Chapter 1:

It had been two months since the reds and blues kicked the chairman's ass. two months since church died. Everybody was in a state of grief for the first month and a half, but they were finally getting used to it. The reds didn't really care that much. In Sarge's eyes, it just mean't one less dirty blue to fight.

But in the past month, everybody saw Carolina more emotional than ever. Church was like a brother to her, they may have argued a lot, but they still bonded. Her nightmares only got worse since then, she was waking up more often, having to drink herself to sleep just to finally be out cold. It was only then she saw how bad Washington was. The last Freelancer left. Her closest friend, and yet she knew so little about his late night routines. She thought she was bad with her drinking. She would find him passed out on the floor, or in the kitchen with head down on the table. His only companion at night was the liquor in blue base.

This night was like any night, Carolina was haunted by her dead companions in her dreams, causing her to wake up in cold sweat. She scanned the room with her bright green eyes. She was thankful that they gave Wash and her a room to share, she didn't like sleeping in the usual barracks. It was also nice to have Wash's company, even though he never slept there. She swung her legs over the side of the bed, ready to get up. She turned to her right to look at her alarm clock. It read 2:46am. She noticed she was getting less and less sleep. She then proceeded to get herself off the bed and walking. After making a quick trip to the bathroom, she headed out to the kitchen, expecting to see a passed out former Freelancer. When she made it to the kitchen, he was nowhere to be found. She then went into the living room, then the bathroom, then the front door. Only to find it open. She then left the base and walked to the roof. There, she found Wash, with about five or six bottles of beer, and his legs hanging off of the edge of the base. He had his back to her and some of his armor was taken off (helmet, left shoulder pad and, left glove). She started to walk towards him, ready to ask what he was doing there.

"Hey, Carolina" He said, still not looking at her.

"Hi, Wash" She replied.

"What are doing up here?" She asked.

"What do you think I'm doing?" He said, quietly

"Wash, I know your hurting, I know how much you've gone through, but you don't need the alcohol" She replied. "Plus, you're not aloud to have alcohol while on duty"

"Like you're one to talk" He said, taking a sip of his sixth beer.

Carolina was getting sick of seeing him like this, she then decided to sit next to him, with her feet dangling over the side of the base. He still wasn't looking at her.

"Wash" She said looking up at him slightly. "Everybody needs you, the Reds, the Blues. They need you. You can't keep this up, it isn't healthy." She continued.

He still wasn't looking at her. She then bowed her head and whispered; "I need you"

He then turned her head towards her. She noticed how defeated he looked. His blue eyes looked very pale, and his brown-blonde hair was looking darker than ever. He still had his hair short though. His face had scars on it, more so than Carolina. He was just staring at her.

"I know" he said. "But I'm just tired, so fucking tired" He explained. "I'm tired of the fighting, the pain, the suffering"

"The fight is over Wash, we can live normal lives now"

"Ha, haha, hahahaha." Wash laughed.

Carolina now was starting to get angry, that he was laughing at the sacrifice they made.

"What?" She asked trying to keep her cool.

"Us? Living normal lives? In our dreams. After the project, I can't retire, I can't quit. I'm destined to just die on the battlefield, like some other runt like myself."


"You are no runt, Wash, you are much more than that. You are not dying, not as long as I'm around."

Wash was just staring at her, the side of his face now becoming more and more red. He then looked away.

"Thanks, Boss" She didn't know if you was sarcastic, or if he actually meant it. "Thanks, for, for everything that you've done for me."

She knew that it was for real now. She then nudged him with her shoulder.

"Come on Wash, lets get some breakfast" She ordered. And with that, they both climbed of the roof, and made their way to the kitchen.

After having a nice, alcohol-free breakfast, Wash and Carolina both agreed to go back to bed, although Wash would go to a bed, and not the kitchen floor. Carolina felt a lot more peaceful now that wash was in the room. She fell asleep rather quickly.

The Next Night:

After both Wash and Carolina agreed to stop drinking, unless there was a special occasion. Carolina was already having with draw symptoms on the first day. She had made her bed, and was ready to sleep after a long day of training. She grabbed a book and put her lower body under the covers. After reading for 30 to 40 minutes she turned off the light and went to sleep. She woke up to the sound of something stirring. She turned to Wash's bunk, he was shifting and rolling in bed. He was having a nightmare.

Carolina stood up and walked over to him, and sat down on the corner of the bed. She laid a hand on him then she tucked herself into bed with him. He stopped tossing and turning and just whispered in his sleep; "Thank you, Carolina"

"You're welcome Wash"

End of Chapter 1