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Time Skip

"My name is Oliver Queen, and right now I'm currently in bed with the Earth 2 version of the love of my life. You might ask yourself how did I end up in this position. Well to allow the legacy of Black Canary to continue, I didn't become something else, I embraced someone else."

Oliver Queen has been working consistently since losing some of his teammates and gaining valuable information on Prometheus and his identity. Thanks to Black Siren's cooperation Oliver now knows that Prometheus is Adrian Chase, his district attorney, who out for revenge against Oliver for killing his father some time ago. Oliver also finds out later that Prometheus recruits a meta-human named Tina Boland who just so happens to have the Canary cry as well, which meant working double time to come up with a plan to stop Adrian before he makes his next move.

"Oh, boy scout." The familiar voice of Dinah, Black Siren's real name that she instead goes by instead of Laurel, disrupts Oliver's train of thought.

"What do you want Dinah I am busy right now." Oliver kept his focus away from her, making Dinah frown at him.

"You are always busy when it comes to me, like when are we going to have some you and me time?" She wraps her arms around his shoulders hoping to steal his attention.

This behavior was another problem that Oliver was dealing with currently. Ever since Dinah claim that she was going to pursue Oliver romantically, it's been harder for Oliver to deny the growing feeling that is forming. The issue with this in Oliver's case is one not entirely sure if he can trust her to stay on the road to redemption and two, could he end up betraying his earth's Laurel memories by giving in to Dinah's desires. It doesn't help that he confessed his love for her when he thought she was his Laurel.

"Dinah, Adrian is still out there and could strike at any time with Tina now part of his plan. Now is not the time for your games." Oliver warns in an annoyed tone.

She rolls her eyes at the tough act Oliver continues to display. "I told you a thousand times this isn't a game, I want you, Oliver. Besides, I can handle that cheap knockoff anytime I want, and I do not doubt that you will take Chase down since I gave you all the secrets that I knew about that manic."

"and if Adrian is everything you told me, he will surely have a backup plan for in case you turn on him and reveal his plans. Therefore, we need to stay focus until we take him down once and for all." Oliver argues only receive a slow clap from Dinah.

"Ladies and gents another boy scout speech from yours truly." She announces sarcastically.

At this point, Oliver faces her, getting irritated by her behavior. "How are you not taking any of this seriously!? You are aware of what Chase has done, and what he's capable of, you even told me he threatened you."

Of course, Dinah knew how dangerous Adrian could be, the same man who after breaking her out of Star Labs force her to work with him or else he would kill her. While she was capable of handling herself against him, Dinah would instead team up with Oliver than to try to take on both Chase and Tina. "Yes I am aware of both facts, but stressing out isn't going to solve anything for you just proving that he's getting in your head."

"So what exactly do you propose then?" He turns and folds his arms waiting to hear her response.

"It's simple. Just relax." Dinah smirks.

"Just as I was about to consider taking you seriously." Oliver begins to get back to work until Dinah speaks up again.

"I'm for real, you are too tense and need to release that stress. Lucky for you I know how to relieve that out of you."

Oliver sighs from hearing the truth. He is stress out dealing with Chase, even more than when he had to deal with Slade on mirakuru. "Okay then, humor me."

"Me and you, one on one, in a sparring match," Dinah responds and does a boxing-like stance.

The sight causes Oliver to chuckle in disbelief. "You can't be serious, that's your idea of helping me relax?"

"Yep. Don't act like you wouldn't be satisfied with a good workout unless you scare that I will embarrass you?" Dinah challenge knowing full well that if he's anything like his earth two doppelganger, he won't refuse a playful competition like this.

Lucky for her Oliver does fall one step closer to her trap. "The sad part of this discussion right now is the fact that I know you are playing me... but if it means getting you off my back than I accept your challenge."

Dinah cheers proudly in her mind. "Great just give me a second to change into more appropriate attire."

"Fine but hurry up I don't have all day," Oliver tells her as she quickly leaves the room to get change. He couldn't understand how the more he's around her, the harder it is to resist her. Sure the two are on better turns compare to before yet at any moment she could betray him. On the other hand, he did make it clear that his goal was to help Dinah to bring back that light that he knows is inside her and if that happens Dinah could be a helpful ally with Diggle and Felicity gone and Thea being part-time. As far as the idea of them together goes, Oliver couldn't lie and say he hasn't thought about it, though multiple factors are keeping him from going that route with her.

"Okay, I'm ready." the voice of Dinah snaps him out of his thoughts. When he goes to face her, Oliver becomes shocked by her choice of attire.

"You like?" She asks innocent win before doing a spin to show off her outfit, which consist of a black leather swimsuit looking outfit and fishnet stocking.

Seeing Dinah wear those fishnet stocking reminds Oliver of the time Laurel wore something similar at a Halloween party years ago. "I will say that outfit is more of a direction that will not help your chances," Oliver said despite the fact the attire was giving him thoughts he shouldn't be having.

"We will see for I was thinking of debuting a new look. Therefore, this attire will be a test run." Dinah explains stepping on to the mat.

Oliver follows her and mumbles, "I don't know if I want that wardrobe to pass the test or not." The spar starts off with attempts of punching and blocking from between the two. Realizing that they were evening match at this stage, Dinah decides to take it up a notch by adding some kicks with Oliver being prepared for as he would in any battle. At one point, Dinah goes for a stiff swinging kick where Oliver, with enough focus from his LOA training, catches and brings her down to the grown and follows up with taking her arms to put her in a hold.

"Nice one." She grunts trying to break out of his hold, which is lowkey turning her on.

Oliver smirks and says, "You should see me when I'm trying."

"Cocky much?" Dinah questions for she hasn't seen this side of Oliver as of late, though she doesn't have any complaints.

