Power Unleashed

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Summary: What if something happened when Kagome pulled the Tetsusaiga out? What if she was deemed the master of the sword? Why are Inuyasha AND Sesshoumaru looking at her so strange?

Warnings: Strong language, violence...maybe more. Needless to say, this is for mature audiences only.

Chapter One "Oops."

In the remains of the Great Demon Lord of the Western Lands, father of Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru, the young demon lord, Sesshoumaru, and his servant, Jaken, stood. Sesshoumaru stared at his father's fabled sword, Tetsusaiga, which was imbedded within a platform.

"Lord Sesshoumaru, claim what is yours. Pull the sword from the platform and gain the power your father once wielded." Jaken stated as Sesshoumaru continued to stare.

Sesshoumaru approached the sword and attempted to pull the sword out, but black fire started to burn his hand.

"It seems that I was not meant to pull Tetsusaiga out. A spell protects it." Sesshoumaru mused.

"SESSHOUMARU!!!" Inuyasha yelled as he descended further into his late father's skeleton, prepared for battle. "I got a bone to pick with you." He growled and noticed the sword. "Huh? What's that?" He questioned as he stared at Tetsusaiga.

"That's Tetsusaiga, it was forged from your father's fang. It's said that whoever draws the sword gains all the power your father once had." Myoga explained.

Kagome stood on one of the ribs, watching what was taking place below.

"Humph...I don't care about that...What I do care about is what you did!" Inuyasha exclaimed and attacked Sesshoumaru, whom easily dodged.

Inuyasha attacked, but Sesshoumaru always got away.

"My turn." Sesshoumaru stated, lashing out at Inuyasha using his whip, which Inuyasha blocked.

"Damn it." Inuyasha growled.

"Lord Inuyasha, pull out the sword." Myoga pleaded.

"Feh. I don't care about the sword." Inuyasha snorted.

"Inuyasha, pull out the sword." Kagome demanded, gaining his attention.

"Why?" Inuyasha asked.

"If you can't hit him in the body, hit him in the ego. He couldn't pull it out." Kagome answered.

'Where did Inuyasha find this one? She's beautiful, by human standards. She'd probably be even breathtaking if she were a demon. Not to mention she's braver and smarter then most demons I know...strange.' Sesshoumaru thought as he looked the girl over, and then he turned his attention back to Inuyasha.

"I get it...alright, I'll pull it out." Inuyasha smirked, walking over to the sword and tried to pull it out. The spell didn't affect him as he pulled with all of his strength. "Agh!" He cried, unable to pull it free.

'I must thank the human for talking Inuyasha into doing that. It was quite...entertaining.' Sesshoumaru thought, glancing at Kagome, then turned his attention back to Inuyasha. "A half breed such as yourself can't possibly wield the powerful Tetsusaiga." He teased, attacking Inuyasha.

Kagome watched as Inuyasha fought his brother, Sesshoumaru. 'Why was he looking at me like that earlier, and why did he glance at me just a second ago? I must be imagining things.' She thought, then noticed Sesshoumaru's servant was readying his staff to shoot flames at Inuyasha. "Oh no you don't!" Kagome exclaimed, landing on the toad demon's head, and Jaken yelped.

"Stay out of our battle, Jaken." Sesshoumaru commanded, noting the look in Kagome's eyes. 'I don't think he'll be able to do much of anything in a few minutes if that human has her way.' He mused to himself.

"Ow...Stupid human!" Jaken exclaimed as he swung his staff at Kagome.

Kagome caught the staff and pushed against it, trying to overpower the small demon. "Stupid toad." She countered.

"INSIGNIFICANT HUMAN!" Jaken yelled, jabbing at Kagome with his staff.

Kagome fell back, but she grabbed onto the sword before she fell on her butt. Kagome glanced at the battle and saw Sesshoumaru gathering poison in his claws, pinning Inuyasha down and about to kill him.

"INUYASHA!" Kagome cried, she stood up, about to run to him, and pulled out the Tetsusaiga. "Oops." She gasped, and everyone stopped to look at her.

Kagome held the sword up and stared at it. "What happens now?" She whispered as the sword began to pulse and it started to glow, a bright light engulfed her.

Kagome let out a bloodcurdling scream as what felt like fire surged through her body. She felt as if she were being ripped apart and then placed back together again...When the light disappeared the Kagome the brothers had once known was no more. There, standing in front of them, was a beautiful, exciting, female Dog Demon. Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru just stared. Inuyasha was panting and Sesshoumaru was trying to keep the effects she had on him under control.

