A few years ago: Juanita being sentencing

JUDGE: Due to the extent of your crimes and the corruption in the justice system in Mexico because of your business. I sentence you Juanita Vasquez to life in prison without the possibility of parole to be served in Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center the maximum security prison in Massachusetts and I may I say your revenge mentality is truly despicable and I feel the sentence is far too lenient. Court is adjourned. (He bangs his gavel)

JUANITA: Your words mean nothing. (She scoffs as the bailiff carries her away while she being carried a figure follows them in to the hallway and watches as she is put in the back of the van they are driving down the road that is mostly deserted. The driver glances in his rear view mirror) Do not look at me.

DRIVER: Still on a power trip huh. You are going away for the rest of your life or did you forget.

JUANITA: Jail does not frighten me and neither do your words.

DRIVER: You're going to be a hit over there now sit tight we'll be there in a few hours.

(They drive along the road as nightfall approaches. On a long stretch of the road there isn't a car in sight the driver notices a car on the side of the road with their hazard lights on he pulls up and opens his window and sees 2 men standing outside the car.)

DRIVER: You guys alright you need me to call someone. (One of the men walks up to the truck)

MAN: I think we're ok but you should call a coroner. (The man lifts his hand and shoots the driver right between the eyes. Juanita smiles and the man opens up the back door and pulls Juanita roughly out of the van.)

JUANITA: Easy you fools! If this is an escape- (The man stabs Juanita in the side and she begins to bleed all over the ground) What the- (He places a bag over her head and stuffs her in the trunk of the car)

MAN 1: Pedro don't be so rough with her remember who she is.

PEDRO: I have my orders now call Scott in CSI and tell him that in the report it must say that a massive amount of Juanita's blood is found at the crime scene that leads investigators to believe she is dead. Got it Eduardo.

EDUARDO: Got it. (He makes the call as they get in the car and take off until they come to an industrial complex, they pull her out of the trunk and take the bag off of her head)

JUANITA: You cowards you will pay for this.

VOICE: How I have missed your fire and passion! (Juanita turns quickly and her eyes widen and she smiles)

JUANITA: Carlos! Am I dead? How are you here? (He goes over to her and uncuffs her, she starts to sob and then slaps him) WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN!

CARLOS: Easy does it mi Amor, I will tell you the entire story. I wasn't gone by choice, you can thank that bitch Pilar she started the entire thing.

JUANITA: Pilar! She says you raped her. Is this true?

CARLOS: I won't lie to you yes I did. (She instinctively slaps him again)

JUANITA: WHY! Was I not enough for you?

CARLOS: You are my love I had a moment of weakness. Can you ever forgive me?

JUANITA: You bastard how dare you.

CARLOS: I trust you with my very life and I love you with every ounce of my being. (He pulls out a gun and hands it to her) Here you have the power. (He puts the gun up to his head while Juanita holds it) I will never betray you ever again if you don't believe me pull the trigger now. (She begins to cry and the gun shakes, she lowers the gun and begins to kiss him)

JUANITA: You have a lot to make up for.

CARLOS: I was taken by the Nunez Crime Family and held hostage until I managed to escape then I came looking for you and I find you in Pilar's hometown.

JUANITA: That must have been terrible he is the most ruthless in all of Mexico.

CARLOS: I know I do but first things first I have to tell you something I just found out. (He whispers in her ear and her eyes bulge from her head)

JUANITA: This can't be true! Please tell me it isn't.

CARLOS: I have the proof right here. (He hands it too her she reads it)

JUANITA: Do you know what we can do with this?

CARLOS: We can ruin Pilar's life!

JUANITA: Just what I had in mind. (They begin to laugh)

Present Day: Hospital:

(Juanita and Carlos disguise themselves as doctors they peek in on Teresa's room as she lays there unconscious. Pilar runs into the waiting room where Ethan, Little Ethan, Endora, Ivy, & Sam are waiting Ethan sees her and is very nervous)

ETHAN: Pilar I told you I would let you know when she will be released.

PILAR: I know that I just couldn't sit home while my baby is in the hospital.

IVY: (looks uncomfortable. Clearly Ethan told her about Martin and Katherine being there) She is stable we are just waiting for Eve to tell us what is going on.

