October 12th, 2248

"Madame President, the Shi Empire has still been declining our offers to be a part of our fledgling republic, and we cannot allow this to stand for too much longer." Said a man dressed in NCR Military Officer Fatigues who stood in front of the president's desk.

"General Bowen, your appointment to the position of Chief of Staff of the New California Republic Army was because I believed that for this republic to be decisive in the military affairs of our republic, it would need a strong leader, and with your service record within the republic, that made you the most appropriate fit for this position. However, in my humble opinion general, I'm not sure if a military solution is the best course of action in this situation. Do you even have a strategy for dealing with the Shi in a military manner?" President Tibbett said, sitting in her chair behind the desk in her traditional garment.

"Madame President, I have studied the reports from our rangers regarding troop emplacements around the San Francisco area, as well as reports detailing the conflict with groups such as the Brotherhood of Steel and even the Shi Empire itself. Although the Shi Empire has managed to hang onto their city for the time being, they cannot hold it together forever." General Bowen said, giving a small smirk before placing a map of San Francisco on the table.

"This Madame President, is a map of the San Francisco area, with locations such as the Golden Gate bridge high-lighted in bright colors to emphasize location. Now, as you should already know, the Brotherhood of Steel have been stepping up operations against the Shi Empire and with only a small fighting force present in the city under the elite Shi Guard, I predict that within maybe a year or so, eventually the Brotherhood will take over the city, or at least take the vast amounts of technology present within the walls. This leads me to my strategy of how we will make this city submit to New California rule." General Bowen pointed to the Golden Gate Bridge, along with the Interstate 80, Interstate 280, and Highway 101.

"These highways are all the various entrances and exits into the City of San Francisco. I propose that to assimilate the city into the republic, we must first make the city dependent on the republic for its resources. If you will allow me Madame President, I request a full battalion of soldiers, be made available to enforce a blockade of the city on all sides, cutting off any sort of trade with the Shi or vice-versa." General Bowen would move his finger across the map, back to the Golden Gate Bridge individually.

"According to our reports, here sits the headquarters of those kooky Hubologists, that the Shi have apparently been trying to rid their city of for months, leading to some bitter conflicts between the two factions. Now, I'm no fan of hubology, but I am a fan of an ally that can be useful. After establishing our blockade of the city, I propose contacting this group and commencing an armament program to allow the group to begin operations domestically, preferably destroying store fronts, places of business, and other economic targets that the Shi rely on to keep them functioning. With our blockade in place, and their economy in ruins from the guerilla warfare, they will have no choice but to accept aid from the New California Republic, and with the aid will come NCR Influence and once that's established, we will have no issue taking over the entire town." General Bowen would remove his finger from the map, resuming his standing position as he waited for the president's words.

"A good plan, general. Well detailed, and well thought out." President Tibbett said, going over the strategy in her head while personally running her finger along the map implanted on the face of her desk.

It was a good plan, this much Tibbett was sure about, but for some reason she began to feel rather uneasy about going through with this strategy. Sure, the New California Republic has engaged in practices to subjugate and assimilate towns that would be classified as distasteful, but arming a so-called future terrorist group under the oversight of the republic seemed to like a new level of low that I may not be able to stomach. What if this group renegades on the republic, and instead launches its own terror campaign within the streets of San Francisco? Tibbett would at that point be responsible for the pointless deaths of civilians being men, woman, and very likely children. She looked back up at the general, who anxiously awaited her response.

"A battalion, for a blockade operation general? Why must you request so many troops for a task which could probably be accomplished by around two-hundred and fifty soldiers?" President Tibbett said, pondering to herself internally as she listened to his response.

"Well, the blockade should only take around two-hundred and fifty like you suggest Madame President, but if this operation is to be successful, we cannot risk our entire deck just on the Hubologists alone. We must determine our own fate, and I believe that the additional troops should be used as reinforcement to the Hubologists in their economic warfare against the Shi. With the increase in manpower from the New California Republic Army, and their technological improvement techniques, this shouldn't take long at all." General Bowen responded, maintaining his composure.

"The Brotherhood of Steel, you mentioned earlier that they have been stepping up their operations against the Shi in recent times. How do you know that they will not be a problem in the upcoming operation?" President Tibbett inquired, leaning back in her chair as she watched the general.

"Madame President, I cannot speak for the Brotherhoods plans in anyway, I can merely respond to situations when appropriate, and be pro-active in operations in which we initiate. We expect the Brotherhood to give us little interference in this operation, but with the current relations, there's no telling what they will do." General Bowen said, giving a slight sigh at the end.

"This will require some time for me to go over, so I will dismiss you for now general. But rest assured, it will be taken into consideration." President Tibbett said, with the general giving an official salute before making his way out of the office.

As the general exited the office, her secretary then entered with a stack of papers within hand, placing them on the president's desk.

"Madame President, these are the latest intelligence reports from our southern and eastern regions. They're not all that great, if you ask me." The secretary said, leaving the room soon after.

The southern regions near Baja had been reporting various creatures attacking NCR Outposts and small settlements, which for the region was normal. Tibbett herself had sent a few additional companies into the area to reinforce the strained troopers already stationed there. No, Baja would be given no more of a priority in her mind. As she flipped through the reports, what began to catch her eye was the report of an increase of activity from the Mojave regions.

