The Malfoy's Daughter

Chapter 2

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While Narcissa was planning to save The-girl-who-lived from her so called loving relatives, a girl was working in garden attempting to pull out a big root that currently was stuck under her aunt's rose bushes.

She had cuts all over her hands and a few on her face. Her name was Isabella Rose Potter. She was six years old. She had dark green eyes, like a leaf in the spring and her hair was a dark shade of red like a rose except she had black stripes at the roots almost as if it was slowly turning black which it had been like that all her life though.

In a group of other children she really stood out, more than she ever wanted. She never wanted a lot of attention form others, she just wanted to be normal. She tried to dye it once but her aunt had caught her and also punished her with a lot more chores.

She was also very skinny, it didn't look very good for her. She was also very pale which made her stand out even more. She didn't really mind having a lot do as it also kept her relatives away while they went on with their business.

They were horrible people, she hated them. Her uncle Vernon had beaten her with a belt plenty of times, starved her for several days even. Both her uncle and her cousin were very fat. She often compared them both to whales. 'I wonder if Greenpeace would've tried to drag them both out into the sea if they were on the beach' she thought giggling to herself. Luckily her relatives were at work and school while she was home alone doing her chores.

So far she had dusted and washed the entire house, washed all the windows at both sides and now she was in the garden pulling weeds from her aunt's prized garden that she had probably never touched before. She always bragged to her neighbours about how often she maintained her nice garden.

Isabella on the other hand got a belt on the back as a reward. Yesterday's beating might have been the worst of them all. She had begged her uncle to stop, he didn't, in the end she had passed out because of the pain. 'I wish I had my parents here instead' she thought to herself. 'I wonder if they were as bad as they said they were, then again, both my uncle and aunt have lied about so many other things so why not that too?'

She had always loved being outside in general. Weeding was just something she had to do because her aunt had ordered her to do it. It had started around two years ago, the first time she was set out to work in her aunt's garden she could hear some sort of voice calling to her.

Even when there was no one nearby. At first she would look around to see if her cousin Dudley or someone else was making fun of her but after a few hours of hearing the same voice she knew that was not the case. It always seemed to come from the plants or the trees. Once she was on the playground after doing all her chores she had been sitting next to a tree when the same voice, calling her name.

It was a soft voice telling her to listen to her instincts and not be afraid of her power. She thought it would look weird to other people around her if there were any. Luckily there was none. 'Power? What kind of power?' She asked herself. It was safe to say she was surprised when the voice spoke again and told her to put one hand on the tree next to her and one on the grass. She did as she was told and she felt a connection, like a bond, or a wave of energy coursing through her.

She had felt that energy several times before when she was climbing trees but not as strong as now, maybe because she didn't focus on it. 'Young one, you might wonder what it is you feel and why. I will tell you because I owe it to you. You my dear Isabella Rose Potter. You have the power of a Nymph. We can communicate with the nature's forces and command them to do our bidding. You have a long and dark time ahead of you but if you stay true to yourself and believe in those closest, you will come out on top. That is all I can tell you at this time. I wish you good luck and know that one day we will meet.'

She didn't hear the voice anymore from that day on but that didn't matter to her. She knew what she could do and what she wanted to do. She wanted to go to the library and read more about this power of hers but that would have to wait, it was already 9:30 pm and her relatives were probably as angry as a horde of wild animals. Since she had been gone for four and a half hours.

As she got home she got a big surprise to find the doors locked. There were no lights on in the house and the car was there. That could only mean one thing; they had locked her out. She tried knocking on the door for about five minutes without any results.

How was she going to get in now? There were no extra keys that she knew about. She turned her back to the door and slid down. She knew they didn't like her but to lock her out on a cold December night? That was simply cruel. What could she do to survive the night and not freeze to death. It had to be around four or five degrees minus outside right about now she guessed.

What she didn't know was that the voice she heard earlier was watching her sitting on the porch. She could barely believe what she saw. The Dursleys had locked out a six year old girl for the night because she didn't come home at a decent time.

How could they do such a horrible thing to a young girl? Luckily she knew what to do. One of the neighbours down the street was an old woman named Arabella Figg. She was a squib but she should still be able to communicate with the elderly woman. A squib was a witch or wizard that had no magic left in their magical core. They were still aware of magic but they could not use it. It was the only chance she had and she took the chance.

