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Chapter 13 - Epilogue


Despite the fact that Edward had promised Amber wouldn't be coming on the camping trip, the little slut had weaseled her way in, anyway. Luckily Bella had Alice and Rosalie to back her. Especially Rosalie. She was a good ally. She was a fiercely loyal friend who'd always warded off any bitches that tried to mess with Bella or Alice. And now that Bella was pregnant, Rosalie was even more protective. She was witnessing this first hand when Amber had made some snotty comment about Bella getting fat.

All the girls were lying at the edge of the river in their bikini's, tanning. Besides Amber, there were two more women who joined them - they were the wives of two of Edward's friends, Harry and Chris.

"She's pregnant, you dumb bitch." Rosalie responded to Amber's words, sitting up to look the read head in the eye.

"Are you Becca's spokesperson, or can she speak for herself?" Amber bit back.

Bella yanked her sunglasses from her face so she could look Amber in the eye. "It's Bella. And why are you even here? Nobody invited you."

Amber looked taken aback for a moment, before she recovered. "I'm trying to make Edward see what he's missing. Though, now that you're pregnant, it might take a little more effort. But no matter. I like a challenge." Amber smiled sweetly. Ugh! The woman had a way of irritating Bella beyond belief.

"Oh give it up, will you." A dark skinned woman - Caylin - drawled, without moving from her outstretched position. "You've been chasing Edward for years. Even while he was married to Louise. And he's never given you one reason to believe that he's interested. So just back off."

Amber huffed with indignation and lay back down without another word.

Seems like Rosalie and Alice weren't the only ones who had her back. She liked Caylin and Lisa. They were nice and easy to talk to. And even the guys were having a hell of a time fishing together. Emmett had caught the first fish of the day, earlier, and had bragged about it none stop for the last half hour, until Rosalie told him to stop. Bella supposed the rest of the guys were grateful.

Bella rubbed her belly as Avery gave a particularly big kick. She was a couple of days from her due date and she was getting uncomfortable. Her stomach was so big now that she couldn't lie down for long stretches anymore. Bella shifted into a sitting position, propping herself up by her arms, leaning back slightly. She sighed. It didn't matter how she positioned herself, she was always uncomfortable these days. She'd always thought that pregnant women were exaggerating when they complained about not knowing how to sit or stand anymore, but now she understood. Edward found it hilarious, though. Especially when they had sex. They'd resorted to doggy style or spooning lately, because her belly was too large for any other position.

Bella didn't know if she was imagining things, but it felt like she was starting to have contractions. Only small ones. Or maybe it was indigestion. Either way, she wasn't panicked - her OB/GYN had explained to her that she only needed to get to a hospital once she experienced contractions less than ten minutes apart. So Bella closed her eyes, ignoring her discomfort and soaked up some more sun with the girls. She would tell them about the contractions as soon as it became more serious. But not just yet.


"How's my baby doing?" Edward asked later that evening as he wrapped his arms around Bella from behind where she was standing near the fire to warm up. He got so fucking aroused by the idea that he was the reason she was carrying his child. And aside from that, he'd never seen her look more beautiful than she did now.

"He's good. Just kicking a lot. Or stretching. I don't know which. I can't wait to have him in my arms instead of in my belly. It's so fucking uncomfortable lately."

Edward chuckled. "But you look so beautiful barefoot and pregnant babe." He murmured in her ear. "I might just knock you up again, as soon as Avery is born. I love seeing you like this."

"Ha. That'll be the day. I need a break after this." Bella turned her head toward him. "My bladder and my back will need to recover first, before I can ever consider another baby." She planted her lips on his in a lingering kiss, that made him want to take her into his tent and fuck her senseless. Seems she felt the same, because she turned herself around to face him and slid her hands up his chest and over his shoulders, finding purchase there and pulled him closer to her - as close as her huge belly would allow. "I need to tell you something." Bella said and pulled back, breaking the kiss.

"There you are, Edward." Amber's shrill voice sounded, interrupting them. He wanted to roll his eyes at her. She didn't give up - she was annoyingly persistent and he was really getting tired of her.

"What do you want, Amber?" Edward asked a little harshly.

