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In Tabitha's living room Tabitha is sitting on the couch having tea waiting for Endora when there is a knock at the door. She walks over and opens it up to see a confused Kay standing there.

TABITHA: Hello Kay, please come in would you like some tea? (Kay walks in and Tabitha closes the door, they both walk into the living room)

KAY: No thanks.

TABITHA: What's the matter dear?

KAY: It's my mom she's acting…well strange.

TABITHA: What do you mean by strange?

KAY: Well she just seems to be off. She's been snapping at everyone left and right. She just seems so distant. I'm scared.

TABITHA: I understand what you are saying but just remember she has been gone for so long and then suddenly she is back on this plain. She just needs some time to adjust.

KAY: That's what I keep saying but it seems to be getting worse. She's actually acting evil.

TABITHA: I will talk to her dear alright?

KAY: Tomorrow, she went to B&B to go to sleep.

TABITHA: It will be alright Kay.

KAY: We just got her back I can't lose her again.

TABITHA: You won't I'll make sure of it.

KAY: Thank you Tabitha.(Kay and Tabitha hug and Kay leaves)

TABITHA: I wonder if it means…no it couldn't be. Could Grace be turning into a fallen angel?

At the B&B

Grace is having trouble sleeping she has been tossing and turning for a few nights. She has been having the same dream every night it starts with her meeting David, him telling her that he is her husband, meeting John, the DNA test revealing Grace is David's mother, telling Sam that she is leaving Harmony with him, him finally telling her the truth that it was all orchestrated by Ivy. Her getting on the bus to return back home and then the bus blowing up. After the bus blows up then there is a flash of Ivy smiling at her.

IVY: (in the dream) Sam is mine and he will always be mine!

Grace's eyes snap open to reveal a red glow but it quickly disappears. Grace sits up and starts to realize how angry she is.

GRACE: I'm going to kill that bitch!

All of this is being seen by Tabitha in the magic bowl.

TABITHA: Oh dear it's true Grace's anger towards Ivy is changing her into a fallen angel. (Tabitha doesn't hear that Endora has entered the room and heard her say this.)

ENDORA: What does mean Mom?

TABITHA: Oh Endora you startled me.

ENDORA: Sorry Mom.

TABITHA: It's alright.

ENDORA: What do you mean fallen angel.

TABITHA: Well it appears that when Grace was brought back she was still very angered by her death and it seems that Ivy being the reason she was killed and her still being married to Sam has caused her anger to fester and since she was an angel in heaven and is scorned here on Earth she is a fallen angel.

ENDORA: I guess that's bad.

TABITHA: It could be catastrophic the most famous angel to be cast out of heaven was the devil himself. Also Grace is also a very powerful witch.

ENDORA: Can we stop it?

TABITHA: There may be a way we just have to make sure Grace and Ivy don't get into a fight that could cause her to completely turn to evil. I will check the Book of Shadows.

ENDORA: I will call Kay in the morning and tell her.

TABITHA: My goodness it's 1 o'clock in the morning are you just getting home?

ENDORA: Well yes but it's not what you think. EJ and I were at the wharf and when I realized how late it was I figured it was too late to call in case your were asleep so I just came home.

TABITHA: It's alright I trust you both, next time just send me a text message. For now you go get some sleep we'll worry about all of this in the morning. (Endora runs over and gives her mother a kiss)

ENDORA: Good night Mom I love you.

TABITHA: I love you too Sweet Pea. (Endora leaves, Tabitha walks back over to the magic bowl and watches Grace in the bathroom looking at herself in the mirror) As long as Grace stays away from Ivy we can figure it out tomorrow. (Tabitha waves her hand over the magic bowl and Grace disappears, she covers the bowl and goes to bed.)

At the B&B

Outside lighting is beginning to fill the sky followed by howling thunder.

Grace splashes some water on her face, she closes her eyes and all she can hear is Ivy's voice taunting her in her dream. She opens her eyes and they are red again and the mirror cracks this time the red eyes stay.

She walks out of the B&B and is walking down the street looking possessed, every last memory floods inside her head

GRACE: You have no idea what is in store for you Ivy, if you think I was dangerous before you haven't seen anything yet.

Grace gets to the house and she knocks on door as there is a flash of lighting and an immediate crash of thunder. After a few long moments Ivy opens the door when she sees Grace there is another flash of lightning.

IVY: Grace! Do you have any idea what time it is! (Ivy then notices her red eyes)

GRACE: I know exactly what time it is. (She grabs Ivy by the throat and walks her into the house and shuts the door)

Has Grace gone evil? Will someone save Ivy?


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