According to the reports, an increasing influx of raiders had been exiting the Mojave regions into New California, leading to numerous clashes with NCR Security Forces. The clashes were apparently becoming so intense, that the Rangers were having to work overtime on the eastern regions rather than attempting to track down slavers in the northern region, leading to an increase in slaver activity. This could not be allowed to stand.

She proceeded to call her secretary back into the room, and proceeded to give her orders.

"Contact General Bowen, and tell him to send additional army battalions into the east and northern regions of our republic. These reports in increases in raider and slaver activity need to be of upmost concern." President Tibbett said, dismissing the secretary.

October 18th, 2248

"Vault City, a paragon of technology and utopia. Or at least, that's what these xenophobes seem to think about their place. To me, the town is a horrid example of a caste system built upon a society of slaves. Despicable, yet here I am going to deal with them." Judge Dredd said as he walked close to the gates of Vault City.

He was followed by a small force of fifteen NCR Troopers, who had been assigned from his contacts in the NCR Army to guide him in his "diplomatic," mission he sanctioned for himself. As he approached the gates of the town, he was stopped by the guards.

"Halt, identification and purpose of visit." Said the guard, who was supported by a few other local security forces from the town.

"Diplomatic envoy from the New California Republic. I need to speak to the First Citizen, on a matter of utmost importance." Judge Dredd said, as he looked dead into the man's eyes.

"Diplomatic envoy? Is that why you brought these soldiers with you to our home? Because you want peace?" The guard said, rather annoyed with the man.

Judge Dredd approached the guard, keeping a stern expression on his face as he stood meters away from the guard's face, unmoved and unnerved by the glance he was receiving back.

"No, I don't want peace. I want vengeance. I want the blood of my enemies to run red within the waters of purity, while I laugh at my easily given victory. However, it appears that your settlement without my help may be independent for not much longer in the coming months according to my own government. A development that is very unsettling to me. Now please, give me a god-damn day pass and allow me to see the First Citizen. I'm not going to ask twice." Judge Dredd said, as he slowly backed away from the man.

The guard mumbled, turning away from the group as he conversed with the other guards in whispers before eventually granting the Judge a day pass.

"Your men, stay here. I will not have this-…filth from the New California Republic taint the sanctuary of our society." The guard said.

On most days, this would offend the judge who saw the New California Republic as the savior of the wasteland, but for the purposes of this visit he chose to turn the other cheek and stand down his soldiers before making his way into the courtyard. He was then given an escort by security forces as he was whisked in a face past through the courtyard towards the Vault City Council Building.

As he entered the building, he was frisked of all his weapons and eventually put in front of First Citizen McClure.

"Ah, a diplomatic envoy from the New California Republic? If you're here to demand our submission, I will once again have to refuse your offer and wish you safe travels back to Shady Sands." First Citizen McClure opened with, as he stood around a computer screen.

"First Citizen, I come here to do no such thing. In fact, just the opposite. I don't want Vault City's submission into the New California Republic, I want Vault City to continue to refuse submission into the republic. But, we both know that you have some problems regarding that." Judge Dredd said, as he crossed his arms.

It was true though. Vault City's power generator would give out in less than a decade, with no new solution being brought forth to the table on how to fix the problem. On top of this, the administration of the New California Republic has been increasing its heavy pressure on the city to officially join the New California Republic, and don't seem to take no as answer. These concerns were on the forefront of First Citizen McClure's mind.

"Yes, but I'm afraid I don't understand. You're a diplomatic envoy from the New California Republic, yet you are attempting to persuade me to not join the republic? Has President Tibbett gone against the Tandi policies she claims to follow?" First Citizen McClure said, as he looked at the judge with an intrigued glare.

"I believe you are having a misunderstanding First Citizen, which is why I am here to clear all of this up. You see, I was not sent by the New California Republic, but I am a well-known figure within it. This is a personal mission of mine which I have undertaken for my own reasons. You may know me as Judge Dredd." Judge Dredd said, as he smirked.

"Judge Dredd? The hanging judge of New California? The staunch anti-enclavist, tough as nails judicial magistrate? If this was true, why was he here in Vault City? Why was he trying to convince me not to join the New California Republic, and what is his stake in us not joining? It all seemed very strange." Thought First Citizen McClure, as he watched the judge stand there smiling in glee.

"I'm intrigued Judge, but still have some un-answered questions." The First Citizen said, as the Judge proceeded to uncross his arms.

"I'm sure you do First Citizen, but I believe you should at least hear out my offer. I think you will find it agreeable, given the current conditions." Judge Dredd said.

Over the next two hours the two would discuss their intentions, plans, and future and the roles they would play in shaping it, with Judge Dredd later exiting through the front gates with a smile on his face as he was approached by the NCR Sergeant in charge of his protection detail.

"Sir, shall we head back to Shady Sands?" Asked the sergeant, to which the Judge gave a no-like nod.

"Negative, sergeant. We're on our way to Gecko, then Modoc, Redding, and finally Arroyo. Maybe we can find the Chosen One there and say hi." The Judge said, laughing to himself as he began to make way towards Gecko while being followed by the NCR Patrol.

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