Chapter 1

Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Janet Fraiser had just recently been promoted to Lt. Colonel and temporarily placed in charge of the SGC upon General Hammond's sudden retirement. He didn't wish to retire early but was forced to after suffering a heart attack that nearly killed him. He survived thanks to the quick thinking of Dr. Fraiser who assumed she would be promoted to C.O. and a chief medical officer sent to replace her in the infirmary. Instead she received word that General Hammond's replacement would be arriving that day from D.C., General Jonathon "Jack" O'Neill. She felt rather down being replaced but tucked her disappointment into the back of her mind and went on with her duties.

Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter arrived at Janet's office off the briefing room. She wore blue "BDU's" or battle dress uniform and had her blonde wavy hair kept short. She grinned, "Ready for lunch?"

Janet looked up and tried to smile but her heart just wasn't in it. She forced a half smile and gave a simple nod, "Yeah!"

Sam asked, "What's wrong?"

She held up the letter, "Hammond's replacement is coming today."

Sam cocked her head, "I thought you were getting the promotion."

Janet sighed, "Nope! General Jonathan O'Neill. He's brass from the Pentagon."

Sam let out a depressing sigh, "Great!"


Jack O'Neill arrived in Colorado Springs and immediately went to the Air Force Academy. He had the driver wait by the government owned black Cadillac as he made his way to the dorm building. He walked the well-lit halls to the dorm room and rapped on the door. He stood waiting for a minute in his dress uniform and his officer's visor hat tucked under his arm. The door opened to reveal a young man in a blue uniform with the rank of cadet. He had dark brown hair and brown eyes. He was slightly shorter than Jack but shared similar features in his face. He smiled, "Dad!"

Jack smiled back, "How ya doing?"

Charlie nodded, "Good! You moving out here?"

He gave a nod, "Yeah!"

He asked concerned, "You sure you okay?"

Jack nodded and shrugged, "Everyone dies eventually. Your mother fought cancer hard…" He gave him a half smile, "I'm gonna be the new C.O. for the base inside the mountain. I'll be right in town if you need me."

"I'll be fine, Dad." he assured him. "If you need help moving your stuff let me know."

"I will!" Jack replied. "Well, I guess I should be going now."

Charlie then wrapped his arm around him and gave him a hug, "I'm glad you're here Dad."

He patted his son's shoulders in the embrace, "Thanks son."

Charlie released his embrace, "You talk to Jackie lately?"

He smirked, "She's being assigned to the mountain too. She's just finished taking care of the estate."

"We're all in the same city!" he cheered. ""We're still a family. Mom would want it this way." he told him.

"She would," he agreed. "I got a driver waiting…"

"We're both here for you, Dad!" he assured him.

"I know." he gave Charlie a nod and said goodbye, "Gotta go now." He turned and started down the hall.

"We'll catch up!" Charlie shouted and then closed the door.

Jack continued down the hallway. He couldn't believe how much his life had changed. In his first life his son died and he never had a daughter. His wife left him and he was recruited for a suicide mission off world. He recalled the life he lived like a movie playing over in his head. Then he was given a "do over" thanks to an alien device that sent his mind back in time to when he was a child. He got to live his life a second time. He couldn't tell anyone for no one would have believed him but he changed things in the do over. He had a daughter and a son with his late wife who recently died of cancer. He was never recruited for the mission to Abydos for his son never died. He warned his best friend, Retired Colonel Charles Kawalsky of the off world dangers. Jack seemed to be a psychic to the Brass as his predictions were always on target. Jack knew more about the people in the SGC than they knew about him and he could tell no one. He walked out of the dorm building and got back in the waiting car. He headed to the SGC to take over for George Hammond like he did the first time.


Jack entered the SGC and found his adult daughter waiting for him in the elevator. She was much shorter than he, had light brown hair and brown eyes. She looked more like him than her mother in her face and she had picked up his mannerisms and corny sense of humor. She wore dress blues with slacks and held the rank of second lieutenant.

She smiled at him, "Dad!"

He smiled back, "Kid." He stepped onto the elevator next to her and looked proudly upon her. He found a stray strand of hair on her shoulder and picked it off. "That's better!"

She winced, "Another hair! I swear I'm gonna be bald."

"As a Jaffa." he kidded.

"Jaffa aren't bald." she replied unsure what he meant.

"I suppose…" he shrugged. "Excited about your new assignment?"

"I am." she nodded. "You see Charlie!"

"Just came from him." he told her.

"I bet he liked hearing we're all in town." she figured.

"He did." he nodded as the elevator door closed and they started down.

