Scene 8

My interview went perfectly and everyone loved me.

My brothers didn't go so well though. He ran off crying.

I laughed.

But not meanly because I'm perfect.

That was the adjective not my name.

*smiles prettily*

Scene 9

I run into the bloodbath killing 10 people and a cat.

"Well done Perfect!" gushes the guy from two. "Only 14 people left!"

At this point i realise something.

This guy's my love interest!

Scene 10

We go around for several days killing everyone until everyone except the careers are dead. I choose to be on watch because we're somehow still together.

I kill everyone quickly, despite the fact that the cannons would go off waking everybody.

When it gets to the guy from two I stand over him, not wanting to kill him despite having killed my own brother just fine in the bloodbath.

I look at him adoringly before going back to sleep.

I'll kill him tomorrow.

Scene 11

"Oh Perfect," he cried "I can't kill you!"

I began to kiss him hard, savouring my last moments.

"Due to the beauty of Perfect you two can win together because lol! Congratulations Brenda and Bill!"

I look at him, "Your name is Brenda!"

"I thought your name was Perfect!" He says, crying.

Suddenly, my blonde hair slips away to become brown, I get spots and my figure stops looking like a barbie doll.

"Does that mean we're breaking up?" I said sadly.