"It's not cocky when I can back it up. Might as well give up now Siren." The way Oliver says, Siren, was meant to be in a playful mocking tone as he felt his self-loosen up from the battle. However, for Dinah, it made get aroused to where she realizes the position that she's current gives her an opportunity to take this spar to another level.

Slowly Dinah begins to raise her rear in a cat-like matter to where it right on Oliver's crotch and begins rubs up against it. Oliver quickly notices this for he starts to feel his friend down there getting hard. "What are you doing?" He demands, losing the confidence in his tone.

Dinah turns and gives a seductive expression that involves a lip bite from her. "Catching you off guard."

Before Oliver could figure out what she meant, she slams her head back at him causing a stun Oliver to let go and get roll over on the ground with Dinah now on top of him.

"Looks like I win." Dinah smiles proudly.

"You cheated," Oliver growls, not understanding how he allowed what just happen to take place.

"I have no idea what you are talking about," Dinah claims, but Oliver isn't buying the act one bit.

"Don't act innocent, you know full well I had you down if it wasn't for your teasing."

"Who said I was teasing?"

"Whatever, now get off of me." Oliver orders for she has him pinned down on the mat.

"Why should I? Besides, I like being on top and since I won we get to do what I want to do." Dinah plan is finally coming through as she knows it's an only matter of time until Oliver gives in to her.

"What exactly do you want Dinah." Oliver has a gut feeling what the answer is, and with the way Dinah is on him right his willpower might not be strong enough to refuse at this point.

"You know what I want, and I want it now." She purrs leaning in closer to his face.

"Tell me what you want," Oliver responds almost in a whisper as his body starts to betray him when Dinah lets go of his arms allowing his hands to roam freely from her back.

No longer wanting to wait any longer, feeling the pent-up frustration building between the two, Dinah tells him with a mix of passion and lust in her voice, "I want you, Oliver."

As if it was a trigger word, Oliver push back all his fears and doubts away and proceeds to grab her butt causing Dinah the moan before the two former lovers of each other's earth share an aggressive but passionate kiss. For Oliver and Dinah, this wasn't just a kiss base off sexual frustration from the flirting and teasing but also the deep feelings they had for the other. With Oliver losing his earth's Laurel right after she confessed that he was the love of his life while Dinah lost her earth's Oliver due to him not surviving the shipwreck leaving her to take a dark path. Now faith seems to have them destine for them to be together despite being from different universes.

*Later that evening*

After their heated spar, which went a few rounds, Oliver and Dinah took a peaceful nap together without worrying about anyone walking in on them. Later Oliver is the first to wake up and witness a content smile on Dinah's face as she continues to sleep, reminding him of a nightmare he had of where he wakes up to Laurel, and it didn't end well. As he goes into deep thought, Dinah moans softly and slowly wakes up to see her lover lost in thought.

"You okay?" She asks him, to his surprise, with a caring tone.

Snapping out his thoughts, Oliver sighs and says, "I'm just having questions going through my head like is this a dream and if so was it wrong to do what we just did?"

Dinah figure as much considering how long it took to get Oliver to give in to her advances. The reason why didn't feel as guilty is that her Oliver died a long time ago so she had plenty of time to grieve. When Oliver told her about his time in the alternative reality where he realized that his Laurel is the love of his life, Dinah's drive to win Oliver increase for she knows they couldn't fully replace their doppelganger but they could have a fresh start with each other.

"I'm glad that my performance got you thinking that you are in dreamland but no this is real. As far as your other question no, it's not. Just because we came from different universe doesn't mean there is a rule saying we can't be together. We both lost the loves of lives, and I admit when I first came here with Zoom I wasn't expecting to cross your path, though once I learn that you survive, I already knew the endgame was to find a way to be with you and be at your side. Like I know my doppelganger would have." She expresses in a sincere tone and rubs the side of Oliver's face, relaxing him a bit.

"I can't deny that when you first showed up, assuming you were the Laurel I lost, my endgame was to tell you what I should have said before you died that you are the love of my life. I was fooling myself thinking me and Felicity could work when the final days I had with Laurel made me realize those feelings never did go away. Even when I found out that you were another Laurel I couldn't help but be drawn to you because I miss Laurel so much and you in a way are like her. I know I told you that I was scared of betraying Laurels memory, but I also didn't want you to think that I would be with you just because." Oliver explains hoping that Dinah understands his reasoning for not pursuing her.

"I understand Ollie." She began to say until Oliver speaks up again.

"Though maybe when we finally put an end to Chase, maybe we can talk about the idea of us." He offers with a smile.

Dinah smiles widely and responds saying, "I would like that a lot." before the two lean towards each and share a gentle kiss.

Later on, the duo of Green Arrow and Black Siren, with the help of Speedy, would later go on to defeat Prometheus and Tina in a hard-fought battle. With both foes now lock up in Argus, Oliver helps Dinah get to settle in her new life and eventually officially start their relationship to where they protect Star city together and forever.


An: Okay this is the final chapter for this story. Reason being is because this was just therapy fix for episode 5x10, and I wasn't planning on it to be a long-term story. Therefore, I wanted to bring some closure to this since I still like the idea of E1 Oliver with E2 Laurel even though we most likely won't see it happen at this point. I would have probably gone further, but with how Arrow has been as of late I haven't been entirely motivated to do a lot of Cw content, I still got a few ideas I want to do but other than those I'm not sure about writing anymore Cw Arrowverse stuff.

Now I know some people are going to say that Oliver gave in to Dinah's advances to quickly, but let's be real, she's pretty much Laurel, but a bad girl in her. Oliver in this story was still in love with her, and do you believe that he could easily resist her this long?

So I hope this last piece was good for you all and be sure to check out my other content if you like.