True Colors

Staring at a picture of Michael, he wonders how he could let things get so out of hand, Robin's words echoing through his mind. She had believed that he allowed Carly to manipulate him and maybe on some level she was right. Maybe he had let Carly twist him up, but it wasn't because he loved her. It was because he loves Michael.

The little boy had become his entire life, his reason for everything, and now all he's left with is the memories and the pain. It was the right thing, stepping out of Michael's life, at least that's what he needs to believe. The only person that matters in all this is Michael and he refuses to allow the hatred between he and AJ to tear Michael apart.

The farther he tries to pull away from Michael, the more Carly seems to pull him closer, using Jason's love for his son to twist him up beyond belief. A part of him wants to believe that she loves him. He wants to believe that they can actually make it work somehow, but he knows better. The life that Carly had imagined for them ended the day she had accused him of kidnapping his own son. In that moment, he came to the realization that a future with Carly wouldn't be good for anyone.

Regardless of her intentions, she concocted yet another one of her plans that nearly landed him in more trouble than he could afford, an almost permanent kind of trouble. With a deep sigh, Jason shakes his head before placing the photo back in his memory box and returning it to the spot above his closet, needing to move forward regardless of how much pain it puts him in. That part of his life, as beautiful as it had been, is over and there was no use dwelling on it. Its time to move forward.

"Morgan." he answers his cellphone, listening intently as Sonny gives him instructions. "Understood."

Grabbing his jacket, he secures his gun at the small of his back before making his way out of his penthouse, knowing that the time for dwelling on his personal life is over. There's work to be done and, for right now, that's enough to keep him going.

Checking in with the guards as he made his way through the lobby, he makes sure that they all know their duties for the day before heading over to the local diner. He has a few things to discuss with Bobbie before he heads over to the warehouse. As he stepped into the diner, however, Bobbie was the last thing on his mind.

He's never had a situation in his life where he didn't know how to act around a person. Never in his short life has he ever been unsure of himself. Not until that moment when her eyes met his and a new kind of silence fell over him.

He didn't know what to say or what he could say at that point. She asks him plain questions as if he were any customer to have walked into the diner, putting him off and even more uncertain of what he should say. Watching her walk off, he lets out a deep breath before continuing on to talk to Bobbie, knowing that he couldn't possibly fathom what had just happened.

Like every conversation since he stepped out of Michael's life, Bobbie brings up all that he has been to Carly and Michael, thanking him for all he's done, insisting that she doesn't know how to treat him. Jason wishes more than anything that she'd just stop mentioning his time with Michael, doing a well enough job tearing himself up on his own, not needing her to drive the knife any deeper. Straying off that topic as best he could, he tells her he should get going, not knowing how much longer he could take her thanking him.

Walking aimlessly, Jason finds himself at the park, watching as Carly plays with Michael. More than anything, he wanted to walk over to him, to pick his son up in his arms and never let him go, but he doesn't. Remaining frozen to the spot, he watches as they walk off, causing him to let out the breath he had been holding.

Noticing the small toy on the ground, Jason walks over to pick it up into his hands, realizing that it belonged to Michael. He knows he should stop them, give the toy back and go on with his day, but his feet don't move and his body merely lowers itself down onto the picnic bench.

"Jason?" a familiar voice calls to him, placing a slight smile upon his lips when he looks up and finds Elizabeth standing a few feet from him.


"Hey." she smiles softly. "I'm sorry about earlier. I just don't know how to act around you anymore. I mean, you're not just Emily's brother anymore, you know?"

"Yeah." he admits, gesturing for her to have a seat. "I know the feeling."

Acknowledging that a shift has been made with each other, however unsure he was about what it meant, the two talk about things that he hasn't really shared with anyone else. She could literally be one of a very few people that's ever told him straight out that he was right about something.

The more the talk about his life with Michael, the more he feels a sense of release, being able to just exist in the moment and feel the loss that he has been carrying with him since he stepped out of Michael's life. A kind of liberating feeling he believes she had the other night at Jake's when he simply listened as she spoke. Knowing how she felt about words of comfort, he appreciated the thought as she tried to help him see a silver lining where he couldn't find one.

"I don't have my bike." Jason admits. "But I can walk you home."

"No, its okay." she shakes her head. "I wouldn't want to intrude..."

"You're not." he assures as he rises to his feet. "I want to."

"Okay." she says softly as she rises to her feet as well. "Then I'd really appreciate the company."

The walk to her house consisted of Elizabeth rambling on and on about pretty much anything that came to mind. Though idle chatter wasn't one of his strong suits, he finds that he truly didn't mind listening to her talk about pretty much anything as long as it made her smile while she did.

Something about the way her smile lights up her entire face made Jason want to make her smile all the time. Anything to keep her from the darkness that had plagued her eyes the other night. It was clear that she was trying to stay positive and anything he could do to help that is the least he could do.

"See you later?" she asks as they reach the pathway to her grandmother's house.

"I should have the bike running by tonight." Jason concedes, watching as her smile broadens. "If you're up to it..."

"I'll be ready." she says quickly before he could finish his sentence.

"Okay." he replies with a slight smile. "I'll see you then."

"See you then."

Waiting long enough for her to walk into the house, Jason turns on his heels and makes his way back down the road, glad to have given her something to look forward to. Pulling the small toy from his pocket, he realizes that maybe it wouldn't be so bad to allow himself the time to heal before he pushes forward to a life without Michael.

After all, Michael had meant the world to him and that doesn't just disappear overnight, not that he believes it ever will. Getting back to the parking garage, Jason gets started on fixing up his bike, wanting to get it up and running before tonight. Whatever has shifted between them, whatever it meant in the grand scheme of things, Jason is thankful to have someone who appreciates his bike as much as he does. Who loves riding as much as he does.