A/N - This is a collection series based around the Malfoys - and every piece is set in the same universe. Lucius and Narcissa are the central characters, but Draco and Hermione will also play a role in some pieces. In this universe Voldemort will not be an issue (or at least not in later years when Draco is part of the story). Pieces will range from the very beginning of Lucius and Narcissa's romance, throughout their marriage, and up until Draco is an adult with a family of his own. This first piece is the very first part of the story, but other pieces won't be published in chronological order (Mainly because I don't write them in chronological order and sometimes my lovely readers give me some great ideas). If anyone has any ideas for this series, feel free to let me know. But for now, enjoy the first piece in The Malfoy Chronicles.


A teenage Lucius Malfoy stood in front of his full length mirror, making sure he looked his immaculate best. Lucius was due to attend the Parkinsons Christmas party that evening and as always he would have to be looking like the perfect pureblood son he was. With a sigh, Lucius summoned a black ribbon from across the room and tied up his platinum blond hair. Lucius was currently growing his hair, which was now shoulder length, however his father, Abraxas, detested the long hair and he insisted his son tied it up when they were going out.

"But I'll still be the best looking wizard there," Lucius mumbled to himself, flashing a perfect smile to the mirror.

At sixteen, nearly seventeen, Lucius was by far the best looking wizard at Hogwarts. In his sixth year at school, he was already earning himself a reputation with the witches. Of course he only ever went for the beautiful pureblood witches, but there were more than enough of them around in Hogwarts to keep him satisfied.


Abraxas's sharp bark jolted Lucius back to the present. Double checking he looked his immaculate best, Lucius slipped his wand into his robes and headed off downstairs in the vast manor he shared with his father. When he arrived downstairs, Abraxas gave him a sharp once over, grimacing slightly at his hair, but eventually saying nothing as he activated the floo network and the two Malfoy wizards headed to the Parkinson place.

The Parkinsons home was large house, albeit not as spectacular as Malfoy Manor, and it was festively decorated in silver and green. Knowing he couldn't just head off to find some of his own friends just yet, Lucius stayed with his father as they greeted the hosts before they began to mingle. For nearly an hour Lucius stayed with his father, playing the perfect son, before Abraxas gave him a subtle nod to let him know he was free for the rest of the evening.

Even away from his father's stern gaze, Lucius knew all eyes would be on him so he was the perfect picture of elegance as he traversed the party, smiling politely at his father's friends and associates as he looked for some friends of his own. Finally, he spotted his closest friend, Rupert Nott, and the son of the host family, Montague Parkinson. Parkinson was a year older than Lucius and Rupert and neither wizard particularly liked him, but his family was part of the pure blood social circles so they had to put up with them.

"Malfoy," Parkinson greeted, bobbing his head in Lucius's direction.

"Parkinson," Lucius replied in a flat voice.

"I'm afraid I can't stand around chatting to you chaps, I've got a date waiting," Parkinson announced with a smug smirk before he turned around and walked off.

Lucius watched the other wizard make his way over the room to where a pug nosed, black haired witch was standing with a miserable pout on her face.

"That's his date?" He asked in disbelief as he turned to his friend.

"It's probably the best Parkinson can do," Rupert laughed. "After all, he's not really a catch himself. He's possibly the most boring wizard on the planet."

"And she looks like the most miserable witch I've ever seen," Lucius remarked, still watching Parkinson and the miserable looking witch he was vainly attempting to flirt with.

"The perfect match then," Rupert replied.

"Indeed," Lucius agreed, moving so his back was to the couple across the room.

Grabbing himself a drink from one of the passing waiters, Lucius caught up with his friend and what he'd been up to over the Christmas break. As Rupert was filling him in on a recent party he'd attended while his family were over in Ireland, Lucius let his eyes wander around the room. Finding the usual suspects, he went to turn his focus back to his friend when out of the corner of his eye he spotted a blonde beauty. Abandoning any pretence of listening to his friend, Lucius openly stared at the blonde witch across the room.

The witch in question had a halo of blonde hair, pinned up on top of her head with small diamonds woven through her locks. Her porcelain skin looked almost illuminous under the chandelier in the ballroom, and her full red lips seemed as though they were begging for Lucius to kiss them. Her deep blue and gold dress was long and flowing, showing off an expanse of creamy white cleavage. Unlike a lot of the other witches, she wasn't burdened down with jewels, she was wearing a simple pair of diamond earrings teamed with a delicate diamond necklace that nestled in the hollow of her throat.

"Now she is my type of witch," Lucius said to Rupert, who had noticed his friend's distraction and had stopped talking.

Following his friend's gaze, Rupert nodded in appreciation. "She does scrub up well, I'll give you that."

