Hello! I is a simple SYOT lover.

I refuse to reveal my world domination plans.

I guess I have to tell you why my SYOT will be different.

In the Capitol.

"Jodie dahhhhling you simply can't do that!" A gamemaker cried to her friend.

Sharron James had recently been elected Panem's first woman president after promising to the districts she would make a change.

She had never said what that change would be however.

She was currently in a meeting to discuss what the next quarter quell would be but it hadn't been going well. Most of the Gamemakers had taken one look at her honey blonde hair, big blue eyes and short stature and dismissed her completely, showing their severe lack of knowledge on politics.

She had tried to suggest her idea calmly and politely but it hadn't worked. Finally she had had enough. "QUIET!" She yelled at the top of her lungs. She calmly explained her idea for the next quarter quell and everyone began to sit up straight and listen.

In the Districts

Almost everyone in every district was huddled in their town square to hear what would be happening for the 150th quarter quell. They had a new president this year and her first act had been to scrap the pre determined Quater Quells in favour of coming up with her own.

"In reminder to the fact that war takes a part of ourselves, every tribute will have a limb removed before entering the arena."

In almost every District there was an outcry. Even 1 and 2, the Districts known for eating out of the Capitol's hand there were shouts of protest. Over the 6 months that followed the Peacekeepers seemed to get more strict, shooting people that dared complain.

Then it was time.

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