Ok so I'm stopping my Korrasami futa series of stories simply because I've lost interest in it. I may add one or two more when I get back into it but.. I'm unsure of that, but still shit happens.

Anyway, just like Korrasami futa, I'll be doing lesbian futa/ bondage themed stuff with cannon or AU backgrounds which I leave you guys to decide. But to get this started here are some suggestions with pairings.

Widowmaker/ Tracer/ Pharah/ Mei/ / Symatra/ Mercy/ Sombra/ Zarya.

With Talon gone, Widowmaker makes use of the brainwasing equipment they left behind to use on former comrades and foes to make her own harem and new mercenary team.

Tracer/ Widowmaker

After getting dumped by Emily, Tracer turns to an old foe to take out her uncharacteristic domination desires on.


Mei is a Chinese trader working in Korea during the time of the three kingdoms and comes across a fair and beautiful entertainer named . Gaining her attention, Mei soon discovers that there is more then one way to bed someone.

Symatra/ Sombra/ Pharah

Symatra is the Vishka's re-education expert and must re educate the rebel hacker Sombra and one of the leaders Pharah in order to turn them into obedient breeding slaves.