I started climbing up the ladder. Carolyn had lasted long but she was no match for my strength. Neither of us had weapons but I could kill her with my hands.

I could go home.

I was half way up the ladder when it began to shake. Carolyn was unhooking it. I tried to scramble down but I fell, I winced hearing my leg crack underneath me. I felt sick and I just wanted to sleep but I somehow got to my foot, finding a stick to lean on. All I could think about was how thankful I was that it was my left leg, so the only difference it made is instead of having just no foot, I just had no use for leg at all.

In the games you would be thankful for anything.


Ian stood there, looking slightly shocked. In the moment I realised we were trapped in a stalemate. He couldn't come up, I couldn't come down.

It felt like it would be a battle of perseverance.

Who would survive the longest without drink?

I instantly began forming battle stratagies in my head but I was interrupted by a parachute. I opened it up with trembling hands. A gift this late in the games was rare.

It was a vial of something.

I sniffed it gingerly.

I knew what I had to do.


Carolyn got a sponser gift of something that looked like medicine. I immediately felt jealous. It wasn't fair. I'd trained for my whole life and she was the one that everyone wanted to win?!

I knew I had to get that medicine. I would take it in front of her. Her injuries must be life threatening if she needed medicine this late.

I yelled, loud enough to startle her and the vial slipped out of her hand. It fell on the floor beside me but it didn't break.

I drank it right in front of her, savouring the slightly bitter taste, thinking about the first night on the train.

I was so lost in memories I almost didn't notice when I dropped to the ground.

I almost didn't notice I'd been tricked.


I stayed up there for what seemed like ages. Just waiting for the canon.

I needed to get down.

To find out what was happening.

I leapt onto the building nearby. I nearly fell but I managed to drag myself onto the roof. It was sloping deeply so I was able to jump off and not to much more that hurt my leg slightly.

I went over to Ian and prepared to let him out of his misery. His eyes were closed and his breathing was slow.

I had just reached over to find his pressure point when his habds went over my neck.

He was stronger than I thought he'd be and soon I was almost unconscious. In my dizzy state the last thing I heard was a cannon go off.


"We're losing them! I yelled at one of the nurses. The victor was in a bad state and shy minute now they could be dead.

Then the president would kill us.

Finally we got them stabilised and put them in the special victors bed. We had a special hospital for things related to the hunger games. Once or twice the trackers had made a mistake and we'd had to kill the tributes ourselves. Luckily this was rare, less than once every 15 years.

Before they woke up I attached a special high tech limb. It would adapt and soon it would be like they hadn't lost one at all.

They would of course know they had.


I awoke to the sight of my mentor standing above me.

"Well done" they said in a husky voice. "Well done."

My prep team came in and began to get me ready for the victors ceremony.

It felt so different from the last time they'd done it.

Eventually I was ready and waiting to walk on stage.

"And now welcome the victor of the 150th Hunger Games! Carolyn Scotts!"


Ian Shark

District Four Male


"Just stay safe..."

Lately, I've been, I've been losing sleep
Dreaming about the things that we could be
But baby, I've been, I've been praying hard
Said no more counting dollars
We'll be, we'll be counting stars

Hear that sound? That's me crying! I hope you guys are satisfied with the ending even if you were team Ian. He was an amazing character to write and he deserved his place. I hoped I wrote his death well Yogy! Forgive me? I wrote a poem for him so you can check that out.

Wow! The games are finished? Did you predict the victor? Did I write it well? The interview and victory tour should be up soon and we'll be getting some flashbacks ;)

This was so hard but so satisfying. Love you guys.