Carlisle's Hidden Mate

1. Prologue:

It was always like a dream to him, or rather, a living hell. Not to mention, what it must be like without his other half.

He had never ever told anyone, not even the Royal Clan, save for Marcus, who only said, "May you both have everlasting love and happiness, for all of eternity."

Of course, he didn't know what he was referring to at the time, but one bright sunny day in Britain, while taking care of the injured, one particular person had caught his gold eyes. However, from the moment the sweetest of scents had got to him, he understood what Marcus was now talking about, he, Carlisle Cullen, had finally found his mate.

His mate, a sixteen year old male with a pointed pale face, silver blond hair, and a pair of silver cold eyes, of course, the male was no other then Draco Malfoy, a wizard, and who, at the time, was on a mission for his Lord, Lord Voldemort.

Draco knew that something was wrong the moment he had first met Doctor Cullen, what he didn't know was that the next few days that he would have to spend with the Doctor, those would become his long forgotten pleasurable memories of his life.

As of now, Carlisle had gained a loving, crazy family. First there was Edward, next was Rosalie, then Esme, who actually turned out to be is 'mate', not that he would never ever replace Draco, nothing could ever replace his pet, next was Emmett, then there was Alice and Jasper.

However, Jasper was the only one who saw right through Carlisle's emotions, he knew right away that the leader wasn't really Esme's true mate, he also saw that Carlisle was not only hiding his true feelings, but he was also lying to them all about his past.

One that Carlisle had vowed to never ever reveal to no one, including his own coven, and especially not in front of Esme, whom he was forced to 'mate' with, and finally, last but not least, Bella and Nessie, those two were the newest additions to the coven, Bella being married to Edward, and Nessie being their daughter through birth.

He had tried to not think about his pet while the others were around, he had vowed to never ever lay a hand on anyone else but his pet, much to his displeasure, dismay, and utter shock and great horror, he'd been forced to 'mate' with Esme, who at the time, had finally found her mate, or so that's what she and everyone else, but Jasper, now thinks.

To say, Carlisle had been able to keep it all in for such a very long time, he wasn't quite sure how he had done what he had thought was impossible at first, but now, many decades later, he was finally able to think without having to worry about Edward anymore.

He would make sure that his beloved little pet would stay his secret, no matter how much he was missing him at the moment. He'd hoped that nothing didn't happen to his pet...

Draco had opened himself up to him, he'd told him everything there was about his life, his greatest fear, was not just for himself and his parents, but also for him too; he couldn't stand it if something were to ever happen to his vampire mate, and Carlisle felt the same ever since, worried, confused to why his mate had lelf without a word to him on where he was going or when he would return back to him...

That's if he'd return...