Alola! You guys excited for Sun & Moon? I sure am! As of now, I have the games and am currently playing them! But before that, it's time to give you guys the story you've all been waiting for!

When I created Calvin and Erika Ketchum as twins, I had to think about how they'd have to deal with an older sister like Leslie when neither of them were wanting to be trainers. Before they were born, she had won the Unova League and ended up becoming the region's Champion Master. Her father also went ahead and reclaimed his place in the Kanto region, winning the league there and becoming Champion Master himself. A lot has happened in the time before Calvin and Erika existed, but I didn't want Ash and Mirajane to be alone with just one kid.

Leslie always wanted a brother or sister like her best friends, so her parents finally decided to have another child. The only problem was they got more than they bargained for with twins. And now they're about to know just what it's like to be trainers like their father and sister!

Get ready for the challenge of a lifetime!



"Mmm..." a sleeping Leslie Ketchum moaned, lying comfortably on her bed underneath the covers. Her messy white hair was sprawled all across the pillows as the morning sunlight seeped through the curtains into her room. The luminosity luckily didn't reach her eyes, allowing her to snooze peacefully without any disturbances. However, a dark figure suddenly rushed by, ripping the covers off of the divan, revealing the young adult in her olive green pajamas. As a twenty-four year old woman, she had gone through several changes in her body. The most prominent one was her chest, as her breasts had grown from flat to the point where they were just like her mother's and perhaps even larger. She was lying upon her back against the plush surface, while the dark figure dressed in black walked up to her, pulling out a sharp kunai.

"Hee, hee..." a feminine voice giggled from the being, who was dressed in ninja-like garb upon the sunlight reaching her form. She aimed her weapon at her left bosom, smirking deviously beneath her mask. However, the armament reflected the light to the Ketchum girl's eyes, causing her to stir with a moan.

"Ergh..." she grunted, opening her eyes, causing the kunoichi to nervously sweat, "Wha...?" she uttered in confusion with blurred vision, blinking rapidly to regain her focus until she finally saw the person before her, along with the sharp blade, widening her eyes, "AAAAAAAAHHHHH!" she screamed loudly, catching the attentions of those in the kitchen downstairs, being Ash, Mirajane, Pikachu, and a boy with a long sleeved, purple collared, buttoned-down shirt, blue jeans, and black sneakers.

"Oh dear..." the female of the four worriedly muttered, realizing what had just happened.

"She had to try and wake her like that, didn't she?" the well-dressed boy guessed with a sigh, while his father laughed nervously.

"Pika pi..." Pikachu said out of concern, hearing the sounds of banging upstairs.

"YOU ARE SO DEAD!" Leslie's voice bellowed as the ninja-like being jumped down the staircase, while she quickly followed. Before she could escape the white haired young adult, the kunoichi found herself caught in her grasp from behind, flailing around to try and escape. She then ripped her mask off, revealing her short black hair with her bangs showing.

"Hee, hee!" she giggled, "Good morning, Les!" she greeted, acting as if nothing had happened between them.

"Don't you 'good morning' me!" the Unova Champion Master demanded angrily, "You nearly gave me a heart attack back there!" she shouted while clenching her teeth in rage.

"I was only tryin' to pop your balloons..." the young girl replied nonchalantly, making her gasp in surprise, "Lighten up..." she advised.

"THESE AREN'T BALLOONS!" the trainer exclaimed out of rage as she gestured towards her chest, while the males in the room all cringed at their argument.

"Now, now, that's enough," the eldest female there stated, getting their attentions, "Leslie, you remember what day it is, don't you?" she asked her daughter, making her perk up in surprise.

"Oh, right..." she uttered in realization, letting the girl in her hand down.

"Calvin and Erika have been waiting for a while for you to get up," Mirajane mentioned, heading back over to the counter, "Once breakfast's all set, we can open presents!" she promised to the group.

"Yeah," the short haired girl agreed with a smug expression on her face, "we've been waiting just for you..." she told her older sibling, who arched an eyebrow in confusion, "Come on, let's open presents now!" she declared while zooming forward, but not before putting her kunai away. All of a sudden, Leslie's ears caught the sound of something ripping, enticing her to look down and see that her shirt's buttons had been torn off, revealing much of her cleavage. She blushed madly and crossed her arms over her chest instantly.

"KYYYYAAAAAAAHHHH!" she screeched out of embarrassment while also angry with her young sister.

