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'Thoughts' Human thoughts.

'Thoughts' Symbiote thoughts.

"Speech" English, human voice.

"Speech" English, symbiote voice.

:Speech: Parseltongue, human and snake voice, bold for symbiote speech.

~Speech~ Spoken Ancient, bold for symbiote speech.

~Words~ Written Ancient

Words Written English

A God Among Us?


I was strong. I was powerful. I was respected. I was worshipped by many. I was a god! Once, in another life, another time. But that was just a mask, a facade, that I wore to appease the others of my kind in their thirst for knowledge and control. They lorded over the humans of this world with their superior technology, enslaved the humans and treated them like they were less than the dirt beneath their feet. It is no wonder that the humans rebelled and drove my kin from this world, with the way they were treated, who could blame them. My only regret is not doing more to aid the humans at the time, but those were dangerous times. The Tok'ra, a new resistance group spawned by Ra's rebel queen Egeria, became a new enemy for the goa'uld system lords, anyone caught helping the humans in any way were rounded up, tortured for information by Ra and then removed from their hosts, to be left in stasis jars as a punishment.

So I kept my views to myself. To protect me. I played the good little underling scientist for Ra. I kept myself from the spotlight as much as I could, I drew as little attention to myself as possible. All the while I stockpiled what supplies, weapons and equipment I could and stored them in hidden compartments and caches where I could easily retrieve what I needed when needed. I buried my personal tel'tak near the temple I was " honoured " with as a gift by Ra, and began the waiting game. I knew the humans were planning a rebellion, I knew Ra was stuck so far up his own arse that he would not notice until too late, so I took the advantage that showed itself and began my plan.

My plan was to remain here among the Tau'ri and perhaps help them, from the shadows, to advance themselves to their full potential. Some may ask me why I chose to do this. My answer is that, unlike my brethren, I respected the humans for the intelligent, sentients they are. The hosts I have taken in my long life so far, have all been those with ailments beyond human knowledge to heal at the time, normally those with brain damage or some form of cancer. If the host consciousness survives the blending, I often found myself with a companion for the three to four hundred years that a host lasts for naturally. I never have or will use a sarcophagus to extend the life of my host, it causes long term damage to the host and symbiote, something which the system lords are unaware of or blatantly ignoring if they do.

And so that has been my life so far amongst the Tau'ri, watching them grow as a people throughout the ages. I have played many roles that have allowed many of the tau'ri to advance their peoples society and scientific knowledge. If only they knew who I am if only they knew my real name and not the pseudonyms I have used over the ages. I am Seshat, Egyptian Goddess of Wisdom, Knowledge and Writing, a Goa'uld.

Sarah Carlyle was the most unassuming person, or so her neighbours would say. She lived in one of the identical houses that reside in the London suburb, she attended many of the same clubs and community groups the other women her age attended in the community, she partook in the same gossip circles, she was the epitome of normal, at least to the majority of adults in the neighbourhood. It was the children of the area that seemed to have strange ideas about Sarah, some say she was a witch and practised black magic within her home, some say she was a demon with some nefarious plot or other, and a multitude of other rumors and speculations about her that just seemed preposterous if not downright insane. Yet the children agreed on one thing, there was something dodgy going on with Sarah Carlyle, they just had no idea what and of course being children, no adult believed them. Strange how children's fears can be completely ignored by adults. At least Sarah doesn't have to deal with annoying adults pestering her with questions about the rumours spread by the children. At least it is only the children she has to keep an eye on, so they don't do something stupid like trying to break into her house. What a shock they will get if they succeeded.

It was with these thoughts that Sarah began her day with her usual morning routine, before heading to tend her garden, she was quite fond of her flowers especially her rose bush. With it being mid-July, the temperature was already soaring. The sounds of children playing nearby, the sounds of birds singing in the trees and the usual background hum coming from the city at large. Sarah loved this time in the morning, so did her 'soulmate'.

'I love this time in the morning. '

'I know.'

'It is just so peaceful, this is what I love the most, the peace and quiet. '

'At least until the human children start trying to spy on us again, honestly, they are more perceptive than many of their elders give them credit.'

'Indeed, I wonder will that Michael boy is spying on us from the trees again like he usually does. Such an odd boy too, the other children appear scared of him, he just has this odd air about him. '

'Yes, he is odd is he not. Yet I cannot think of where I have felt that "air" as you call it, before. He may not be fully human you know, you remember what I told you about all those fairytales you humans have not long after the blending, he could have non-human ancestors. Well, it matters not, as long as we don't have another slip up where people can see. We were only lucky that only he and a few other children saw it.'

