he showed up for it.

"Take your time Emiya-kun," the friendly plant said with a smile, "I'm sure you'll find something you want… have you tried my oranges yet?"

He found himself freezing at that, unsure whether or not he should be blushing right now.

"Uh… no?" he didn't know how he should react to that question and decided to just tell the truth despite how much it disturbed him to do so.

"Would you like to try one?" Adari asked with a sly smirk on its face as he found himself unsure whether or not to back away from the plant-like demon.

"I-I'm fine, thank you Adari-san," he answered as he continued to look at the selection in an attempt at pushing past any embarrassment he might feel.

"That's a shame," the demonic plant responded with a sigh of disappointment, "I'm very proud of my Oranges."

Shirou was already aware of that fact but hearing it from the mouth of the demon itself didn't help him from feeling uncomfortable.

Eventually though he managed to find himself picking out a decent selection of fruit before moving on and preparing himself for the significantly less awkward matter of buying some meat.


Returning with the groceries, Shirou found himself releasing a sigh at the strain interacting with so many demons brought about.

He was honestly left with the belief that there wasn't a single sane demon out there from what he had seen here.

That's not to say it was a bad thing because they weren't really malicious, just weird and that made it safe but also stressing dealing with them.

"I'm back," he called out easily as he walked towards the kitchen.

"I'll take those off you dood," he found himself frowning as the Prinny that lived with them immediately showed up and took the groceries he had just bought.

Honestly the fact that he was expected to leave everything to the Prinny was one of the worst parts of appearing here.

He needed to help people, sitting around doing nothing went against the very fabric of his existence.

It actually made him wonder just how much better he'd be as a Prinny instead of a Counter Guardian.

He released a sigh of defeat as he dismissed that thought from his head. Everything was just going too smoothly and he was now wondering if he'd ever manage to help anyone again.

And with that thought, he started back towards the house in the hopes of being of some use during his stay here.


Shirou released a sigh as he once again projected Kanshou and Byakuya in an attempt at keeping his skills at least in working order.

He couldn't help but admit that he was definitely finding it easier to project them now that he knew the trick to projecting weapons.

He just had to select them from the Unlimited Blade Works and use the copy as a base instead of trying to go through the steps he had previously used.

The main problem though was that there was a part of him, a part that had synced with EMIYA that told him he was missing an important aspect of the Reality Marble.

But he just couldn't figure out what it was he was missing and so he dispersed the constructs.

"AAAHHH!" Shirou found himself rushing without thinking upon hearing a scream resounding through the area.

Sure it sounded like a Prinny but he didn't care what it was he was saving, it just needed to be saved.

He idly wondered how stupid he would look if he came barrelling into the area and it turned out Trey was just forbidding it from eating but he didn't care, someone cried out and he didn't intend on abandoning them!

Finally reaching the area of the cry he was greeted by the sight of a red imp and a group of small, pig-like Orcs surrounding the Prinny as they attacked it mercilessly.

"Stop it!" he called out as he rushed the group, Kanshou and Byakuya firmly back in his grip as the group of aggressors turned to face him.

"Wha-GYARH!" one of the Orcs started to speak but it was too late as the flat of Kanshou impacted with its face.

"Shirou Dood!" the Prinny cried out in clear joy at his presence, "you came to save me dood!"

"Yeah," he nodded in acknowledgement as he noted the way the demons that had been attacking seemed to jerk back in shock, "just leave this to me."

"What the…?" the Imp sounded completely confused at it stared at him like he had grown another head, "are you for real?"

"Risking your life for a prinny?" one of the orcs he hadn't smashed in the face seemed just as confused.

"Yeah, so what?" Shirou spoke up with narrowed eyes.

"W-why?" the confusion was still there, "they're just worthless criminals, they don't deserve to be protected."

Shirou simply narrowed his eyes in response to that claim.

"So what?" it was a simple response to that question, "he needs help and I'm here."

The group once again seemed to recoil at his claim and he took that time to analyse their weapons and add them to the Unlimited Blade Works.

The history of the weapons immediately made him nervous.

The speed and force with which they had been wielded was greater than what he could bring to bear himself but it wasn't quite on the level of a Servant, meaning he had the skill to overcome that speed and power with Technique.

Especially given how he was using the style developed by Archer for the very purpose of facing those stronger and faster than him.

Of course, there was the issue that these demons had one major advantage against his style… their lack of skill.

How was he supposed to use intentional openings against them if they were too brutish to aim for them?