Alola, Alola!

"Mmm…" the white haired young woman growled as her little sister chowed away at her pancakes innocently in front of her at the dining table. Her whole family was having breakfast together as she donned an olive green sweater over her form with brown khakis and pink shoes.

"Now, now," her mother repeated, noticing her upset expression towards her little sister, "let's not get hostile over a little thing…" she advised, getting her attention as she perked up.

"More like two big things…" Erika joked with a snicker, much to the chagrin of her elder sibling as her face became a bright pink.


"Leslie!" Mirajane interrupted in an upset tone before she could even attempt to stand from her seat, flinching as she went back down, "Let's not resort to violence…" she told her, while she just crossed her arms over her chest in frustration and turned her head away.

"Hee, hee…" the young kunoichi giggled, catching her female parent's attention.

"And Erika," she began to her in a stern voice, "I know that it's your birthday and all," she kept going while seeing her gulp down the last of her food, "but that's no reason to tease your big sister," she reprimanded.

"Yes, mom," she replied with a cheeky smile. The Unova Champion Master didn't seem to buy it however, puffing her cheeks out angrily.

"So what's the plan this time?" Calvin asked before eating a piece of his pancakes.

"Well…" his father began with a small grin, catching the attentions of the others as well, "with it being you and Erika's tenth birthday," he kept going, "we're gonna do something a little different…" he stated, causing both twins to glance at each other in confusion.

"But of course, we're keeping some traditions…" the take-over wizard added, standing up from her seat and going over to the kitchen counter. She then returned moments later with a few gift boxes in her hands, much to the delight of the dark haired children as they beamed. After the family finished their breakfast, they went into the living room as the kids went ahead and opened their presents. Leslie's apprehensive expression showed as wrapping paper was flung at her face by her little sister, who stuck her tongue out at her teasingly. As much as she wanted to get back at her, she remained composed and just folded her arms over her chest.

"Whoa!" the lone boy in the room gasped out of shock, making them perk up as they looked over to see him with a pair of headphones that included spikes on the sides, "Aren't these-?"

"Yeah, they're Laxus'," Ash interrupted, catching his attention as he glanced at him with widened eyes, "He said he didn't need 'em anymore, so he wanted you to have them," he explained as the boy looked at the headset with sparkling eyes.

"Wait," he started to realize, "don't these only work with a music player lacrima?" he questioned, tilting his head to the side.

"Then you'll need this," his mother chimed in, handing him a device that looked like a small music player, making him beam delightedly.

"Thanks, mom!" he exclaimed out of gratitude, causing her to giggle happily. The white haired woman from afar smiled at her little brother's enthusiasm, as he looked quite jubilant.

"Hey Les, check this out!" her other sibling yelled, catching her attention as she turned and gasped to see her holding a giant, metal shuriken in her hands, "Cool, huh?" she inquired, grinning while tying it onto her back, "Now I look like dad's Greninja!" she declared proudly while putting her hands onto her hips.

"Uh… is giving her something like that really a good idea?" Leslie asked sarcastically, letting drops of annoyed sweat roll down her head.

"Pika pi, ka?" Pikachu squeaked in confusion, tilting his head to the side.

"Well, it's nice to know that she likes it," Mirajane answered, still smiling as her eldest daughter frowned in disapproval.

"By the way," Calvin began, getting their attentions, "when is Greninja coming back?" he asked as he arched his eyebrow.

"Not for a while," Ash answered, folding his arms over his chest, "He's still doing his scouting job for replacement Omni Force members," he pointed out, while his wife's expression shifted into an apprehensive one.

"And of course he's probably spending time with his… girlfriend…" she mentioned, evidently uneasy about saying the last word of her sentence, much to the confusion of her younger children.

"Well, whatever," Erika uttered with a shrug, readying her mask as she pulled it down over her face, "Let's have some fun!" she declared, racing outside like a ninja, slamming the front door behind her.

"I'll keep an eye on her…" the Unova Champion Master promised, getting up from her seat and heading after her female sibling outside. A while later at Professor Oak's lab, the kunoichi was playing with her new weapon, sending it hurdling into the bark of a tree. The Pokémon there all kept a safe distance as they saw her struggle to remove the armament from the sapling, while her older sister watched on by the fence.