'I know, That, I know. But you yourself told me that this is what happens when a host gets too old. I have been preparing myself for this for that past two hundred years, I understand that you will need a new host soon. I do not blame you, having to put up for my insanity for two centuries.'

Seshat and Sarah shared a mental burst of laughter. Their usual conversations started to take this morbid route of late. Sarah blended with Seshat just over two centuries ago, Sarah was in her fifties, so she hasn't lasted as long as a younger host would have, but they have enjoyed their time together, causing mischief wherever they went.

'I will miss you, my dear friend. We may have only been together for half the length of time I have spent with other hosts, but these have been the most memorable two centuries. I will cherish these memories until the end of days. '

'The honour has been all mine, my friend. So, on to less morbid topics, I have noticed that Michael has arrived, he is now sitting in the old oak tree with what appears to be lunch. Seems he plans to be watching us for a while.'

'Indeed. Let us just continue as we normally would, lest he suspects we are onto him. '

For the next few hours, Sarah tended to the garden while Seshat planned for how she will go about finding a new host. By her calculations, they had a month before Sarah's body completely rejects Seshat, giving Seshat no choice but to leave. Until then, they will both continue to experience pre-rejection symptoms, nausea and neck pains for Sarah and momentary dominance control for Seshat, causing Sarah's eyes to glow and for Seshat to involuntarily take control. This is what may expose them, as Sarah's eyes will continue to glow until it passes and Seshat can give control back. Lucky for them both they get a few seconds warning before it happens, usually involving Seshat spasming slightly.

And that is what happened, not long after dinner and just before sunset, both felt the spasm.

'Quickly Sarah, look down at the ground so your eyes cannot be seen, I will try to make it back to the house.'

It was all Seshat could say before she found herself in complete control and the feeling of her eyes glowing. Shooting to her feet, she unsteadily made her way back towards the house, unaware of young Michael watching with interest. Stumbling up the steps to the kitchen door, she turned as she closed it, unaware that those few moments that her eyes would be visible to someone watching, was just enough time for Michael to see and snap a photo. Stumbling into the kitchen and making her way over to what looked like a safe built into the wall beside the fridge, she opened it using a ring on her right middle finger and removing a healing device. Sitting heavily at the kitchen table, she began using the healing device to negate the pain and damage Sarah would be feeling, and waiting for the dominance fit to pass.

Michael Wyndham was just like any other normal ten-year-old boy, he went to school, though he had few friends, he enjoyed video games and movies both sci-fi and fantasy. But he was different, odd some would say. He just had this air about him that screamed, different. He was average height for a ten-year-old. He had short, blonde or brown it was hard to tell, hair. Slight aristocratic features with high cheekbones. His most striking feature was his bright blue eyes that were enchanting to look at, almost ethereal. Which didn't help with people thinking he was odd. He knew he was odd though, he had a special power, whenever he has happy, sad or angry, he could make things happen. Like when he was five he shattered a window because his lego castle was accidentally broken.

He lived with his eccentric and downright insane aunt. Aunt Tessie was the textbook definition of bonkers. She wore strange assortments of clothing and jewellery. She came up with the most outrageous and downright unbelievable stories she often declared as fact. They were always about magic, witches and wizards and battles against dark lords. Yet she only told these stories to Michael, never anyone else. Michael always wondered why. She also didn't like Sarah Carlyle for some reason, telling Michael to be wary of her and to avoid her. She also told him to never be out after dark, to avoid the men in black cloaks with pale skin. If he ever encounters one, he is to scream as loud as he can and run for home. According to his aunt, they were demons that prey on small children, torturing and eating them, never to be seen again.

If only he remembered the warnings that evening. He was so happy, he got his evidence of Sarah not being human. He couldn't wait to show his aunt. He was so happy that his power flared, sending yellow sparks along the tree branch.

'Well, better head home now, it is getting late, Auntie will be mad.' he thought, packing up his picnic basket, swinging his camera so it hung by its strap by his hip. Hopping from the branch, he started making his way home. That was until he heard a branch snap and was hit from behind and thrown to the ground.

"Well look at what we have here, a little wizard, doesn't even have a wand yet. You will be so much fun to play with." exclaimed a man in black robes emerging from the shadows, holding a stick in his hand. His voice was sickly sweet but with a dangerous edge to it but definitely male.

"Wha...What d'you...want?" said Michael shakily, trying to regain his breath.