SAM: You look exhausted maybe Ivy and I should take you home.

PILAR: Why do I feel like you are trying to get rid of me?

ETHAN: We are just worried for you that's all.

PILAR: Sorry my nerves are on edge can we see her yet.

ETHAN: Not yet.

PILAR: Can I just go take a peek? I don't even have to go in I just want to see my daughter.

IVY: I'll go with you.

PILAR: Thank you Ivy. (They leave and walk over to the rooms and they find Theresa's room and peak in just then two nurses stop at the nurses station right behind Ivy and Pilar)

NURSE 1: Do we have the results on Mrs. Fitzgerald? (Pilar turns to Ivy)

PILAR: What did she say?

IVY: I didn't hear.

NURSE 2: Yes here they are.

NURSE 1: Let's go update Mr. Fitzgerald (They leave and Pilar follows them they get to the ER waiting room) Mr. Fitzgerald?

MARTIN: I'm Martin Fitzgerald. (He sees Pilar and his face drops) Damn

NURSE 2: Martin your wife has a broken arm and some scratches, they put her in a cast for six weeks and we just gave her some pain killers. She will be discharged in about an hour.

MARTIN: Thank you nurse. (The nurses leave, and he approaches Ivy and Pilar)

IVY: Pilar let's go.

PILAR: Not yet.

MARTIN: Hello Pilar.

PILAR: It amazes how many times you surprise me Martin. Why are you here now?

MARTIN: It's not safe to talk about it now but I will tell you very soon. Just know I never wanted to come back! (He runs out)

IVY: What the hell was that about?

PILAR: Is that why the three of you were rushing me out of here?

IVY: Ethan was concerned.

PILAR: I know I just wish he would have prepared me.

IVY: Let's go back to everyone. (They go back to the other room) Guess who we just saw.

ETHAN: Pilar I am sorry I didn't want you to find out this way.

PILAR: I understand just next time tell me.

SAM: Now that it's out am I still taking you home?

PILAR: In a bit I want to go to the chapel and pray for my daughter and grandchild. (She leaves)

Outside the hospital:

Endora and Little Ethan are sitting down talking.

ENDORA: Your mom will be alright.

LITTLE ETHAN: I know she will she is the strongest person I know.

ENDORA: I have to tell you that Halloween is coming up and my mom needs me home.

LITTLE ETHAN: Witch business I guess?

ENDORA: To be honest I was casting some spells that went wrong and we need to clean up the mess. I screw up everything. (She puts her head down)

LITTLE ETHAN: Don't say that you didn't know. I'm sure everything will be fine. (He wipes away a tear from her eye and they stare into each other's eyes. He moves in and they begin to kiss. They pull away and smile and she rests her head on him) I love you Endora. (She jumps up)

ENDORA: Really!?


ENDORA: That's amazing I love you too EJ!

LITTLE ETHAN: I love when you call me that. I think I'm gonna ask everyone to call me that from now on.

ENDORA: I can't believe you love me.

EJ: I'm just happy you didn't say thank you.

ENDORA: I love you Ethan Winthrop Jr! You have made me that happiest girl in Harmony.

EJ: And you've made me the happiest man. (They kiss again)

Theresa's room:

Theresa lay there alone as her heart monitor beeps and Juanita and Carlos walk in and stand over her

JUANITA: Too bad you are unconscious.

CARLOS: Let's just finish this I don't want to get caught again.

JUANITA: You don't understand me this girl have history and now after what you told me.

FLASHBACK: (In the warehouse the night Carlos rescued Juanita)

CARLOS: I have the perfect idea on how to exact revenge Pilar.

JUANITA: Just exposing the truth would kill Pilar.

CARLOS: But I want to enjoy it.

JUANITA: Me too.

CARLOS: So my plan is too put Theresa into hospital and once she is there we can install this. (He holds up a chip) After this is in her brain we can control her and she will be our mole so to speak.

JUANITA: That is brilliant.

CARLOS: I have my moments, just think we will finally get our revenge for Pilar having our children killed.

JUANITA: Little do they all know that Theresa is actually your daughter and not Martin's!

(That's the secret, is it really true? we will find out in the next chapter)

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