Going into Ronnie's last episode, I was really hoping that somehow, she and Ralph would still be able to communicate, because Ralph's complete elation every time he saw her just did things to me because when have you EVER seen him light up like that for another person? So the fact that they can still email each other makes me so happy, and this fic will be a collection of their messages to one another.

So this fic will be an undetermined amount of chapters, and most but not all of them will be Dear Grandma chapters, where Ralph is writing to Ronnie, and the content will largely center around future episodes and Ralph's interpretation of events that are shown and alluded to. I chose to start with a Dear Ralph chapter, both because the show is on a brief hiatus and because of reasons that are listed in the email.

Dear Ralph,

I wanted to send you a message before you sent one to me. My past has involved a lot of disappearing, and while I know that you know I want to stay a part of your life, I still wouldn't feel right if you had to reach out to me first.

I left you something with your mom. She'll have to take care of it for you. If you'd like, you can ask her what it is, but please don't press the issue if she doesn't want to tell you. I'm sure she will when you're a little bit older. Give her a hug tonight for me. She doesn't have to know it's from me. I'll smile thinking of you two like that and that has to be enough.

I don't know if Happy told you, but my new name is Roxanne Purcell. I'm currently staying in a hotel in Oregon, which is a few miles from some historical sites that I may check out for something to do. The men after me, if they suspected anything, they'd look at places in the Southwest, because they know I have connections there. It's a lot smarter of me to go somewhere they'd never think to look - I think you said something along those lines to me when we were discussing the book you are reading for one of your classes. The guy who checked me into the hotel was named Seymour Butts. Your friend Toby might find that funny.

The painting hanging up on the wall in my room is a bunch of fun, bold geometric shapes. You would know what all of them are. I have absolutely no idea. Although one resembles the cut of some fake diamonds that I passed off as real and sold to try and help your mom out when she said she wanted to go to college. I was so proud of her. Your grandpa and I got married and had your mom too young to ever think about things like that. You told me she's still taking a class or two at night. She wants to set an example for you. I wanted to tell her that her finishing college or not doesn't make or break her being a good example. The best way to be an example for your children is to constantly be bettering yourself, to follow through, to be present. I failed at that. She will never fail you that way, and that in itself is enough to make her an incredible mother. Anything else she does is a bonus.

Please tell your mom I've reached Oregon safely and that I say hi. I will stay here probably a week before moving on. Hopefully within the month I'll have found a place that where I can be for a while. There are multilple strategies for laying low. One is to keep moving - less a chance anyone will place me if they did ever see me on the news, but a higher chance of running into someone I know, because I'll be seeing more people. Or I could stay in one place, but risk saying or doing something that may make it clear that I'm hiding. That's why, as I said, I'm staying thousands of miles from any of my known associates.

Tell Walter I say hello, too. I hope his eyes are getting better.

Love, Grandma

Most emails will be longer than this, and I'd say the majority will be from Ralph's perspective. Please let me know what you think! (Both of the chapter and of the concept!) Also sidnote, I am working on the final chapter of Analogous. I apologize sincerely for the delay but I hope to have it up in the next three or four days.