Holy shit ep. 5 Season 5 of rvb, I need to write about the temple of procreation. Now.

Chapter 3:

"You want to do what?" Kimball asked, staring at Tucker in disbelief.

"Come on, it would be fucking killer" Tucker explained.

"I suppose it would do some benefit. I mean the population on Chorus is at an all time low after Felix and Locus." She replied.

"See! It's awesome!" Tucker exclaimed.

"Fine but you need to warn everyone." Kimball said.

"Understood!" And Tucker ran off to tell everybody.

"Can you remind me why she let you do this?" Wash asked.

"She said something about how the population is low or some shit, who cares? This just means I get a piece of some ass tonight" Tucker said happily.

"Well I'll be staying at home, out of the vicinity of any males, because I'm not Donut." Wash said leaving the military base.

"Same here, I would rather not sleep with one of you idiots" Carolina added.

Right after they left Tucker and the other reds and blues talked among themselves about what was going down tonight.

In Wash and Carolina's Apartments:

"So uhh, what are we gonna do about tonight?" Wash asked.

"We drink until it happens." Carolina said "I know it won't effect me. I'm to strong for my hormones to take control of me like that."

"What ever you say"

They then busted out the booze and began to have a bit of a party. They ended up using Simmons version of Skype to talk with everybody at the temple. every one were drinking and having fun. Until Tucker got up and said;

"Alright lets get this party started!" Tucker yelled "Here just let me pull my sword out"

"Hey chica bump bump"

"Goddamn it Caboose, what did I tell you about that!" Tucker yelled over Skype Red (Which everybody thought sounded way too much like red tube)

Then Tucker turned off the call and used the sword to start the sequence. Wash and Carolina sat in silence just looking at each other.

"If you try to get it on with me, I will break every bone in your hand" Carolina said, causing Wash to gulp.

All of the sudden Carolina started feeling a strange feeling in between her legs, and so did Wash. They glanced at each other then smirked. After that Caroline climbed over the table and on to Wash's lap, grabbing at his shirt, attempting to pull it off. He then did a similar action to her.

After The event was over:

Wash woke up to see only to see red. He couldn't tell what it was until he brushed it off his face. It turned out to be Carolina's hair, who was currently sleeping with her head on his chest. That's when he noticed that she was nude. It wasn't the first time, back in Freelancer, Wash's shower head broke, and Carolina offered him to use her shower. Turns out she wasn't big on wasting water and thought it would be better if she went in the shower with him. He tried not to look at her then, but he was defiantly looking at her now. Her sleek and athletic build was mind boggling for Wash. Then he reached for her ass.

"Wash, did you just touch my ass?" Carolina asked.

"Um, No, I mean yeah, uh maybe?" Wash panicked.

"It's fine" She continued.

"Well on a count of the fact I was touching it a lot last nigh-" Carolina jabbed at his stomach playfully.

"Ow... That hurt... a lot"

"I swear Tucker is rubbing off on you" She said. "Oh and also, if you tell anybody about this, you will lose all of your fingers"

Later that morning:

Everyone planned on meeting up at Doyle Central Park after the event so then they could talk about what happened. Once everybody was there, they started sharing what happened.

"Guys, guys! Guess what I got laid! With some chick with pink armor and a killer ass. It was amazing! I swear she did this thing with her mouth-" Tucker explained.

"It's light-ish red!" Donut screamed. That's when it hit Tucker. He sunk down on a nearby bench, going over what happened.

"Well did she let you, well you know... do the lady part?" Wash asked.

"Oh shit, I swear guys, I'm straight, alright I'm fucking straight, it was a mistake!" Tucker said before running off. Everybody was silent, then shortly after went right back to bragging.

"So Wash, you and Carolina get it on?" Griff asked.

"Why would you assume that? We're just friends" Wash replied.

"Bullshit, you guys totally banged" Griff said.

"I did not, stop being such a kid. I bet you Simmons did it" Wash shot back.

"No. Fuck you" Griff said before yelling; "Hey guys! Wash and Carolina totally banged!" Carolina just shot a death glare at Wash while other people were cheering.

"Makes sense, two total badasses getting it on is awesome!" Yelled Palomo. Then all of the soldiers started laughing at them. With all of the noise Wash attempted to slip out of sight but Carolina caught on and followed him back to the apartment.