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The Unexpected

Chapter 1 - Control

Bella hummed as she sucked slowly up and down, working her magic oral skills on Edward's thick length. Her teeth grazed the silken skin on it's way back up, eliciting a groan from him. "Fuck!" He cried out.

She smiled, never stopping her steady pace. She knew he was close. She could feel his body quiver. He bucked into her mouth, ramming his cock to the back of her throat, fisting his hands in her hair.

Bella swirled her tongue around and around, like she was licking an ice popsicle. Her knees protested painfully against the cold hard tiles. She tightened her grip on Edward's hips, increasing her pace for the last stretch. She cupped his balls in her one hand, massaging them gently while taking him deeper into her throat, concentrating hard on not gagging. His length was quite impressive, which meant that she couldn't fit all of him into her mouth, not for lack of trying, though.

"Jesus! Yes!" He groaned as hot, thick bursts of cum exploded in the back of her throat. Bella swallowed down his release diligently, not daring to stop her movements until she had tasted every last drop of him. Heat flared in her belly and weeped from the throbbing apex between her thighs at his response. His hips jerked and stuttered as his release came to and end and his body sagged heavily as he let out an uneven breath.

Bella released him from her mouth with a pop, staring up at him over the planes of her cheeks.

His glazed over eyes starred down at her with a satisfied smirk. "That was fucking unbelievable." He panted.

Bella wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and pushed up off the floor with a wince. Her legs were sore and stiff.

Edward offered her a hand to help her up. She took it gratefully. "Thanks." She responded and straightened her pencil skirt.

Bella was still in her work attire. She'd gone to the bar two blocks from her work, needing to settle her anxiety with alcohol. She had an interview tomorrow for a new job as a personal assistant at an impressive publishing firm.

She'd met Edward there.

He was sitting on his own at the far end of the bar when she entered, and looked up as she settled herself onto a chair a few seats from him, ordering a shot of tequila.

He kept his eyes trained on her as she licked the salt from her hand, lifting her shot glass up to him in a silent cheers and chugging it down with a gasp. His eyes darkened infinitely and he licked his lips as she bit down on a lemon slice.

He got up form his chair, moving to the seat next to her, and ordered two more tequila's with a lift of his finger.

No words had been exchanged yet as they clinked their shot glasses together and chugged the amber contents down.

"Thanks." Bella gasped as the burn from the alcohol ebbed from her throat. "I'm Bella." She introduced herself with a smile.

"Edward." He offered in response, as a lopsided smirk worked it's way up his delectable mouth.

A few drinks later, Bella found herself straddling Edward's hips in the back of a cab, on their way to his place. Her hands fisted themselves in his copper hair, as he was grinding himself into her.

The cabbie cleared his throat in irritation at them and reminded them that this was a cab and not a motel, demanding that they keep it in their pants until they reached their final destination. Edwards apartment.

That's how she now found herself in his apartment with the remnant taste of his salty sweet cum still lingering on her tongue.

Edward started to unbutton her white shirt, tugging it from her skirt. His long, nimble fingers made quick work of the task while his green eyes devoured her tits spilling over the cups of her black lace bra. He licked his lips. "So fucking sexy." He dipped a finger under the material of her bra and pulled it down, releasing her milky breast. He lowered his mouth to her pink, hardened nipple, taking it into his hot mouth. His teeth nipped lightly at her sensitive flesh and tugged, making her head tip back as a moan escaped her lax lips.

He reached around her body, and released the clasp of her bra at the back, freeing her of her shirt and Victoria's secret unlined lace bra. Next to go was her skirt, which she carefully shimmied out of. Edward pulled her into him, gripping her hips and lifting her up to him. Bella gripped her thighs tightly around his hips and crossed her stilettoed feet, pushing him deeper against her. Edward had insisted that she keep her shoes on. She guessed it was a fetish of his.

His length, already hard again, pushed against her core, with just a thin piece of material separating them from full on skin to skin contact.