The red head sashayed over to them with a wicked smile on her face. He didn't feel like talking to her now. He just wanted to enjoy tonight with Bella in his arms. Sit around the fire and talk - cuddle a little. Amber was messing with his plans. But of course, that was her strategy all along, wasn't it?

"What the fuck was that?" Edward jumped back suddenly at the sound of water splattering on the ground. He watched as Bella looked down at her feet with shock, and then slowly back up at Edward.

"Gross." Amber chipped in. They ignored her.

"Babe." Bella spoke with wide eyes. "I think my water just broke."

"Are you having contractions?" He asked, feeling a little panicked. He's never been in this situation before and he didn't know what to do.

"Yeah. Since this morning. That's what I was trying to tell you when we were so rudely interrupted." She fixed Amber with an irritated stare.

It wasn't two seconds, before everyone was gathered around him and Bella, all looking worried as well. Except Rosalie. Her eyes shone with excitement.

"What now?" Edward asked bewildered. "What should I do?"

Bella smiled calmly at him. "Now you take me to the hospital. Avery is on his way, babe."

Bella kept her cool - there wasn't an ounce of panic showing on her face. How the hell was she so relaxed? He scooped her up into his arms and looked at his friends. "Sorry guys." He grinned. "We'll have to arrange another camping trip. My son is on his way." He turned back and headed in the direction of the car, praying to god that he didn't trip and fall with Bella in his arms.

"Wait!" Rosalie called to him. "Alice and I are coming with. The guys can pack up our stuff and meet us at the hospital. There's no way that we're missing this." Rosalie hurried after them, followed by Alice, who was not far behind.


Edward and Bella really had some awesome friends. When the doctor had finally assessed Bella and informed them that she was only dilated about three centimeters so far, Edward had wanted to leave to go get Bella's hospital bag. Rosalie and Alice refused to let him leave, offering instead to go get it for them.

Edward had whispered something into Alice's ear and she'd nodded in understanding. Bella wasn't sure what it was about, but it quickly slipped from her mind as another huge contraction hit. She groaned in pain and gripped the bed sheets, crumpling them in her fists. And then Edward was by her side again, taking her hand.

When Alice and Rosalie arrived back, Bella had already progressed to six centimeters. She was tired already. She didn't know how much longer she could endure this pain.

Edward patiently fed Bella ice chips and rubbed her back as she sat up. She felt like she could cope with the pain better in this position.

"Did you call our parents?" Bella asked him.

"Oh shit. It totally slipped my mind." He gave her a wide-eyed apology.

"No worries." She assured him. "Just call them now."

Edward nodded. "Will you guys take over for me while I step out for a second?" He asked Rosalie and Alice.

"Of course." Alice gave Edward an encouraging smile. The girls moved to stand beside her on either side of the bed, each taking one of her hands.

"I might crush your hands if a contraction hits." Bella warned.

"We'll be fine." Rosalie smiled at her. Just focus on staying relaxed.

"Oh Jesus." Bella mewled and ground her teeth together. She tried not to squeeze Rose and Alice's hands too hard as another contraction wracked her body. "How am I supposed to relax when I'm going to die of pain soon?" Bella panted and glared at Rosalie.

"Okay, maybe 'relax' is a little bit of a strong word. How 'bout trying to breathe?" Alice tried her luck.

"I am breathing." She complained. "Not helping."

Edward stepped back into the room about ten minutes later. "They are on their way." Edward assured her. "And very excited, I might add. I couldn't get your mother off the phone."

Bella laughed. Yeah. That sounded like her mother.

Emmett and Jasper arrived about an hour later, bustling into the room with excited faces, followed by Bella and Edward's parents.

"How are you doing, baby girl?" Her mother rushed to Bella's side, looking very excited.

Bella panted and wiped the sweat from her brow. "I've been better."

Another contraction hit, making her double over in pain. She groaned loudly, gritted her teeth and grabbed Edward's hand again. "Oh god!"

She felt sorry for Edward. She wondered if he'd ever regain normal use of his hand after today - she squeezed it with brutal force every time she had to work through yet another contraction. He didn't even flinch, though. He just kept whispering encouraging words to her. She wanted to slap him so hard. Despite the fact that he was very supportive and told her "You're doing great, babe," over and over, she wished he could just experience half of the pain she was going through. Who in their right mind wanted more children after going through this?

