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The false windows were charmed to show a beautiful view of the lake with the mountains behind. Hermione was impressed that it looked like she was several stories up. She always enjoyed the view from her room in Gryffindor tower and was glad that she had that to hold onto.

As she further inspected her room she found a letter on the desk.

Miss Granger,

For the next three weeks you will eat in the great hall with your house. After that all your meals will be brought to you by the house elves.

Be prepared to assist in all potions classes while brewing an assigned potion.

Prof. Snape

Hermione sighed in relief. She would be able to see her friends despite Malfoy's suggestion. She got dressed in her new robes and headed to breakfast. She reached the table and everyone's eyes were on her. News spread quickly that she would no longer take her regular lessons as she is an apprentice to Professor Snape.

Harry and Ron gave her huge hugs relieved that she was alright and Hermione was glad that Harry was alive.

"Harry you are alright."

"Yes, as well as you are. So this apprenticeship…" There was a concern in his voice. Ron had explained to him about what was expected of an apprentice and it didn't settle his concerns.

"I am bound to keep all secrets and what I am taught Harry. I have a beautiful room and advanced books that I never thought I would get to read. It's very exciting actually." She was very positive and then leaned in closer so that only Harry and Ron would hear. "You two have to leave the castle soon. An attack will happen and I don't think there is much time."

Harry nodded and started to make plans that included Hermione.

"Harry, Hermione can't come with us."

"I'm sorry?"

Hermione placed her hand on Harry's arm. "I'm an apprentice now. When the castle gets attacked I'll be protected. That is part of a Potion Master's role. So you two have to leave soon. Please don't tell me anything as I will be questioned and if as by Snape then…oh interesting. I can call him by his name rather than his formal title when not addressing him directly. Anyway he can force me to answer."

Harry was disliking this whole apprenticeship thing but didn't want to ruin it for Hermione. "Alright, we will keep that from you."


Three weeks had passed and Hermione was up early to prepare for the lessons for the day. All the cauldrons have been cleaned and she started to repair a few that were able to be salvaged for the lesser potent potions.

The sound of thunder filled the air and the school was soon in disarray. Hermione realized that the school was under attack and wanted to help fight.

"Miss Granger you will stay here."

"Master Snape please, they are my friends."

Snape paused knowing the turmoil the young woman was in. "I am sworn to protect you my Apprentice. The Death Eaters were told to kill any student that puts up a fight. They will not think about who they are cursing."

"There must be something I can do."

He looked at her for a moment considering. "Stay alive is what you have to do. You are marked my Apprentice and I cannot help you if you not stay put."

Hermione was reminded again that she was forced into this situation. "Can I help replenish some healing potions for the medical ward? I'm sure there will be need of…"

"Yes do so in your rooms. All the supplies are at our disposal. Now go!"

Hermione didn't need to be asked twice. She hurried down the corridor to find students rushing down the corridor blocking her path. She saw a few Death Eaters taunting the running students. She wanted to pull out her wand but knew that she had to help the students after the attack.

There was no way for her to get to her room at this point and decided to head back to the classroom and into Snape's office. It was technically one of her rooms now as she had access to the books and supplies.

She set to work on some wound healing potions that will heal deep cuts and abrasions. Skelegrow unfortunately would take a few days to produce. The sounds of the battle were getting closer and she hoped that no one would enter the office.

Care was taken to ensure the potions were done correctly. She was glad to have this distraction with the sounds of battle around her and the random screams from both students and adults alike. The classroom had a small skirmish then silence. The door handle was shaken but wouldn't budge. She could hear curses of Death Eaters then a voice that sliced through her.

The door opened and in walked Malfoy with a large smirk on his face. "My, my here you are brewing while your friends fight a losing battle?"

"I was ordered to stay here. I'm brewing potions to help heal the students and teachers the Death Eaters are currently attacking." Hermione felt rather bold. She knew that Malfoy had to tread carefully as Snape had to protect her.

"How very noble of you." Malfoy didn't approach her and motioned for the Death Eaters to leave. "Noble acts won't protect you Miss Granger. You are pretty much property as far as anyone is concerned. Proper place for your kind. I wonder why the Dark Lord has taken such interest in you."

The idea of Voldemort scared her to death and she knew she betrayed her bravery with a shiver and an intake of breath.

He took a step closer and Hermione took out her wand.

"Do you seriously believe you are trained enough to fight me?"

"Tell me Headmaster have you located your son yet? Three weeks is a long time to visit family. Especially when this is the perfect opportunity to prove himself a valued Death Eater." Hermione wasn't sure if this was smart or not but she heard that Draco had not returned to school. Slytherines loved gossip and she heard many stories about Draco over the course of three weeks.

This did stop Malfoy. "What do you know about Draco?"

"I know he is looking for Myra Gray. Only asked me. There are many other muggleborns in the school but he asked me specifically. Any ideas as to why?" She actually wanted to know who this woman was as it caught Draco's attention and he was keeping that very secret.

"What did he ask you Miss Granger?" He had his wand out now.

There was no point in keeping information from him. "He asked about muggle technology. How to search for a muggle the muggle way. Asked if I have ever heard of Myra Gray. I haven't. She of some significance?"

"That is not your business."

Hermione shrugged and went back to brewing again making sure the potions don't over brew.

Malfoy realized that Hermione stalled for time and changed the energy of the situation. A blast got both their attentions and reality set in again.