"You know her?" Lucius demanded, whirling back to face his friend.

"As do you," Rupert replied with a chuckle as he realised Lucius didn't know who he was eyeing up. "That is Narcissa Black."

"The quiet girl the year below us?" Lucius frowned as he returned his attention to the woman in question.

The Blacks were an old pureblood family and they had three beautiful, but very different, daughters. The eldest, Bellatrix, was a few years older than Lucius, but her reputation proceeded her. Bellatrix was said to be wild and uncontrollable and if the rumours were correct, she'd had more than her fair share of lovers in school. These days she was rumoured to be among Lord Voldemort's followers, and despite being engaged to Rodolphus Lestrange, she was also rumoured to be sleeping with The Dark Lord.

The middle sister, Andromeda, was the black sheep of the family. Andromeda was also older than Lucius, so again everything he knew about her were what the rumours said. Although, it was no rumour that Andromeda had fallen in love with a muggleborn and the second she was old enough, she'd fled her family and married the wizard. Following her actions, the Blacks had publically disowned their middle daughter and she was rarely mentioned in the pureblood social circles anymore.

However, while Lucius knew bits and pieces about Narcissa's sisters, he knew very little about her herself. He knew she was in the year below him at school, and he had vague recollections of seeing her studying quietly in the library. However, his images were of a very plain witch, who didn't draw attention to herself. Unlike the stunner she was this evening, practically drawing every male eye to her as she was far and away the most beautiful witch in the room.

"It looks like she's finally come out of her shell," Lucius remarked.

"And let's guess, you're going to go and help her adjust to the bright lights?" Rupert said with a knowing smirk. He wished he had the confidence with the females that Lucius did, but there was just something rather magnetic about the handsome blond wizard that had witches flocking to him.

"It's the gentlemanly thing to do," Lucius answered, flashing his friend a smirk.

Leaving Rupert to watch him and wish he could do the same, Lucius strode over to where Narcissa was conversing with a couple of other witches. The second one of the girls spotted him approaching the conversation stopped and apart from Narcissa, they all turned into giggling, simpering morons as they waited to see who he would speak to.

"May I have this dance?" He asked Narcissa, focusing entirely on the beautiful blonde and ignoring the disappointed sighs that rose from her friends when they realised it was only Narcissa he had eyes for.

"Of course," Narcissa replied with a smile, although Lucius suspected it was forced rather than genuine.

Not perturbed in the slightest, and convinced he would win Narcissa over with his charm, Lucius took hold of her hand and led her onto the dancefloor. Narcissa fit perfectly into his arms, and Lucius was thrilled to find she was as good of a dancer as him. Even though almost all pureblood witches had dance lessons, Lucius had found that very few of them had natural rhythm. However, Narcissa was the exception and they floated around the floor almost like a professional pair.

"You look very beautiful tonight, Narcissa," Lucius said as they swept around the room.

"Thank you," Narcissa replied quietly, and Lucius could have sworn she blushed subtly at the compliment.

"And you're an amazing dancer," He added with a grin.

"I have a good partner," Narcissa returned, smiling softly up at Lucius.

Lucius was captured by her bright blue eyes, and he was surprised to find nerves pooling in his stomach. Trying to ignore the nerves, Lucius wetted his lips as the song drew to a close. However, before he got a chance to think about giving Narcissa even a peck on the cheek she expertly withdrew from his embrace.

"Thank you for the dance, Lucius."

"Do you want another one?" Lucius blurted, slightly stumbling over his words and mentally kicking himself for being so flustered. He didn't know what it was about Narcissa, but she produced nerves he'd never felt before while dealing with the opposite sex.

"Not tonight," Narcissa replied with a sly smile. "Goodnight, Lucius."

And just like that, Narcissa slipped through the crowds and exited the ballroom. Try as he might, Lucius couldn't find the young witch again so he ended up back with Rupert.

"Blew you out did she?" Rupert laughed. He'd witnessed the way Narcissa had left Lucius standing in the middle of the ballroom, looking like a fish out of water.

"She did not blow me out," Lucius replied, highly affronted by the suggestion. "We danced."

"One song," Rupert pointed out. "It's hardly the beginning of a beautiful relationship, is it?"

"Au contraire, my friend," Lucius replied, a steely look in his grey eyes. "Narcissa Black is the woman I intend to marry. She will be mine, just you wait and see."

"Whatever you say, Lucius," Rupert replied with a roll of his eyes as he turned to grab the attention of the passing waiter.

Lucius wasn't bothered by his friend's scepticism. He was a Malfoy, and as such he was used to getting what he wanted, and what he wanted right now was Narcissa Black. One way or another he would make sure that Narcissa became his. There and then he vowed that Narcissa Black would one day become Narcissa Malfoy.