He pulled her lace panties aside and pushed the head of his thick cock into her weeping flesh, parting deliciously to accommodate all of him - but he refused to fill her like she needed him to. His one hand gripped his length, while his other hand supported her weight against him, guiding the tip slowly up and down her folds, before dipping it back into her. She groaned and bucked against him, needing more. Demanding more.

"No, no, no, sexy Bella." He reprimanded her with a shake of his head. "Be a good girl and hold still. I'm the one in control here. And only I get to choose how I want to fuck you, and with what pace I want to fuck you."

Arousal trickled down her thigh at his words. Ohhh. So he liked to dominate. She didn't mind. In fact, it turned her on something fierce.

With one last tease from his dick, Edward moved Bella toward the bed, lowering her gently onto her back.

Edward crawled onto the bed, stalking her like a feral predator and nudging her legs apart with one of his knees. His lips whispered from her belly button to the soft flesh of her thigh, as he nipped his way down. His fingers hooked in her panties, pulling them off swiftly. He parted her legs even wider, leaving her bare, glistening flesh completely exposed to him. Bella watched over the planes of her body as his eyes appreciatively raked over her pulsing womanhood.

A startled cry fell from her lips as his tongue swept over her silken lips, lapping up her juices.

"Christ, you are so fucking mouth watering." He breathed against her sensitive flesh, dipping a finger into her need.

Her body arched up in pleasure, needing friction, needing release.

His long finger stroked the insides of her walls, turning her body into a limp pile of rubbery bones and melting skin. He added a second finger, stretching her depraved flesh and eliciting strangled moans from her, with each pump and curl of his fingers. His lips found her sensitive bundle of nerves, licking and sucking at the pearl and sending Bella's body reeling and writhing under his expert ministrations. "Oh god." She mewled. Her body was starting to quicken as she teetered on the edge of her release.

With a sudden flip, Edward had her on her hands and knees, gripping her hips to force her pert ass up into the air.

Bella gasped as she felt his throbbing cock at her entrance yet again, stretching her deliciously as he eased himself into her with a torturously slow pace. She could feel each of her inner muscles strain as he filled her with his thick length.








He kept up his deliberately slow pace, sheathing himself to the hilt inside of her each time, drawing cries of delectation from her lax lips. Her body buckled and trembled beneath his skillful body. Edward's lips ghosted over her spine, nipping at her milky, sweat slicked skin as his hands gripped her hips exquisitely tight, probably bruising her skin - not that she gave a fuck right now - because her depraved body suddenly detonated with ecstasy, clenching ruthlessly around Edward as he kept up his pace.

Bella's limbs gave in under the onslaught of pleasure that threatened to tear her apart at the seams, but a firm arm gripped her body, pulling her tightly to his chest as he increased his pace to brutal thrusts.

"Come one, Bella. Is this all you've got? I didn't peg you for a quitter." He grunted in her ear.

Jesus. How his words turned her on. Bella fought back against her burning muscles, thrusting her ass back into him in abandon, determined to prove him wrong.

"That's my girl." He bit the shell of her ear as he rammed his dick into her with a feral demand. "We're not stopping until you climax for me at least once more. And certainly not until I coat the insides of this hot little body of yours with my cum."

"Oh god." She whimpered as his words shot right to her dripping core, making her body clench deliciously with need, while his body worked her slowly up toward another orgasm.

"I want you to be so fucking sore tomorrow morning that you can barely sit." He slammed into her to drive home his point. "And every time that you do, I want you to think of how I tore your fuck hot body to shreds."

With those words, Bella cried out recklessly as she tipped over the edge, free falling into bliss, convulsing violently around his thick, throbbing cock, milking him savagely as he cursed and came inside of her with short, sharp thrusts of his hips.

Bella dared not move as his body relaxed against hers, his hot breath fanning over the skin of her back.

She winced as he pulled slowly out of her, pulling her down next to him.

The two of them lay side by side, panting from exertion as they came down from their high, silent minutes ticking by, until it was broken by a growl from Edward's stomach.

They both let out a laugh at the awkwardness of the moment. Bella turned on her side to face him. "You're hungry." She stated.

"Yeah." He nodded as his green eyes flicked to hers, a crooked smile tugging at his lips.