She admitted, "I can't wait to meet Dr. Jackson! Can you imagine being able to speak that many languages!"

Jack sighed, "I can."

"He sounds amazing." she told him.

He rolled his eyes, "Whatever."

"I read his file." she admitted. "He's cute."

He cocked an eyebrow, "He's too old for you."

She rolled her head back and gave a heavy sigh, "You do this every time. Whenever I say I find a guy cute or say that I like him you come up with some excuse as to why he's not right for me. Seriously, do you intentionally sabotage my love life?"

He admitted, "Yes!"

"Dad!" she huffed annoyed.

"You can date when you're eighty." he told her.

"You don't do this to Charlie!" she huffed.

"Charlie isn't a girl," he huffed.

She threw him a look, "Oh' so if I was a boy then I could date anyone I wanted. Dad! I'm twenty-two!"

"And decades more to go before you are eighty." he grinned.

"For crying out loud." she miffed.

The elevator came to a stop and door slid open and before them stood Sergeant Walter Harriman in his dress blues ready to escort them. He came to attention, "General! Lieutenant O'Neill."

Jack wanted to hug him but kept his emotions in check, "Sergeant." He couldn't believe Walter was still the gate guy.

"Sergeant," Jackie gave a nod as she stepped off the lift with her father.

Walter stated, "I'm here to escort you to your office sirs."

Jack knew where the office was but had to pretend he didn't for in this do over he had yet to be in the SGC. He smiled, "Lead away!"

"Sir," he gave a nod and started down the hall with the officers in tow.

Jackie asked her father, "You know him?"

Jack simply smiled and asked, "Why you ask?"

"You seemed like you knew him." she shrugged.

"Saw him in the visions." he excused. The vision were his cover story for giving out information prudent to the Gate and program from his previously life.

"Oh!" she replied figuring her father had some sort of gift.

They were led to the briefing room where Janet Fraiser, Sam Carter, Daniel Jackson and Lt. Colonel Carmon Mitchell all waited to greet the new General. Jack walked into the familiar room and spotted Janet sitting at the head of the table where Hammond would sit. She was alive! She was never killed off world! He wanted to run over, hug her tight and tell her how much he missed her fighting with him. But Janet had never met him before. She, Sam and Mitchell all rose to their feet.

"Sir!" Janet gave a salute.

"Sir!" Sam and Mitchell both followed.

Jack had to remain calm for if he acted like he knew all of them it would appear strange. He kept up the act, "Colonels!" He looked at Daniel who slowly rose to his feet and offered a hand.

"I'm Dr. Jackson, General!" he greeted.

Jack tried not to grin but a smile crept out. It had been a long time since he saw his old friend, "Daniel!"

Daniel cocked an eyebrow, "First name bases?"

"You're a civilian." he shrugged trying to keep himself together. He was giddy as a kid on Christmas upon spotting presents waiting under a tree.

"Okay!" he agreed. "It's Jon?"

"Jack!" he smiled brightly. "This is my daughter, Lieutenant Jacqueline O'Neill…'Jackie'…after me."

Daniel smiled pleasantly, "Lieutenant."

"Dr. Jackson." she greeted him.

"Daniel." he stated.

"Jackie." she smiled.

Jack cocked an eyebrow, "That's 'Dr. Jackson' to you, Lieutenant."

Jack embarrassed his daughter once more. Her face turned red as she was angry with him. She miffed, "Yes sir."

Jack looked at his friends. His eyes landed on Sam. In his first life he married her after he retired. They never had any children together and he knew Sam loved kids. He meekly stated, "Carter."

"Sir," she greeted. She figured he read their records and knew who everyone was.

Mitchell spoke up. "I'm Colonel Mitchell, sir. Welcome to the SGC."

"Mitchell," he gave a nod.

Jack looked about. There was one missing. Teal'c! What became of Teal'c? He asked, "You know a Jaffa named Teal'c?"

Daniel gave a nod, "He' the leader of the Free Jaffa. He's a friend."

"Why isn't he here?" Jack asked.

"He's the leader of the Free Jaffa." Daniel repeated. "He's their leader. Would you like to set up a meeting, General?"

Jack huffed and shook his finger, "You call me 'Jack'! Got it!"

Daniel cocked an eyebrow, "Okay."

Mitchell asked, "Do you prefer to be on first name bases, Jack?"

Jack gave him a look, "Not with you! You call me by rank or sir."

"Oh," he blushed meekly.

He looked at Sam and Janet, "Same with all officers!" He then looked at his daughter and smirked at her, "Especially you young lady."

"Dad!" she started.

He held up a finger, "Not here!"

"For crying out loud," she muttered.