(Author's Note: Next on the agenda is Takumi and Kiragi. This relationship is one of my favorite child-parent supports and I really wanted to help bring it alive with this. As always, please write a review of what you think, they are always welcome! Hope you enjoy!)

Try Again

Kiragi: Hey Dad!

Takumi: K-Kiragi, what is it? Why are you running at me like that?

Kiragi: Dad, I want to learn how to use a weapon!

Takumi: Use a weapon? Aren't you a bit young for that?

Kiragi: Oh come on, Dad! I'm super old now!

Takumi: Heh, I don't know if being 9 is old enough, buster.

Kiragi: Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad, I promise I'll be really careful

Takumi: Okay, okay, I think you might be ready to start looking at some model weapons.

Kiragi: Yaaaaaaaaaaay!

Takumi: Now then…uh…do you have any particular *ahem* weapon in mind?

Kiragi: Yeah, I want to use a sword!

Takumi: WHAT? I-I mean that is an interesting choice, Kiragi, but there are better options for you.

Kiragi: Spears?

Takumi: No.

Kiragi: Clubs?

Takumi: No.

Kiragi: …Spells?

Takumi: Kiragi! You need a better weapon if you hope to defend you or your friends!

Kiragi: Really? Bummer, I was really hoping to get my hand of a club.

Takumi: *sigh* Kiragi, I think that I might have a good idea of what weapon would best suit; but first, have I ever told about the Fujin Yumi?

Kiragi: H-huh? Food is Yummy? I don't know what you're talking about.

Takumi: Well then, we've got a lot to talk about.

Even then, Takumi was self-conscience about such simple things. Perhaps that was what gave him his charm.

Aw Heck!

Kiragi: Dad! Dad!

Takumi: Kiragi, is something wrong?

Kiragi: No, I just have a question for you.

Takumi: I'm happy to answer.

Kiragi: What are swear words?

Takumi: U-um…what?

Kiragi: I'm just curious, but what are swear words.

Takumi: Where…where did you hear of swear words.

Kiragi: Oh! Well see, I was talking to Rhajat in the mess hall and she accidently stubbed her toe on one of the tables and started mumbling some stuff that sounded like "Hell," so I asked her what it meant and she said a kid my age shouldn't be using swear words.

Takumi: …I…see.

Kiragi: So? What are swear words?

Takumi: Swear words are words you use when you are very angry with something, but you shouldn't use them at all.

Kiragi: Why not?

Takumi: Well, they're very disrespectful and they can make people…upset.

Kiragi: But if I can't use swear words than what do I say when I'm mad?

Takumi: Um…you could say…heck.

Kiragi: Heck?

Takumi: Yeah, it's a very...um…nice word. It won't anyone's feelings and it can help you to release your anger.

Kiragi: Heck. Heck. Heckheckheckheckheckheckheckheckheckheckheckheckheckheckheck-

Takumi: Kiragi!

Kiragi: …I love it!

The rest of this story is heckstory.

I Believe in You

Kiragi: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahn.

Takumi: (That was the longest sigh I've ever heard) What's wrong, Kiragi?

Kiragi: Well…you know that archery contest I entered in with Caeldori?

Takumi: Yeah, you won that one, so why are you bummed out?

Kiragi: Because I think Caeldori threw the competition so I would win.

Takumi: Why would you think that?

Kiragi: C'mon, you know she's so much better than me.

Takumi: Hang on, where is this coming from? You are one of the best archers in this army, why are all of sudden doubting yourself.

Kiragi: W-well I just assume that someone out there is better, I know that sounds weird but-

Takumi: Kiragi, that's not weird at all.

Kiragi: Huh?

Takumi: Kiragi, I know how you feel. You feel like everyone is better than you and you were hoping to prove to yourself that they weren't with this competition; but now, you are starting to doubt your victory and instead think that they must have thrown the competition to make you feel better.

Kiragi: H-how did you know?

Takumi: I was just like you, heck I still am. I used to worry that everyone was better than me, but I found out ways to help get rid of that feeling.

Kiragi: How do you get rid of this feeling?

Takumi: All you have to is think about the people who believe you. If you think about them, you can't fail at anything.

Kiragi: …Dad, do you believe in me? Do you believe that I'm as good as you say I am?

Takumi: Of course, Kiragi, of course.

Kiragi: *sniff* Thanks Dad, you're the best!

It seems that with each passing year, we grow more and more like our ancestors. Some might take this as a negative, while others might see the good in it all. One things for certain, however, it is easier to fix the problems of our children when it directly reflects that as our own and it also our duty.