"I can whip up something, if you want?" She suggested.

Edward pushed up onto his elbow with an arch of his brow. "That'd be great. I'm shit at cooking. I can't even boil water."

"Good. Let me get on that." She edged her sticky legs off the bed. "Let me just get cleaned up." She motioned to their combined bodily fluids coating her inner thighs.

"Sure." He nodded.

Bella scooped his white button-up work shirt from the floor and shrugged it on. "You don't mind, do you?" She arched a questioning brow.

"Not in the least." He shook his head.

Feeling a little more refreshed, Bella padded into Edward's impressive kitchen, mouth agape. How did he have a kitchen like this and not cook?

She fished out a pan from one of the bottom cupboards, bending low.

Bella nearly dropped the pan as she turned around, startling at the sight of Edward leaning against the kitchen entry, dark, lust filled eyes trained on her. She blushed. "Do you like omelettes?"

He nodded darkly, still observing her without a word as his eyes raked over her body.

"Okay," She mumbled awkwardly. "Breakfast for dinner it is, then."

He shook his head, still not uttering a word. He pushed himself off the door jamb and inched his way toward the kitchen counter and, with an expert move, perched himself onto the counter.

She looked down, away from his scorching gaze and busied herself with mixing a batch of eggs.

"Mmm, this is good." Edward moaned appreciatively as he swallowed a mouthful of food and ferried another piece of egg to his mouth.

"I'm glad you like it, though it's nothing spectacular."

He was quiet again, his steely expression giving nothing away. If Bella hadn't witnessed it herself, she would never have believed that he could actually smile. She wished she knew what he was thinking right now.

She chewed the last bite of her omelette and lifted her eyes to him, where he sat quietly in front of his empty plate, a stoic expression on his face.

She got up, gathered their plates and headed to the kitchen.

Edward stopped her with a strong hand on her arm. "Thank you." He said with a curt nod of his head.

God, why was she so intimidated by him all of a sudden? They'd just had toe-curlingly good sex. She shouldn't let him get to her.

"Leave it." He spoke next to her as she turned on the faucet to fill the sink.

"I don't mind. Really." She smiled at him.

"No." He spoke firmly, closing the faucet and pulling her away from the sink, lifting her onto the marble island in the middle of the kitchen.

The cool stone pressing against her exposed bottom sent a shiver through her body. She gulped audibly as she spied his erection straining against his shorts. Oh god, yes. Her body sang excitedly as she realized his intentions.

A delicate hand brushed his shirt from Bella's body and discarded it to the floor with abandon. He gently pushed her body down against the marble, gripping her thighs and guiding it around his hips. But unlike earlier, their bodies connected with a violent thrust of his hips.

He gripped onto her hips tightly, throwing his head back in pleasure, grunting her name as their skin slapped together loudly. She bucked her hips to meet him thrust for thrust, grinding against him for friction.

A desperate hand found purchase on one of her breasts, while the other still clung to her hip. A strangled cry fell from her lips as her slick walls clamped down in pleasure, shattering her body into a million pieces as she trembled.

Edward's movements halted suddenly as his hands slid under her back, lifting her up to him and turning to slam her body cautionlessly against a wall while he nailed her savagely against it. His body plundered, pounded and slammed relentlessly into her as he suckled at the skin against her collar bone. It stung slightly and she knew it would leave a mark.

He turned them toward his bedroom, moving with expert strides up the flight of stairs, not tripping or stumbling once. With each step he took, his cock moved in and out of her, setting her body on fire.

Finally at their destination, Edward slipped out of her as he dropped her onto the bed. He gripped her calves, lifting it onto his shoulders and forcing Bella's pelvis up into the air. With a deliberate, slow arch of his hips, he was inside of her again, filling her to the brim.

Bella felt the familiar tightening deep in her belly, trying to ignore it. Trying to hold out. She didn't want it to end yet. He seemed to realize that she was close. His obviously had other ideas, because a hand caught her clit between nimble fingers, pinching and tugging at it with calculated force, sending her spiraling down with him as he moaned his release deep into her womb.