"Ah screw this!" one of the Orcs finally cried out before charging at him with its club held high.

Shirou honestly found himself blinking at that, it was moving much slower than he would expect from its weapon's history… but he kept his wits about him.

The strike was as fast as he anticipated but despite that, he managed to deflect it somewhat and landed a counter slash on the Demon's shoulder.

He found himself blinking as it fell down from that single strike.

"Wha? That asshole killed bro!" one of the other Orcs cried out and Shirou found himself trying to comprehend exactly what was going on as the other Orcs started charging him.

He once again found himself struggling to comprehend exactly what was happening as he prepared himself for the attacks of his aggressors and countered efficiently, angering even more of them as they quickly dropped like flies much to his confusion.

His instincts burst to life and he dodged backwards just before a pillar of fire erupted from where he had previously been.

"Dammit!" the Imp cried out angrily as Shirou turned his attention to it and realised that he wouldn't be capable of reaching it without going through the Orcs.

That is if it wasn't for one thing they didn't realise.

His weapons were expendable.

And so he threw the twin blades in his hands at the correct angle to converge upon the red creature, earning several looks of disbelief before one of the Orcs let out a mocking laugh.

"Hahaha! Did you really just throw away your swords?" it spoke in clear amusement, unaware of the blades ability to attract each other.

"So, you're giving up eh?" the Imp said with a malicious grin before finding it's sides impaled by three feet of cold steel, "w-what?"

"Eh?! How'd you do that?!" one of the orcs cried out in clear shock upon discovering that their apparent leader had just been impaled by the very swords their opponent had thrown.

Shirou simply smiled before tracing another set of blades now that he didn't have to worry about them interfering with the trajectories of the first two... he had honestly been expecting his foes to try and attack him while he had been disarmed but they were clearly too arrogant for such a manoeuvre.

"Grr… Dammit! Retreat!" one of the Orcs cried out causing the rest to break formation and start running away, "I'll remember this you stupid Prinny hugger!"

Shirou had to blink at that term… he didn't hug Prinnies.

"Thank you Dood!" the Prinny that had previously been getting beaten up cried out in clear happiness at being saved.

"Uh… it's no problem," he responded uncertainly… honestly it had all felt pretty anti-climactic to him given how hard a fight he'd been expecting off the group.

"You don't look too good dood!" the Prinny continued to say and he looked at it before giving a mirthless chuckle.

"Sorry, I'm just surprised by how weak they were," he admitted much to his own embarrassment.

"Well what did you expect dood?" the Prinny said with confusion clear in its tone, "they were like the tutorial targets dood."

Shirou was about to respond when his mind finally processed what the Prinny had just said.

"Tutorial Targets?" that term confused him.

"Yeah, they're the enemies you face while you learn what you're doing dood!" the little blue penguin stated clearly.

"The world doesn't work like that," he told the encased soul easily.

"Yeah, I used to think that too dood," the Prinny said as it nodded sagely, "now I know better dood."

Shirou could do little more than frown at that claim as he shook his head clear of the thoughts that had previously been plaguing him.

"Well, I guess you're capable of looking after yourself if that was anything to go by," he heard the familiar voice of Trey as he walked towards him and the Prinny.

"Yeah," he admitted as he watched Trey come to a stop not far away, "do you know why those guys were here?"

It was a simple yet very important question and he found himself frowning when the healer nodded easily.

"Yeah, those guys were the minions of Vile Plotz, so they were probably here to kill everyone," Shirou found himself staring blankly at the boy.

First of all, he just casually admitted that those guys were there to slaughter everyone and second…

"Vile Plotz?" he couldn't stop himself from asking with a hint of disbelief.

"He's the Overlord of this Netherworld," Trey explained easily.

"… and his name is Vile Plotz?" Shirou didn't know if he should believe it or not given how it sounded like the name of a Tokusatsu show villain.

"Yep," the instant, response was said with a blank stare and Shirou found himself releasing a sigh.

"You're screwing with me aren't you?" he asked seriously.

"Nope, his name really is Vile Plotz," the blonde boy answered seriously.

"Why?" he couldn't stop himself from asking in disbelief.

"Well you see, when Mister and Missis Plotz got together," Trey started to explain and Shirou found himself cutting the guy off.

"That's not what I meant!" this was just one of those situations that he found himself struggling to cope with… now if the Overlord had been some ominous figure, wreathed in Darkness with some dangerous and powerful esoteric ability the that would be fine.