Arabella was in bed reading a book when someone knocked on the door frantically. 'Who in the world could possibly knock on the door like that so late in the evening?' She said to herself. She got up, put on the clothes she had put on the floor in a heap earlier, went to the front door and opened it.

She did not at all expect to find a beautiful nature spirit that were rarely ever seen among other people at all. And to find one knocking on her door on a late evening was almost unbelievable. The spirit looked like she had just seen You-know-who in the flesh.

'Mrs. Figg, you have to help me. Young Isabella has been locked out of the Dursley house and they don't want to answer it seems.' The spirit said. 'The Dursleys again? How dare they do such a thing to the Potter girl? The nerve they have to dare doing as they please to the little girl. I will have to report this back to Dumbledore. But for now I have a young girl to save.'

Back at the door, Isabella was so cold that she wondered if she would actually be able to make it through the night. That the Dursleys would wake up in the morning without having to bother about her at all. Maybe that would be for the best. They hated her after all. She would also go to a better place. A place without beatings on a daily basis. She could barely keep her eyes open when she saw a figure coming up to her. It was dressed in black. 'Maybe it's the Reaper coming to take me?' She considered.

Narcissa had been watching the six year old girl knocking on the door for about five minutes with no result at all. It was freezing outside and that stupid muggle family had left the girl outside to make it through the night alone in six degrees minus? They had practically killed the girl.

She couldn't just stand by and watch the girl freeze to death. She walked up to the girl as calmly as she could as not to scare the poor girl. When she got up to her she saw how pale the little girl was. She was getting frostbite if she didn't do anything. 'Merlin. How could they? Here you go my dear. Let me help you get warm. I'll save you from these horrible people.' She said as she pulled out her wand.

She whispered a warming spell so the girl wouldn't get any worse if that was even possible. After about two minutes of sitting next to the little girl she seemed to be warming up. She desperately wanted to take the girl with her but she wouldn't do it without the her agreeing to it first.

'Are you warm enough to answer some questions?' when the girl nodded she continued.

' My name is Narcissa Malfoy and I have been watching you for a while and to be honest, what I have seen has me scared. What that family has done to you should be consideredunforgivable. You could come with me and never go back to this place again. Would you like to come with me to my place? I would treat you like a family member should and not a slave to be beaten. You could become my daughter. What do you say?'

It might have been a bit too much to take in at once but she hoped the girl would agree.

Isabella didn't know what to say or how to respond. Here was a woman who offered to take her to a place where she would be treated fairly and not like a slave. She could be free. But could she really trust this woman? She didn't have much to lose. No valuable possessions or anything really.

All she owned was the hand me down clothes she had on right now. They were way too big for her as she was a lot smaller than Dudley. If she agreed and went with this woman she could either be tricked and end up on different place but it couldn't be worse than the Dursleys. She would become the woman's daughter or so she said. At the moment she was somewhat desperate. Though she was still a little cold she could talk through shivering lips.

'If I come with you I would never have to go back to this place? She asked. At the woman's nod she continued. 'Then I say yes. I have nothing left here and I don't want to see them again, ever. They have never been nice to me. Always treated me like their little slave. Only thing I ever got from them were clothes that didn't fit me and beatings. Please take me away from here.'

That was the only excuse Narcissa needed. She stood up and took the girl in her arms bridal style. And walked away from the house. They walked for a about half an hour when the woman stopped.

'Do you think you could stand upright for a few seconds? I need to find the keys.' Isabella nodded weakly.

Narcissa put the girl down while she looked through the pocket for the right key to the Malfoy's third house. It was never used for anything in particular and should be safe for her and Isabella to stay. For the night. She opened the door, picked the girl back up and walked into one of the house's many bedrooms. She didn't bother to take her shoes off. She could clean up later.

She put the girl in the bed and laid down next to her. She looked exhausted and so did the little girl 'Just get a good night's sleep and we'll talk more tomorrow. Don't worry about getting up early. You don't have to worry about anything and I will talk to you in the morning.'

'Will you stay with me please? I don't want to be alone' Isabella said.

'Of course I will stay with you. I will stay with you forever if you want to. If you ever need any help I will do my best to be there my dear Isabella. I will be right here.'

Those were the last words Isabella heard before she fell asleep in the kind woman's arms with a smile. Knowing that that the future looked a lot brighter already.