'I was right...she looks damn good as a demon!' Sesshoumaru thought.

"Why are you guys looking at me like that?" Kagome questioned. "Inuyasha quit panting. You're acting like a dog." She added.

"Look whose talking." Jaken commented.

"Watch it toad...what the?" Kagome asked when she held out her finger to shake it at the demon, she noticed two red stripes on her wrist. 'Strange.' She thought and scratched her head, only to come in contact with her pointed ears. "Huh?" She gasped, also noticing that she had fangs. Kagome took the Tetsusaiga and looked at her reflection on the blade. "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!" She screamed, hurting everyone's ears, including her own. She saw her face, she had two red stripes on each cheek, red eye shadow looking markings on her eyelids, golden eyes, silver hair, and a purple diamond on her forehead.

"I believe that the legend has come true." Myoga stated from Kagome's shoulder. "As I told young master Inuyasha before, it is said that whomever wields the Tetsusaiga gains the late demon lord's power. I guess they meant that literally. Though your markings are a bit different due to the fact that you are female and not part of the family bloodline." He explained.

"And how do I reverse it?" Kagome asked.

"Why would you want to reverse it? Humans are so pathetic." Jaken stated.

"I actually enjoyed being a pathetic human, thank you. Now how do I turn back? I can't see my family like this, they'll try to purify me or something." Kagome complained.

"I would be guessing that if someone else were to wield it then you would turn back to normal." Myoga mentioned.

"Here." Kagome offered, trying to give the Tetsusaiga to Jaken.

"I am not worthy..."

"Just take the damn sword toad or I'll...ok, just great." Kagome groaned.

"What's wrong Lady Kagome?" Myoga asked.

"The sword, I try to let go, but it's like it is stuck to my hand or something." Kagome answered.

"Try sheathing it and then give it to him." Myoga suggested.

"Ok." Kagome agreed, placing the sword in its sheath and taking them off of her sash. That's when Kagome noticed that not only her body was different and more developed, but her outfit was as well. She was wearing an outfit similar to Sesshoumaru's only hers was tight and more form fitting. The top was black, and the pants were black-red, she had on a red sash, and feminine armor. 'Great. The sooner I get rid of this thing the better.' She thought, but her dream was shot down when she was still unable to relinquish the sword. "Great...just great." She sighed, then placed the sword at her side.

"Well, it seems you are demon now, so start acting like one and stop hanging around the half breed." Sesshoumaru stated. "If you'd like, I can teach you about the demon world." He offered.

"I'm sure you would. What, were you planning to start her off by teaching her about mates?" Inuyasha asked in an irritated tone.

"The thought hadn't even crossed my mind, though we obviously know what you're thinking about." Sesshoumaru replied, nodding toward the bulge in Inuyasha's pants. 'He needs to learn more control...though I have control, my sash also comes in handy at times like these.' He thought.

"Ok, I'm out of here." Kagome mentioned, jumping out of the Great Demon Lord's remains. The brothers soon followed. "Myoga, how do you summon one of those skeleton bird things?" She asked, the flea demon standing next to her, quite vexed by the days events.

"Need a lift?" Sesshoumaru asked, picking Kagome up, cradling her in his arms, and flew on his strange cloud, away from the late demon lord, his servant by his side.

"I'm not in the mood for games. Do you mind returning to Inuyasha?" Kagome quipped, becoming a little tired.

"I do mind. What could a half-breed possibly teach a demon...look at it this way. You don't know how to use your powers and if a pretty demon such as yourself were to stay with Inuyasha, demons would try to take advantage of you. You wouldn't like that now, would you?" Sesshoumaru inquired.

"Not personally...very well, I'll go with you, but only on the conditions that you, one, don't try to kill me, two, you don't try to kill Inuyasha, and three you don't try to..." Kagome's demands weren't all stated due to the fact that she had drifted off to sleep, the day's events finally taking their toll.

"I agree." Sesshoumaru smirked, knowing that she'll probably forget the rest of the list she had by the time she wakes up. They soon passed through the portal and were heading west.

"Lord Sesshoumaru, what if Inuyasha comes after the girl?" Jaken asked.

"I do not fear that whelp...as for the girl, she has a name." Sesshoumaru replied. 'Though I'll have to find out what that name is once we return to the castle.' He thought.


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