Wonderland -Lorelei I don't own either of the two plots, but I do have Tabitha's responses in a box under my bed. Hee.

Tabitha found herself staring out the window as the teacher's drone turned into a long line of buzzing sounds. The leaves outside were so close to the window. Some were scraping across the pane. They were close, as if Tabitha could touch them, but she felt too warm to fully connect with the dream of being outside. At last the bell rang, and it was over. Weekend lay ahead. The sun outside seemed to glow brighter as Tabby ran the final stretch of hallway between herself and freedom. As she burst from the doors, boots crunching through the thick layer of dry leaves, a silver flash protruded behind a tree. Seconds later, Pietro slowed enough to be seen as he rounded the corner of the school. The huge crowd of other students began to push through the double doors, and Tabitha had to jostle her way over to the open space near the corner. She ran the rest of the way, hoping to catch up. He hadn't stopped to flirt, so something was up. She wanted in on the secret. Tabitha was practically skipping as she rounded the corner, so when her eyes met Pietro standing next to a tree, it was no wonder she suddenly tripped. Problem was, there wasn't a tree root on the pathway she was traveling, and the fall to the ground shouldn't have induced unconsciousness. When she finally did wake up, the fall leaves on the ground were gone. Instead there was fresh green grass, and pleasant-looking apple trees surrounding a dirt path not far from where she was sitting. Tabitha made to get up, but her shoe caught on her skirt and she tripped again. There was a pause in her movement; as Tabitha was suddenly contemplating the fact she had been wearing jeans before. When she finally got up, it was fully recognized that she was wearing a blue, short dress and long white stockings with black shoes. These clothes were certainly not here before. Something cream-colored caught her eye. Running along the path was Pietro in a white tuxedo with shirttails flapping in the wind. Hoping for information on where the hell this was, Tabitha was soon running after him. "Hey! Speedy! Where are-Hey!" He wasn't paying attention to her screams, only to the path ahead of him. Tabitha stooped to scoop some rocks off the ground and continued her pursuit, this time chucking gravel at him. "Speedy! Pietro! Where are we? Hey!" One of the rocks found home, and the tuxedo-clad one dove headfirst into the ground. Tabitha managed to catch up as soon as he recovered. Pietro sprung up, his face bloodied by gravel. "The Queen! Holy crap, I have to see the Queen!" He dashed off again, paying no mind to his dirtied tux. "Hey! Answer me, you.you." Tabitha tried to think of a witty retort. "You. dirty rabbit!" She was silent. "Where the hell did that come from? ." Never before had Tabitha ever said something so intensely stupid. "That was so weak. I should catch up." She trailed off again. She was talking to herself. She had followed a shiny object into a different place. This was Alice in wonderland, big time. This triggered another question. "Why can't I remember anything from Alice in wonderland?!" Tabby screeched to herself.

In time, Tabitha decided to follow the pathway, exploring her new habit of talking to herself, reviewing what she knew about the ancient book. "Stupid me.lessee.hole, rabbit.what happened next? I wish I had a clue!" Still more startlement lay ahead when she realized her grammar had improved immensely. "What's going on." "You're gonna transform into Alice." "Really? Thank you- hello?" This weird voice seemed to reverberate from all around. She cast her eyes to the bases of the surrounding trees. "Up here." Tabby glanced into the nearest tree, a wisteria. Amid the blossoms, a dark shape was perched. "Toad?" "Yo." This was different from the Toad she knew. Although still hunched over, he appeared taller and was dressed entirely in black leathers. His grammar was better, too. "Toad, what is this place?" "Wonderland." "Oh.well, how did I get here?" "I'll bet the queen transported you here." "Where is the queen? Can she send me back?" "Yeah. She's in the garden." "Where is that?" "You'll find it. Here." Toad reached into a pocket on the trench coat he was wearing and pulled out a book. He tossed it in the air, and it floated down to Tabitha, hovering at eye level. She reached up and plucked it. It was leather bound and had no title. Although heavy, it was pretty thin. Flipping to the first page, Tabitha found it was a copy of Alice in wonderland. Still flipping, hoping to find out what would happen next, she found that all the pages past falling down a hole were empty. "Hey! Toad, this is mostly empty." "I know. You have to fill them yourself." "But I never read the book." "That's okay. It'll come. By the way," Toad stretched out lazily on a branch. "Not many humans have left this place alive." Toad glanced down at his feet. They instantly began to fade out. The rest of his legs began to follow, and then the rest of his body. "I have to guide them. Sort of like a beginning mentor. Think of this as a game. I just teach you the rules. Like an RPG, everything is useful. Oh, and don't be afraid to get your hands dirty." Then his head was gone, and his voice died out. Tabitha walked up to the tree. "So toad is the Cheshire Cat."