Bella awoke with a extreme need to pee. She cracked open her eyes, frowning momentarily at the unfamiliar surroundings, until it dawned on her that she was in Edward's bed.

She carefully extricated herself from the tangled sheets and tiptoed to the bathroom. He was still breathing deeply, fast asleep.

All freshened up, Bella emerged from the bathroom, seeking out her clothes and pulling them on haphazardly. It was already seven o'clock. Her interview was at half past eight and she really needed to get a move on. She grabbed her purse and phone, and slipped on her stilettos. She peeked toward the bed and sighed in relief that he was still asleep. At least there would be no awkward goodbyes to deal with.

She inched quietly down the stairs and to the door, unlocked it and slipped out. As the door closed behind her, she rested her back against it for a moment. Last night was amazing. Better than amazing, but she refused to hope for more. He was obviously rich and dangerously handsome. She was sure that he had brought many women to his apartment for the night. She wasn't a fool.

Pulling a resetting breath in through her nose, she pushed off the door and headed toward the elevator with resolve. It was a one night stand. That was all. It would be best to just put it from her mind.

Bella hailed a cab as she teetered on the edge of the pavement outside of his apartment building and hopped in as the yellow car stopped in front of her.

She chanced a glance up at the glittering building from which she'd just emerged, wondering if, behind the tinted glass walls of the top apartment, Edward was awake yet. She gave her address to the cabbie as he pulled away, turning away to focus her mind on what was to come. Her daunting interview.

Bella showered and dressed in a rush. She slipped on a pair of thigh high sheer stockings. She needed to look professional for today. This was a really big opportunity. Bella stepped back to appraise herself in the long mirror. Her hair was swept up into a tight updo and her light make-up made her chocolate eyes pop. She tugged at the hem of her knee length plum dress with lace capped sleeves. She nodded at herself sharply - satisfied.

Bella was sure glad she was off for the rest of the day after the interview. She clacked through the marble entrance of the building where the company was located and selected the appropriate floor once inside the elevator. The doors slid closed, enveloping Bella in silence. She wondered idly what her potential boss would be like as she checked her appearance in the mirror.

The elevator pinged too soon to announce her arrival. She turned toward the metal doors as they opened up to a large reception.

A dark, pixie of a woman with short spiky hair peeked over the counter at Bella with a bright smile of recognition.

"Alice?" Bella asked in surprise.

"I wondered if it'd be you." She greeted Bella. "Not a lot of Bella Swan's in the Pacific North West, you know."

"Yeah." Bella smiled. "It's me."

"So you're here for the interview?" Alice asked.

Bella nodded. "Yeah."

"I'll totally be rooting for you." She said with a wink.

"So..." Bella began. "What is your boss like? Friendly, scary, mellow?"

"Well," Alice lowered her voice to a whisper. "If you must know," She leaned closer to Bella, "he used to be this friendly, dynamic go-getter, really kind - an awesome boss. But ever since his wife died about two years ago, he's been different. Quiet. Kinda lost his spark, if you know what I mean." Alice arched a severe brow.

"Died? How old was she?" Bella asked curiously.

"Only twenty eight. Brain cancer." Alice supplied.

"Oh my god." Bella clapped a hand to her mouth. "That's so young. Poor guy."

"Yeah. She was a stunning person. Really sweet. Looked a hell of a lot like you, actually."

"Huh." Bella replied, not sure what to say.

The phone next to Alice rung suddenly, startling them both. Alice held up her finger at Bella. "Just a moment."

Bella nodded.

"Mr. Cullen?" Alice answered, nodding at whatever he was saying on the other end. "Will do, sir."

Alice hung up and looked up to Bella. "He's ready for you." Alice said, getting up to show her to Mr. Cullen's office.

Alice opened the large door the the office as Bella took a steadying breath. "Good luck." She whispered.

Bella stepped into the office and closed the door behind her. This was it. She hoped she didn't fuck this up. Blowing out a nervous breath, Bella turned to face her potential new boss and froze as her eyes locked with a familiar pair of green eyes. Oh god. Yeah. She'd already fucked this one up. Royally.

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