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Chapter 1:Triton

Blue eyes snapped open. His target had finally arrived. He had been waiting for hours in the lake that ran through the targets back yard. He was informed that the man's office hours ended at 7 p.m. Obviously his target had stayed out past then doing merlin knows what. He had been sitting here for the past six hours and it is currently midnight but the assassin was nothing if not patient. A figure clad in all midnight blue slowly rose from the river. A mist had settled in to obscure his movement through the yard. As he slowly crept to the house he looked for the telltale signs of where his target could be going. The lights that were being turned on were only leaving a trail to where his target was going. As the hooded figure made his way up to the house he looked for the easiest way to get inside. He saw a door a little ways away from the room that the target was sitting in.

When he walked up to the door he checked for any signs of wards or enchantments placed upon it and found none. The target was so assured by the wards that were put around the manor that he had foregone wards on his house. At least it made the job easier. After making sure he double checked his scans he put a noise cancelling charm around himself and the door. Finding where the door's hinges were, the assassin started to push his magic to those spots, slowly freezing the metal. Next, after sticking his hands to the door with a little magic, he proceeded to use an extremely light banishing charm through his hands so that the door had enough force to break off of the hinges.

Lightly setting aside the door the figure continued into the home. As he crept through the halls he kept to the shadows. He felt that all of this sneaking wasn't really necessary, but it was better safe than sorry. Finally reaching the room that his target was sitting in, he smelled the strong stench of alcohol wafting through the doorway. This job was almost becoming a mockery of all the preparation that he had put into this mission. As he stepped into the room the target still hadn't noticed him, as the target was facing the other direction while nursing a half full glass of brandy. The assassin walked into the man's field of view and the man drunkenly scrambled for his wand. A simple flick of his own was enough to take away the man's wand and any thought of resistance along with it. Amazingly the man kept a strong hold on his glass of brandy. It actually amused the assassin.

"Do you know who I am?" he drunkenly slurred.

"Jean-Luc Bernard, head of the international cooperation department for the Ministry of Magic." the man said to the now identified Jean-Luc.

Jean-Luc then got an annoyed look on his face before he started venting at the man in front of him. "Then you know who you are messing with and what connections I have? I could have you arrested and get my friends to throw you in the darkest hole in our ministry."

"You didn't let me finish your introduction. You are also part of a human and magical creature trafficking ring that exports out to other countries to make kidnapped animals or people harder to find. The final part of your bio and most important to me is that your name came up. Your theory of having me arrested is also based on the fact that you think that you will leave here alive.

His face had turned ashen when the fact about his involvement in the smuggling ring was mentioned, however turned to confusion when the fact about his name came up and then immediately to fear when his death was mentioned. He tried to scramble out of the seat and was instantly shot with a body bind. This time he couldn't keep his hold on his glass. His face had a terrified look on it as a strong stench broke through the alcohol that was overpowering the smell of the alcohol.

"Did you really just piss yourself?" the man said with some amusement in his voice. The only thing that came out of Bernard's mouth was a small whimper. As the cloaked figure knelt down to be face to face the the ministry official, he asked a question

"Have you figured out who I am yet?" Jean-Luc's head looked like a pinball with the speed that it was going back and forth, answering the question in the negative.

"Then perhaps this will help give you the clue you need to figure it out." water started to coalesce onto the table into the shape of a trident with a base and then froze into ice. Jean-Luc's eyes widened and his heartbeat that had started to go down during the conversation now skyrocketed. He had heard stories about times when this item was seen and it was never good for the people involved.

"I've heard of you. Your name is Triton right?" The now named Triton nodded slowly, only tipping his chin down once. "Then you are a mercenary and that means that someone paid you." Jean's eyes got a glint like he had thought of a way out of this. "I'll pay you double, no, triple whatever the amount you were paid if you just walk away." he had a slight grin that gave off the feeling that he had this situation all figured out.

Triton looked down, his face void of emotions, and started to talk in an ice cold voice that had the same emotional inflection in it as his face had. "There are a few problems with that though." Bernard's grin slowly started to fade. "The first thing wrong with that proposition is that I already took money from the original client. Secondly, when have you ever read a report about me that says that I failed to complete a job?" the ashen color came back to Jean's face. "And lastly, while many people don't actually believe this, mercenaries can have a moral code. When I was offered a job that paid well and gave me a chance to get rid of cowardly scum like you, how could I possibly refuse."