A nurse bustled into the room, shooing her friends and family. "Only daddy can be in here now." She fixed them with a strict stare. "The baby will be coming soon and Bella needs her privacy."

Her family and friends left begrudgingly. Emmett even flipped off the nurse behind her back, making Bella laugh.


"Oh Jesus. I can see the head." Edward told Bella, swaying on the spot. He felt a little unsteady as his mind registered all the blood. He always thought that seeing Bella give birth to their child would be so beautiful - but it wasn't. It was down right disturbing. He didn't even want to think about what she was going through at the moment.

"Get away from there." Bella ordered, looking irritated. "Come stand next to me."

Edward nodded and ambled precariously over to Bella's side. He pulled up a chair and seated himself in it. He didn't trust himself to not fall over right now. Apparently he wasn't as good at handling blood as he'd thought.

"Almost there, Bella." Her doctor encouraged. "Just a few more pushes."

Edward squeezed Bella's hand but didn't say anything. He was downright scared of this tiny woman right now. She looked dangerous, giving him death glares every time he tried to comfort her.

"And push." The doctor ordered as the monitor showed another contraction.

Bella squeezed his hand with inhuman force as she gritted her teeth and pushed. He felt sorry for her. He was getting off easy, just standing by while Bella endured all the pain. Though, by the look of things, he wasn't sure he'd survive this type of pain.

"Good job, Bella. Just one more." The doctor smiled up at them.

Bella doubled down, moaning loudly as she gave it her all. Edward's heart was beating rapidly. Things were becoming real now. In minutes they were going to hold their son in their arms. He couldn't wait.

"There we go." A loud cry sounded over the doctor's voice as he lifted their son up for them to see. Bella fell back against the bed with a sigh. She looked wiped out, but still she's never looked more beautiful to him, than right now, with her hair plastered to her forehead and her cheeks red.

Avery was still attached to the umbilical cord and blood and white gunk covered his skin. Edward leaned over to give Bella a kiss. "Well done, baby. I'm so proud of you." She turned her head and gave him a tired but contented smile. "I'll be back before you know it."

Edward got up and followed the nurse out of the room. She led him toward the nursery, where she proceeded to wipe the baby down, measured and weighed him.

"A healthy nine pounds two ounces." The nurse informed him.

"Dear god. No wonder Bella was in so much pain." He grimaced.

"Yeah. He's quite big." The nurse agreed. She took out a blue ink pad and a rectangular piece of cardboard that read 'My footprints'. She dabbed the ink pad against each of Avery's tiny feet and then pushed it up against the cardboard, leaving two small footprints on it. Edward felt overwhelmed with emotion as he took the footprints from the nurse. There was a time that he'd thought he'd never get to experience this, and now here he was, about to hold his son in his arms for the first time.

"Would you mind putting this on for him?" Edward asked, passing the nurse a onesie. It's a surprise."

"No problem." The nurse took the piece of clothing from him and read the printing on the front. "Awww. So creative." She gushed.

"You think?" Edward asked, a little nervous now.



Edward arrived with Avery - a huge, proud smile plastered on his face. He had Avery wrapped up in a fluffy blue blanket that Bella had gotten from Alice as a gift. She couldn't wait to hold her son in her arms.

"Here you go, mommy." Edward carefully placed their son in her waiting arms.

"He looks just like you." Bella whispered as she stroked a gentle finger over Avery's chubby cheeks. "Except for the hair."

"Yeah. That dark tuft of hair is all you. He had to inherit some genes from the Swan side. It would be very unfair if he didn't."

Bella nodded. Their son was the most beautiful little human being that she'd ever seen and it amazed her that she could feel so much love for this little baby already. It was overwhelming.

"Check out his clothes. I bought it for him." Edward encouraged. "I think you'll like it."

Bella unwrapped the blanket from around Avery with curious fingers. He was wearing a blue onesie with white printing on the front. It read: Will you marry my daddy?

Bella looked up in surprise, arching her eyebrows. "Is this for real?"

