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Return of Laurel Lance

*Arrow Lair*

"Hi Ollie." Oliver Queen couldn't believe his eyes. After sharing a drink with Susan and vented about his current situation, Oliver went to the lair to only to find Laurel Lance standing there alive and well.

He takes a few steps towards her, still in shock by seeing her in person, and says, "Okay, I had too much to drink because I know I watch you died." Oliver believes that his mind is playing tricks on him much like he was poison and saw the ghosts of Shado, Slade, and Tommy.

"I was saved. I saw this white light, and It's... it's just like they say. This angel, she- she reached out to me, but she wasn't an angel. She was my sister." Laurel begin to explain surprising Oliver even more.

"What?" Oliver shakes his head in disbelief thinking why Sara would keep this from him and how was she able to save Laurel.

"Sara-she-she had me teleported to the Wave Rider. They have this technology that fixed the embolism." Laurel continues to explain, but the information doesn't make sense to Oliver since he was there when Laurel died and none of what she said to him happen at the time.

"I was there. Everyone was there. Nobody saw a white light, and you didn't go anywhere." Oliver wanted to touch Laurel to get confirmation if this was real or a fake vision.

"That's because she hadn't done it yet." Laurel takes a step forward towards Oliver with him taking a few steps back scared of the possibility that what is happening right now isn't real, just like recently when he got trap in a world where he and Laurel were set to get married. Little did anyone know, Oliver hasn't fully recovered from that incident and all it did was make him realize that Laurel is the love of his life and he regrets not going after her when he had the chance."

"Ollie, Ollie I asked her... I asked her to bring me to your present. She gave me the same gift that I gave her." Laurel then gently place her hand on Oliver's cheek and rubs it softly before looking into his eyes and said, "She gave me a second chance."

Oliver's wall broke from the touch, for it cause all his old feelings for her come out, and he grabs her waist and kisses Laurel's lips surprising her. He pulls back quickly to apologize, "I'm sorry I.."

Laurel cuts him off saying, "Don't be. I need this too." and wraps her arms around to kiss him passionately. Oliver brings her body close giving into the kiss even though something in the back of his mind told him something was different about the kiss but chose not to listen because the love of his life is back.

However, they both hear the elevator and reluctantly pull away before Felicity enters the room to witness what happened.

"Laurel?" Felicity asks in disbelief.

"Hi, Felicity." Laurel greets her, though by her tone Oliver could she wasn't exactly happy at that moment.

"Oh, my God! OH! Oh, my God! It's a miracle." Felicity breaks down and gives Laurel a tight hug with Laurel giving one back and said, "I believe Oliver was thinking the same thing." For the first time in a while, a small smile begins to form on Oliver's face of the realization that Laurel Lance is back and hopefully for good.

*Scene jump*

"I thought Sara and the Legends were against changing history." Felicity wonders as well. Oliver for the most part just wanted to enjoy the moment of Laurel being back instead of drilling her with questions.

"Sara said that they figured out a way to bring me back without causing an uh..." Laurel tried to answer until Oliver spoke for her.

"An aberration."

"Yes. That." Both Laurel and Oliver turn to see Felicity staring at Laurel. "Are you ok?" Laurel questions.

"Fine." Felicity snaps out of her thoughts before muttering, "I just wish the Legends could bring back everybody we wanted."

Oliver looks down understanding what she meant while Laurel glances at two knowing something is wrong.

"What happened? What'd I miss?" She asks in concern.

"We'll talk about it later," Oliver said not wanting to bring up the subject of Billy's death right now.

"The important thing is that you're back from the past, which they brought you back from months later, and they just dropped you here. So weird." Felicity was about to go on until Oliver, who had enough with the twenty questions, interrupts her.

"Felicity relax okay, there will be a time and place for all of that but can we just enjoy the moment for right now please?"

Seeing a look of hurt on her face, Felicity nods in agreement. "Your right um do you guys want a coffee? I, um-gonna get a decal-decaf probably because of..."

Felicity left, needing to get some fresh air leaving Oliver and Laurel alone again. "Itis good to see some things haven't changed."

They both chuckle before Oliver says, "I'm sorry she's acting like that if you want I will get her to back off..." While he did have his suspicion on the sudden return, with everything that has happened, Oliver just wanted to have this one feel good moment even if it is temporary.

"No I get it I would want answers too if someone I cared about magically came back from the dead." Laurel rubs her arm softly trying to hold back tears that didn't go unnoticed by Oliver.

"You okay?" He sits closer to check on her.

Laurel smiles playing off her real feelings. "Oh yeah, I just so happy to see you again."

Oliver smiles back at her, "I feel the same way Laurel, and again my bad on the whole kissing you out of nowhere earlier."

"Do you regret it?" Something change in Laurel's voice as Oliver realizes that she is leaning in a lot closer to him and almost in trance-like wishing he can her lips again.

"Honestly, no I don't," Oliver whispers softly with his eyes looking at her eyes and lips.

"Good cause I don't either," Laurel responds in a seductive tone and pulls Oliver by his shirt and gives him a hot kiss until they hear footsteps and again having to pull away feeling more frustrated at Felicity's timing.

"Since you are back I figure we do a welcome back party for you," Felicity suggests in her usual Felicity like tone.

"That is if you are up for it?" Oliver said looking back at Laurel, annoying Felicity a little from the full attention on his ex-girlfriend then from her.

Laurel, enjoying the attention from Oliver, agrees with the plan. "That sounds great. I mean, I-I would love to see everyone and oh crap, I have to call my dad. He's gonna kill me for coming here first."

"Laurel, after you Uh, y-your dad left with Donna and, uh, it didn't go well." Oliver begins to explain until Laurel catches on quickly to what he was about to say

"He's drinking again," Laurel concludes.

"He's in rehab, but he's-he's getting better. He's getting the help that he needs." Oliver tries to reassure about the situation.

"Wow. 9 months, I guess I have a lot of catching up to do."

"Which is why we should invite everyone to come to the party." Felicity attempts to lighten the mood until a certain memory pops into her head. "John! Ohh! I came here to tell you, and I totally forgot."

"What's going on with John?" Oliver questions not liking the sound of her tone.


AU: So I debated if I wanted to write this or not considering how upset I am at the show but I guess if you are reading this you know the answer. After reading "Green arrow vs. Overwatch & The Siren's Cream" By Andrus Tolero and "Punch block" by LycoX (read those stories if you are interested) I got at least, for now, the write some Arrow content with one being about episode 5x10. I don't how long this is going to go so don't expect this to be long term for this is just my therapy fic.

Also, I decided to give E1 Oliver and E2 Laurel romance since well one it happens in the comics and two I love Katie's portrayal of Black Siren then E1 Laurel and wanted to show a difference in personality especially when it came to her Ollie which is why she's more aggressively flirty early on.

I don't how long this is going to go so don't expect this to be long term for this is just my own therapy fic and if any Olicity fans want to attempt and flame be my guest because you are only going to push me into writing more of nonOlicity stories and will push me to bash her in the process.