Jean started to wiggle in fright. This drew Triton's eye. "Apparently I monologuing too long and got distracted if the spell started to wear off. I guess this is goodbye between us Monsieur Bernard." With that said Trition started walking down the hall towards the door he had already opened. Jean waited with closed eyes and bated breath, waiting for the killing blow to come but it never came. As he breathed a sigh of relief he failed to see the the brandy that he had spilled earlier rising and turning into an icicle the size of a pinky while also turning extremely sharp. As he started to get up he heard a sharp whistling but never saw the small object pierce his chest and go straight into his heart.

Triton stared at the chateau that his employer lived in. It looked like a normal chateau, however he could feel the magic rolling of of it like waves crashing against my body. The wards around it were more suitable for a fortress rather than a home. Triton was always amused by wards. With his abilities he was easily able to bypass all of them with a few exceptions. That was what made him the best in the business. Well, that along with his fighting prowess.

Wards worked using a surge of magic coming from the epicenter moving faster than the eye could see and at such a small interval between each wave that it made to seem like they created a wall of magic. However, Triton had found the trick to working around that. If you imbued enough power and used a trick he had picked up, you could slow down the waves until they completely stopped moving. This had the bonus effect of not tripping the alert of the wards being down. Even though the pulses of magic in the wards were moving so slow it was almost as if they weren't, they were still technically on and functional. This meant that Triton could slip inside and then let them run back at usual speed so that everything seemed normal.

After he walked through the ward line Triton walked behind one of the nearest trees and cast the strongest disillusionment charm that he could. He was taking no chances of being surprised or double crossed. The man who hired him was always claimed to be a man of honor. That made Triton snort. Honor could be dropped in seconds if pressure was applied to the right aspect of a person's life. This could include money, family, political position, personal safety or many other aspects.

He approached the chateau and had to commend his employer for his protections. He had warded every opening that the house had and if it had been anyone else trying to get in it would have taken at least a few hours to take down the wards at the perimeter of the property but that was expected to come from the head of the French Auror Department. As Triton looked for a way in he saw the family of his client on the ground floor and the client on the second floor in what appeared to be his office. That meant that the third floor was completely open to his attempts to get in unnoticed. He walked around to the side of the house where no one could see what he was about to do. As he got to the wall he started creating small handholds and footholds on the wall and started to climb. As he got to the roof he walked to the nearest window and froze the wards. The window had only a small bolt on the other side that was easy to break.

As he went through the window he landed with nary a sound. He observed the room he was in and found lots of stuffed animals as well as posters of the Holyhead Harpies. Obviously the younger daughter's room. Triton walked through the hallway and down the and stood outside of the client's office debating whether to put up a silencing ward. Deciding against it, as it would give away that he was here from the use of magic in such close proximity to the client. Going through various scenarios Triton decided that the easiest course of action would be to knock. As he did just that a voice came from the other side of the door

"I told you guys I didn't wish to be disturbed." Triton walked through the door "My bad. I didn't seem to get the memo." He went for his wand while trying to get behind the desk but Triton had his out already and quickly disarmed him while almost simultaneously putting up a silencing ward.

Triton looked at his client with a bemused smile. "Is that any way to treat an employee coming to give a status report?" The client's shoulders sagged in relief. "Oh thank merlin." he muttered. "I thought you were one of Bernard's men." he exclaimed. Triton could see how he might have thought that. His face then turned into a confused look. "How did you get in by the way?" he queried of Triton. Triton just gave a smirk with a slight glint in his eye before replying. "That, my friend, would be a trade secret." the client nervously chuckled. "Alright then." he went back to sit in the chair he previously occupied

The client pointed to a chair. "Sit,sit." he offered. Triton slowly shook his head. "I'd rather stand if you don't mind Monsieur Delacour." Triton replied. The now identified Monsieur Delacour shrugged his shoulders indifferently as he grabbed two snifters and an unopened bottle of brandy. Pouring the two cups Monsieur Delacour offered one to Triton who refused with a slight shake of the head. Monsieur Delacour then took one of the snifters and drank it all in one gulp before picking up the second one to nurse. He looked straight at Triton. "Please, call me Bastien." Triton nodded this time signaling his understanding and acceptance.