"It is." Edward smiled and got down on one knee, fishing a small box from his pocket.

Bella slapped a hand over her mouth. She couldn't believe it was happening.

"Bella. Please say you'll marry me?" He asked. He held up the open ring box with a shaking hand, revealing a large princess cut diamond ring. "I want us to be a real family."

"Of course I will." Bella giggled, biting her lip as tears threatened.

Edward took the ring from the box and slipped it onto her finger, grinning like a Cheshire cat. He pushed up from the floor and bent over her, placing a languid kiss to her lips. "I love you, baby. You and Avery. You guys are my everything now."

"Aww." The gushing voices of four females sounded from the door. Bella looked up to find her mother, Esmé, Rosalie and Alice standing just inside the door, watching them - all wearing dazzling smiles.

"Would you like to meet Avery?" Edward invited them in.

Everyone filed in through the door, excited to meet the new arrival and handed out congratulations - for the baby and their engagement. And Bella knew in that moment that she was so very blessed.


Five years later

"Jesus Christ, babe." Edward groaned in a whisper as Bella's hot mouth worked his cock like a pro. Her skilled tongue licked and circled his throbbing dick with ardor, pushing him ever closer to the edge. She was sucking him off in the kitchen while their parents were playing outside with Avery and Ava. They'd left them with the excuse of fetching lemonade for everyone. It wasn't a lie, per se. He was planning on giving Bella his own special brand of lemonade.

"Yes, baby. Don't hold back! Show me what you've got." He encouraged her and grabbed a hold of Bella's dark locks, securing her head and ramming himself into her, over and over with frenetic jerks of his hips. It had been so long since she'd sucked him and he was instantly reminded of why he loved her mouth so much. He knew he was close now, but he didn't want this moment to end. But Bella apparently had other ideas as she cupped his balls in one of her hands and moaned around him. That did it! With a final thrust of his hips, his exploded in her mouth. Bella swallowed diligently, looking up at him with lust-filled eyes.

"You better fuck me thoroughly, tonight, baby. I want you so bad." She said as she slipped him out of her mouth and licked her lips teasingly.

Edward helped his heavily pregnant wife up and pulled her in for a kiss. "Oh I will. Don't you worry." He promised her. As soon as the kids leave with my parents, I will have you screaming for me to stop."

"I'll be screaming, alright. But it won't be because I want you to stop." She bit her lip and trailed a lone finger down to his open zipper. "So you'd better be ready for me. No mercy." She yanked up his zipper and fastened the button at the top of his pants.

"Looking forward to it, babe." He said and slapped Bella's tight little ass as she turned toward the fridge. Their parents would probably be suspicious already. They've been gone for a while. He was almost certain that they knew it didn't take this long to fetch lemonade. But Edward was sure they understood. It became quite a mission to have sex on a regular basis with two little ones running around the house. But they seemed to manage. Parenthood had simply made them more creative."

"Did you make the lemonade from scratch?" His father asked with an amused smile.

"Maybe." Edward quipped.

Charlie grumbled.

"Oh Charlie. Lighten up. They have two busy kids to tend to every day. You can't blame them for taking a well deserved moment for themselves." Reneé defended.

Edward chuckled at the sight of Bella blushing.

"The kids are leaving with Esmé and Carlisle soon. Then they have all the time in the world." Charlie complained.

"Oh hush, honey." You know what it was like being their age.

This seemed to shut Charlie up.

"Can we talk about something else, please?" Bella pleaded, her cheeks now bright red.

"Are the two of you still sticking to keeping the gender a surprise for this little one?" Bella's mother pointed to Bella's prominent belly.

"Yeah. We are." Bella replied and Edward nodded in agreement, though he already knew the gender. Bella would kill him if she knew. He'd pulled the doctor aside after Bella's last sonar, curiosity getting the best of him. The doctor had informed him that they were having a boy. He was pleased, though at this point it didn't matter anymore. He was happy with any gender, since they already had one of each. As long as the baby was healthy.

Edward thought back to the the first time they'd met. Things were so different between them back then. He'd had a lot of issues that he had needed to let go - and he did. Some days he was still surprised at how far they've come. And he so grateful for the second chance he'd been given at love.

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