But he just couldn't accept that Vile Plotz was his actual name… or that the guy was stupid enough to use such a name in their conquest.

"Okay… so are you going to go save the village?" the while clad demon asked him easily.

"W-what do you mean save the village?" he asked with a dread swelling up in his stomach.

"Well, the main force is attacking it right now so I thought you'd want to deal with that?" Trey stated bluntly causing his eyes to widen in shock at the calmness he was stating it with.

"Wha-? Why didn't you tell me earlier?!" he couldn't stop himself from crying out in displeasure at the blood covered boy who simply shrugged.

"Well, if you're going to make it in time then you're going to make it in time and if you're going to be too late then you're going to be too late," the Healer stated easily, "so are you going to take the dimensional gate?"

"Dimensional Gate?" Shirou didn't know what the healer meant by that until he looked in the direction the healer was pointing and seeing some sort of portal.

"It'll take you where you need to go," Trey stated with a shrug.

Shirou didn't waste any more time as he sped towards the portal and passed through.

Immediately his nose was assaulted by the all too familiar scent of burning as his eyes were assaulted by the heat and fumes created by the pillars of fire that engulfed the town.

Looking around he saw that walls that had previously stood had been torn down, stalls that used to line the street were now knocked over and broken with some burning like the majority of the houses.

Shirou felt his teeth grit at the scene.

The only redeeming factor he could see was the lack of bodies but he quickly started moving to find survivors or enemies because he doubted it would remain this way for long.

Searching through the area he quickly came across a sight he wasn't all that surprised to see.

Adari was standing in the middle of a large street, fighting off several foes without too much difficulty.

"Enough!" his ears were assaulted by a feminine cry as the attackers started to back off, "must I do everything myself?!"

From beyond the grunts a girl appeared and Shirou wondered just why she was here.

She looked to be a couple of years younger than him, something, he had to remind himself, meant she would probably be somewhere in the region of fifteen hundred years old, and had short black hair in a bob cut with a pair of rather prominent, bull horns coming from the side of her head and tanned skin.

Her slitted yellow eyes held a clear malevolence in them that directed itself at Adari while her deep purple dress was highlighted with gold trimming.

The worst part of this girl though was probably the gun holstered on her hip… because unfortunately he was unable to read its history and so he was left with no idea what sort of fighter this girl was.

"You!" she cried out to Adari who stood firm, "how dare you stand against my father!"

Well, that explained why this girl was here then.

"Given that it's either stand against him or die… I'm inclined to pick the option that has me live a little longer," the plant person answered easily enough.

"Grrr!" the purple clad demon growled out before speaking up once again, "fine then! I, Lotsa Plotz, the first daughter of Lord Vile Plotz shall destroy you for your insolence!"

Shirou couldn't stop himself from gaping at the girl.

How could she keep a straight face with a name like that?

No, he couldn't let himself get distracted… he needed to get his head together and stop this girl and her forces.

So he did the first thing that made sense.

He traced Caladbolg and twisted it into a partially familiar spiral shape before notching it into a freshly traced bow.

Focusing on the Noble Phantasm, he charged it to its breaking point before releasing the string and watching as the projectile flew straight at his target fast enough to leave a distortion in the air around it.

"Wha?" the girl had no chance to finish her cry of surprise before the twisted sword struck her dead in the face and exploded with enough force to level a graveyard.

He released a sigh of relief as he saw the minions being thrown about by the force of the explosion and smashing against the buildings that were still standing.

"Okay! Who the hell tried to blow me up?!" his eyes widened in shock at the angry call from within the dust of the explosion before it was blown away by a clearly irate female demon.

He swallowed nervously at the sight before him, not just because she had managed to survive his attack, even Berserker had lost a life to the same attack pulled off by Archer, but also due to the face that outside of a small cut, singed hair and being covered in dirt… she appeared to be unharmed by his strike.

It was obvious to him now that she was in a completely different league to the Orc's and Imp he had fought earlier.

"Eh?!" the surprised cry of Adari sounded and he noticed it looking towards him before it blinked, "eh? Emiya-kun?"

"Grrr…" the growl escaping the lips of Lotsa Plotz drew his attention, "so you're the little asshole that tried to blow me up!"

He didn't wait another second before tracing Kanshou and Byakuya in preparation for the upcoming fight, there was no way he was going to have an easy time here… he considered the possibility of even dying here but he knew that if he did that, then there would be no one left to stop this demonic girl.

He just hoped he could defeat the monster before him.

And that's all for now.

Until next time...

Shadow out.