Bastien then looked up from his glass. "How did the assignment go." Triton found it refreshing for one of the ministry officials to not beat around the bush. "Easier than anticipated. He was quite drunk by the time he got home." Bastien just nodded at the end of the statement before commenting. "The second half of the money will be transferred to your account by midday tomorrow.".

"Before I take my leave, i have a couple of questions. What made you, a senior department head at the ministry go after another without any solid evidence? And more importantly, how did you find me?" The answer to these questions was something that Triton really wanted to know.

Bastien look at Triton before giving a brief sigh. "Jean-Luc has been trying to get my daughters for a while now. And while I can't prove that it was him, I know it has been him. He has been giving me smug looks and makes cracks about my family almost every time we see each other. He is especially vindictive whenever there was a recent attack." And there it was. The loosening of the reputation of honor that this man had built. This time because of family. The 'good' people of society usually turned the nastiest when their family gets involved. "And the answer to the second question?" this time Bastien got a sparkle in his eye. "Well I'm just going to have to call that a trade secret." Triton nearly groaned. He had used his own words against him and he knew it was annoying him a little. Triton's respect for him went up a notch. Just a small one. Triton then pushed himself off of the wall that he had been leaning on before he turned to leave the office

Before he was fully out of the door he was called back by the head auror. "If I could have a few more moments of your time I have a proposition for you." Triton turned, walked back into the room, and reassumed the position that he had just vacated. "I'm listening." he intoned.

Bastien just looked at him before replying. "My family and I are going to the world cup this year and I need someone to watch after my daughters."

Triton looked at him for a second before responding. "Don't you have aurors for that job?" Bastien nodded his head. "We do indeed but there remains the fact that you are the best in the field along with the fact that you are closer in age to my daughters than any of my aurors are and can blend in easier." Triton ran over the facts in his head and weighed the pros and cons of taking the assignment. He came out of his thinking when he heard Bastien start again. "I will also pay double what I was paying you for the mission tonight. That put more weight into the pro section of the argument. "Also you will be provided with a tent near our site that will be paid for by us."

A smile grew on Triton's face. It seemed like a nice and easy gig. There wasn't likely to be anything happening at an event like this. The most he would probably have to defend against would be drunkards and a few too bold perverts. Triton the returned his gaze to Bastien. "So when are you guys leaving for the cup?" Triton asked.

"In a week. We will be traveling by portkey and staying for a week. My daughters wanted to experience the atmosphere that this type of competition creates." Bastien replied almost immediately.

"Will I be staying with you the entire week or just the day of the finals?" Triton enquired.

"The entire week. You are there to blend in as a family friend." Triton thought it over. He could play nice for this easy payday. He then thought of something. "How am I supposed to interact with your daughters?" Bastien thought about it for a moment before replying just stay by their side and protect them from harm. Triton dismissed that idea. "That won't work. If I am supposed to be a family friend I will need to actually converse with your daughters. I will be coming back to this house in three days to get acquainted with your family." Triton stated.

Bastien gave a small start at the declaration. "I don't think that that is the best idea. My family can be a little hard to handle." Bastien explained.

Regardless, I will be here in three days. Explain to your family what is going on so that this can go smoothly. And if there is nothing more, then I will be on my way." With his piece being said he walked out of the office and headed back upstairs and headed out the way he came in, all the while missing the pair of azure eyes that watched his retreating back.

After he climbed out of the window he fixed the lock that he had broken to get in. When he got to the ward line he gathered the energy to freeze them again. As he stepped out of the ward line he turned to take one last look at the chateau before disappearing with no clues that he was ever there.

When Triton reappeared in his safehouse he let out a small groan and went into the bathroom. As he got in he looked at the mirror and took off his hood. Eyes the color of the ocean and shoulder length hair as pale as light blue frost. Slowly the hair started receding into a neater style going to his mid neck while turning dark black. All the while his eyes turned back to the piercing green that he was born with. With the transformation complete, Triton relaxed all of the mental defences as well as the stopped the magic that was constantly running through his system for more combat effectiveness and went to go take his well deserved rest.