(Author's Note: Welcome to what could be either a new series or a total one-off. This fanfic is meant to act as though there are extra supports that could've been in the game. The relationships will range from Friends to Rivals to Romance. And what better way to start off then with Corrin and Sakura? Hope you enjoy and feel free to review.)

Late Night Thoughts:

Sakura: Have you ever wonder if there are other universes?

Corrin: Hmm…I guess I have, but I try not to think about it.

Sakura: Why not?

Corrin: Because I begin to question what would happen if I was born in that universe and not this one. I wonder if I wouldn't know you, Ryoma, Takumi, or Azura.

Sakura: I-It would affect you that m-much?

Corrin: Hey, a life without you is a life not worth living.

That would leave any girl a stuttering mess.

The Plan:

Sakura: Oh gods…m-my heart is r-racing?

Corrin: Is this meeting that important to you?

Sakura: Y-yes! This war meeting is my chance to prove I can be a part of the discussion.

Corrin: Well…how about I pitch in?

Sakura: W-what?

Corrin: Yeah, I'll mouth the words to you whenever you get nervous so you know what to say.

Sakura: Do you r-really think that will work?

Corrin: It will work perfectly

It did not, in fact, work perfectly.


Corrin: Sakura! What's wrong? I heard crying, is everything alright?

Sakura: *sniff* Y-yes…

Corrin: Sakura, please…tell me what's wrong.

Sakura: I *sniff* dreamed t-that you were killed, a-and that you left me all a-alone!

Corrin: Sakura…I would never do that, I would never leave you all alone.

Sakura: And how can y-you *sniff* be so sure.

Corrin: Because you mean too much for me to just die.

Sakura: Y-you mean that?

Corrin: I couldn't make that up.

Sakura: W-why not?

Corrin: Because I simply couldn't bear to lie to the woman I love.

Embracing someone, hugging someone, kissing someone, it's usually is sign of comfort or pure love, but no one said you couldn't combine them together.

Brother's Belief:

Corrin: I warn you that Sakura and I are…

Takumi: Involved?

Corrin: H-How did you know?

Takumi: I'm her older brother, I know what she's up to.

Corrin: A-and are you okay with it?

Takumi: At first, no. But I haven't seen her as happy as she has been with you in a long time. She's much happier, she's much calmer, she's much…better.

Corrin: So…

Takumi: So, I'm alright with it…for the time being. If I find out you hurt in any way…

Corrin: Then I give you full permission to fire an arrow at me, point blank.

Takumi: Glad to know we're on the same page.

Deep down, even Takumi knew that was one arrow he would never have to launch.

Wedding Day Jitters:

Corrin: You sure you're going to be alright?

Sakura: Y-yeah, I felt fine at the practice sessions…

Corrin: Sakura…this is going to be a lot more nerve-racking than the rehearsal.

Sakura: O-oh come on, it's like you're trying to scare me.

Corrin: Hahaha, I'm sorry Sakura, you know I would never want you to be afraid.

Sakura: Yeah…I know…

Corrin: …

Sakura: …Hey Corrin

Corrin: Yeah?

Sakura: Are you nervous?



Corrin: Wow, the stars look amazing tonight. You can see them across the eye can see.

Sakura: Y-yeah, it's beautiful.

Corrin: Not as beautiful as your smile though.

Sakura: …

Corrin: …

Sakura: …Pfft, hahahahahaha!

Corrin: S-Sakura?

Sakura: That was terrible!

Corrin: It wasn't that bad…was it?

Sakura: Y-yeah!

Smooth as butter, Corrin.

Happy Happy Honeymoon:

Corrin: It's nice to get away.

Sakura: Y-yeah, it's very relieving.

Corrin: I was going to say relaxing, but I can also agree to relieving. So, what's your favorite part?

Sakura: Um…I don't really know.

Corrin: Come on, what's the first thing you think of?

Sakura: No war meetings…

Corrin: …Me too!

In actuality, Corrin's first thought was alone time, but why spoil the mood?

Like You:

Corrin: I think Kana is finally sleeping.

Sakura: That's a relief…

Corrin: Indeed, it is.

Sakura: Hey, do you think that she'll grow up to be like you or me?

Corrin: Heh, is that a competition of some sort?

Sakura: N-n-no, that wasn't what I m-meant! I just-

Corrin: Relax, I know it was just a question. Sorry for the scare.

Sakura: I-it's okay…

Corrin: You know I would never want to hurt you, right?

Sakura: Don't worry, I know.

Corrin: I love you.

Sakura: A-and I love you too.

Corrin: …

Sakura: …

Corrin: She's going to be more like you.

Sakura: R-really?

Corrin: Yep, and you know what that means.

Sakura: What does that mean?

Corrin: She'll grow into the most amazing woman this land will have ever seen.

Sakura: O-oh….thank you.

Corrin: She'll also be the shyest.

Sakura: H-hey!

Love, as you'll come to realize, is what can unify two people to the point where they no longer need to be nervous because they'll always be grasping one another's hand, and they won't plan on letting go.