"Why you of course. Now be a good little boy and try not to scream, we will have time for that later," the man stated with a frightening grin on his pale face. He swirled the little stick in his hand causing the air to momentarily shimmer.

Before Michael could open his mouth to speak, a sickly yellow and pale blue light shot out of the stick hitting him square in the forehead. The pain was unbearable, he tried to scream but couldn't. But as he watched with his vision starting to darken he heard a voice from a person he was not expecting.

"You will not harm this child! " came a resonating, booming voice to the left of the man, who was by this point leering at Michael, taunting him. The assailant turned, eyes wide, but before he could do anything he was hit by, what Michael could see with his failing vision, a wave of air coming from a shadowed stranger's hand. The wave blasted the man into the oak tree. The man slumped into unconsciousness and the stranger approached him. Raising it's another hand, holding a strange s-shaped object, hit the man with three blue bolts of electricity with a strange buzzing, whining noise and causing the robed man to disintegrate.

As his vision began to blacken and he felt himself slip into unconsciousness, he felt strong arms picking him up. And before he was claimed by the darkness, he heard the booming voice say "You are safe now child but I don't know what that creature did to you. There may be only one way I can save your life, you may not like it at first and you may not survive the blending at such a young age..." was all Michael managed to hear.

Seshat found herself sitting at the kitchen table waiting for Sarah to regain consciousness. This was normally the case when they were affected by the dominance fit. Sarah was taking a little longer than normal to regain consciousness, meaning Seshat would have to find a new host soon as rejection was likely to happen within a week, two at the most. This caused Seshat to experience a twinge of sadness, she never did like leaving go of a host, especially when one survives the blending intact. That made her anxious, what if her next host does not survive the blending and she is left with just a vessel to control for the next three to four centuries. She doesn't like the idea of being alone again.

Seshat was roused from her musings by muffled sounds and a flash of blue light from behind her back garden fence. Immediately on alert, she swiftly moved back to the safe and removed her ribbon device and a zat'nik'tel. She strode out the backdoor a fast as she could, she heard just heard the voice of young Michael, with a heavy note of fear and panic in it, before it was muffled. She just passed through the garden gate when she stopped in the shadows as she saw a man in black robes shoot a yellow-blue light from a stick in his hand at Michael. Judging by the look on Michaels' face, she knew he was in immense pain.

That angered her, with her eyes flashing she almost roared, "You will not harm this child!"

She raised her left hand, the ribbon device glowing brightly, and sent a telekinetic wave of energy hurtling towards the strange creature in front of her. Watching as it slumped against the tree, she decided to just disintegrate the beast. It was the least it deserved.

Now her only concern was Michael, she was aware somewhat of the magical world though she had not encountered a wizard since Egypt and that was several thousand years ago. Carrying him with ease back to her home, she managed to lay him on the couch. She returned the ribbon device and zat to the safe and removed her healing device. Kneeling by the couch, she scanned Michael. It was as she feared, he was dying even though the spell ceased functioning once the wizard or whatever that creature was dead. She had but one option, take young Michael as a host, although she was concerned he will die anyway and she will be left with a brain dead host. Sarah was still unconscious, and she had to think quickly, what are the benefits and what will be complications. Okay, the benefits outweigh the complications, she will get a young host that will be with her for around four if not five centuries, she will feel the vigour that is youth and she may get an interesting companion. It was now or never.

Preparing herself for the transferral, she opened Michaels' mouth and prepared to leave Sarah. In a sudden and as damage limiting as possible, she left Sarah via her mouth and made her way towards Michaels open mouth. Entering quickly she attached herself to the boy's brain and spine, quickly and efficiently starting the blending process. With his eyes opening suddenly and glowing brightly, Seshat looked out of Michael's eyes and over at Sarah . She was smiling at him.

"Goodbye, my dear friend,"said Seshat, touching Sarah's cheek.

"Goodbye, my friend, enjoy...your...long life., " said Sarah slowly as her age caught up to her and she slumped over, with a brilliant smile gracing her features.

Seshat then prepared for the final part of the blending, dropping both herself and Michael into unconsciousness. This is when she will find out what kind of damage has been done to Michael's mind. She hopes that he will survive. She looks forward to meeting him. Just before passing into unconsciousness, she notes something odd about Michael.

'Hmmm, seems Michael is a wizard, his strange powers can only be explained by it' thought Seshat as darkness consumed her.

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Well what do you think, will Michael survive or will Seshat be left with a brain dead host? Warning, there will be a major time jump to the next chapter.

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