"I suggest you leave the potions alone Miss Granger and come with me. I am sure you would like to meet the one who has paid for your apprenticeship."

Hermione held her wand up now. "He paid for it for ulterior motives. I am in no place to run so if your master wants to speak with me he will make arrangements."

"You would be a fine one to bed mudblood. That mouth of yours would be good for something other than speaking out of turn about your betters. Also didn't Professor Snape order you to follow my instructions?"

"Those orders have nothing to do with Headmaster duties."

The look in his eye told her that talk was over. She cursed the caldrons to explode. It was enough of a distraction for her to run from the office. Curses where fired in her direction but she managed to leave the class before Malfoy could catch up to her.

All Hermione thought was to get to her room. Only she and Snape could enter them. Not even a Headmaster could enter as she wasn't an official student anymore.

Now that the corridor was cleared she raced to the professors' dormitories. There was silence. It was too quiet. Malfoy knew where she was headed and of course knew this castle better than her. She took out a vial and prayed that she would not have to use it. Timing would be essential in using it.

As expected Malfoy was waiting for her and without warning stunned her. She fell back against the wall banging her head hard. She brought the vial to her lips only to be stopped by Malfoy's strong grip.

"What is this?" He said tauntingly.

"I don't want to get pregnant." She spat. Hoping that he believed her.

"By all means drink it then. Never thought you to be the type of girl that uses such a potion. All my whores take such a potion and one you will drink a lot of this I do believe." He breathed heavily into her ear.

Hermione swallowed the potion and hoped it worked fast but she was to be disappointed. Malfoy lifted up her robes as he prepared to enter her.

"I so hope you're a virgin despite your knowledge of such a potion." He rammed into her and she screamed out in pain.

He thrust in again but found that he was not able to pull out. Hermione looked at him with a pained smile and gave him a rather crude hand signal before she turned completely to stone. Even her robes solidified. Malfoy did his best to pull out of her but she made sure to clamp down on him before she completely transformed.

"Cleaver mudbloood bitch!" Malfoy soon discovered that Hermione clenched in pain creating a situation where blood return was not an option. "I'll blast you off you bitch!"

"That would not be a good idea. Though I am sure the women you visit would be more than happy to find a certain appendage to no longer be in working order." Snape approached Malfoy with a very rare toothy smile.

"Dammit Severus, reverse this so I can finish what I started." Malfoy said in a mix of pleasure and pain.

"A potion is needed to remove a potion's curse. Even the most dimwitted first year understands that."

"Get the potion now!" Malfoy screamed. He stopped as soon as he saw who was walking up behind Snape.

Voldemort approached with a curious look on his face. "And what have I encountered?"

"My apprentice outwitting Lucius." He gave a slight chuckle.

"You should bow Lucius but it seems you are in a rather tight situation." He approached Malfoy and took a look at Hermione in her stone form with the pained smile and crude hand gesture. "She will be a hard one to break."

"Master, please." Malfoy whimpered in pain never before wished to be on the floor under the cruciatus curse.

"This is fitting punishment Lucius. Of all the times to satiate your lusts. You greatly disappoint me seeing you here trapped like some school boy, outwitted so easily by a child."

Voldemort looked at Hermione again and touched her face with the end of his wand. "I'll look forward to exploring her mind. Such skill in a mudblood." He turned away and faced Snape. "Severus brew a potion to deal with this. It will give Lucius time think about his error."

"Of course My Lord." Snape would enjoy this knowing that the rumors would spread quickly and give Hermione the reputation as a young witch not to be so easily trifled with.

"As soon as she is available bring her to me."

"It will be done." Snape bowed and watched at Voldemort left the scene.

Snape walked up to Malfoy who was now in very obvious pain. "I hope it was worth it."

"Leave and brew the potion Severus."

"Now I know why you insist on long robes. Though not long enough to conceal your trousers lying at your feet. You should reach down and…oh that's right…"

Snape walked away leaving Lucius to stew and mutter curses under his breath.


Harry ran to the shop with the exit from Hogsmede. Ron was not far behind and they waited in the room for a few minutes to collect their thoughts.

"Harry if we leave…"

"I know we can't come back."

Ron was having doubts. "I should stay. Ginny is still there."

"I won't force you to stay or go. But we don't have much time."

They heard footsteps behind them and drew their wands. "Leave me behind? As if. Hermione told me to get out as well. I'll explain later but we have to go."

A loud crash interrupted their talk. "Ok, we don't have much time. Let's go!"

Ginny was the first to leave followed by Ron then Harry. They travelled forward and found themselves in a shop in London.

There they were met by Molly and Tonks.

"How did you know to meet us here?"

"When the tunnel is activated it let off an alarm. We apperated here. We don't have much time before Death Eaters arrive. A lot has happened over the past two weeks."

They left the shop and entered muggle London. They used a portkey to set themselves a half mile from the coast. Tonks pulled out her wand and scanned the area. There was nothing in sight and they moved slowly as to not attract attention. After some time they made their way to a small house that was almost a shack on the edge of a rocky seashore. They entered and were greeted by someone they had not expected to see.

"I am so glad all you are safe. Hogwarts has fallen to Voldemort and we have a lot of work to do."

Harry saw Dumbledore standing in the small kitchen pouring all of them some tea. That was surprising enough but to see Draco standing there with an unfamiliar witch was shocking.

"Professor what is going on?"

"Something new." Dumbledore said while handing Harry a cup of tea.