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Don't owwwn the stufff!

Was it a dream? A practical joke? It was a hazy mess clouding Tabby's mind. Killing rabbits and herself and herself again all clouded her mind.

Deeeeeeaaathhhhhh..was necessary? For what?

Knocking at the door. Wake up, wake up, sweetie. Time for breakfast and then for a peachy day at school, then to come home to apple pie and cinnamon; living the American dream. Peachy day...at school.


Tabitha's stomach was as bad as her head. Whining for food, yet screaming with agony if anything was placed in it.

"Are you okay?"

Whose voice was that? Why was..

"Just go in already, yo."

Yo. She was in the real world. Is that a good thing? Maybe you should speak.
"Toad.? Blob.?" Oh, it's not worth it. Crawl up and die, already.

"'ey, 'ey! She's okay!"

Tabitha stumbled out of bed. How long had it been? A day or two, at least. She was wearing her pajamas; they were crumpled from staying in bed too long. Walking to the door, she picked up the leather-bound copy of Alice in Wonderland. Maybe it could take her back.

"Eat, dammit."

Tabitha stared at her cornflakes. If they were eaten, where would they go? If Tabitha were to be eaten, where would she go?

"I said, eat." Lance's eye twitched. "If you don't, I'll shove it down your throat..." He went on with other charming lies while Tabitha sat, staring at her cornflakes and wondering what it feels like to be eaten.

"Are you listening to me? While I am in charge of the Brotherhood, I will not have anyone die from anything other than following orders from me, understood?"

Pietro sprung up from that last remark and the two started arguing over leadership. It occurred to Tabitha that their fights had always seemed that someone trying to make it appropriate for children had written them, like a cartoon show.

"Look." Toad uncoiled himself from his hunched-over position. "Just eat it, a'ight?"

(Author's note: "a'ight" is a very, very bad abbreviation and you will be made fun of for using it. I'm a professional, so don't worry.)

Tabitha looked down again. Food, sustenance, nutrients. All excuses to prolong existence. Was that really worth it?

"I can't." she said softly. "I don't want to keep living."

Everyone seemed kind of taken aback by this. Tabitha kept looking down. "Well, you are." Lance put his fist on the table and leaned on it, glaring at Tabitha. "There's no reason for you to die."

"There is. I killed someone." She let her hair fall over her face.

"I'm sure you really hurt someone by falling over and hitting your head. I think you imagined this."

A really tall fire. Wanda singing. Lance..closer..

"I did."

Sitting by the edge of a bed. Hair hiding his face.


"Another me."

Stuck in a crowd. Really close now.

"Realllly.." He seemed unconvinced.

"I don't want to talk about it. I just want to die." Lance sighed.

"Well, do you have anything you want to live for? Anyone?" Lance was making too much sense for this too be remotely in character.

Tabitha was silent. Soup in a pot. Green fabric of a suit. Hearts on a hat. Really warm. Closer..

Tabitha reached for the spoon next to her.

"Thank you for breakfast." She said. Toad relaxed. Lance looked satisfied. Closer...