"ERGH!" the little girl grunted, having to place her feet against the tree itself to try and pull the shuriken out. As she was able to do moments later, she chuckled, spinning it around skillfully before putting it back onto her back. She then ran off again, sprinting ahead as some of the bird-like creatures in the sky followed.

"Huh…" the white haired woman sighed deeply, remembering a time when her sister wasn't so rambunctious.


The bawling of the two newborn babies filled the hospital as they were being held in their fatigued mother's arms.

"There, there…" she repeated reassuringly, rocking them gently. Beside her were Ash, Pikachu, and Leslie, as the latter was wearing a t-shirt that had 'BIG SISTER' upon it in large pink letters.

"Calvin and Erika Ketchum…" the father of the twins uttered, placing his hand onto his first son's head, "Who would've thought we'd have twins?" he questioned, causing his wife to look up at him and smile, enticing him to peck her on the forehead with his lips. The white haired teen looked on as her parents exchanged quips over not having more kids after having two just today, noticing the two infants calming down.

"Leslie?" Mirajane chimed in, catching the trainer's attention as she perked up, "Do you wanna hold one of them?" she offered, much to her surprise as she blinked.

"Uh… well, I… uh…" she tried to say, evidently nervous about taking a baby into her hands. The Kanto Champion Master went over and placed his left hand onto her shoulder in a reassuring manner, making her grin before she went over to the bearer of the newborns, taking the little girl into her arms.

"Hi there, Erika," she greeted warmly, cuddling her in her left arm while using her right to wag her index finger in front of her. She was giggling before her tiny hands grasped the appendage, causing her older sister to laugh. However, she suddenly felt her finger get squeezed tightly, making her gnash her teeth out of pain. "OW, OW, OW, OW!" she yelped repeatedly, quickly and safely giving the infant back to the take-over wizard, "She's got an iron grip…" she noted, having to rub her reddening finger, while the woman lying on the bed just giggled.

"Hard to believe this happened here in Alola, too…" she recalled, glancing over at her husband skeptically.

"Sorry, Mira…" he apologized, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly with his right hand, "I thought a nice trip down here would be just the thing you'd need…" she admitted, chuckling afterwards.

"Well, I'll enjoy making it relaxing for these two…" his wife replied, holding her newborn children gently in her arms. Her eldest daughter just smiled, glad to finally have younger siblings.


'Guess it didn't help since mom and dad decided to have another kid almost fourteen years after me…' the Unova Champion Master inwardly realized, placing her right hand upon her cheek in a bored manner before letting out a sigh. All of a sudden, she felt her chest get squeezed, causing her to shriek girlishly and jump forward. She crossed her arms over her breasts protectively, turning around to see her little sister chuckling cheekily beneath her mask.

"Ninja Art: Balloon Grab Jutsu!" she cried jokingly, cackling away as her older sibling began to seethe angrily.


"Hey!" a familiar voice yelled just before the white haired woman could even say another word, enticing the two to glance over and see their brother hurriedly rushing over to them, sweating madly as he came to a stop.

"What's up, Cal?" his twin sister asked, trotting up to him and removing her mask. His breathing slowed down as he pulled out something from his left pants' pocket, being a piece of paper that he handed off to her. "Huh?" she uttered in confusion, arching an eyebrow.

"Is that a note?" Leslie guessed, looking over Erika's shoulder to see it. The young kunoichi just took the paper into her hands, preventing anyone else but Calvin from reading, much to her older sibling's chagrin as she turned away.

"There's one more gift for you talented twins today," she started to read, "and this will be the biggest gift for your birthday," she said, as both she and him glanced at each other out of surprise before they kept going, "The first clue lies in the dragon's snout," she mentioned, "Make him shout to get it out…" she finished, looking very perplexed afterwards, "What the heck does that mean?" she questioned, completely confused as the boy beside her took the paper into his hands.

"They must be talking about the clue we're supposed to find," he noted, looking closely at the handwriting, "It's gotta be around here somewhere," he added, jumping over the fence and rushing out into the field.

"Hey, wait for me!" the short haired girl cried out, pursuing him quickly as their older sister watched on, managing to crack a grin.

"This should be fun…" she muttered while chuckling. Both kids ran out into the ranch, passing by the numerous Pokémon of both their father and their sister, causing them to perk up as they noticed their presence.

"So what's the first clue again?" the kunoichi asked, scratching her cheek in confusion.

"We have to find something in the snout of a dragon," the well-dressed boy replied, racing off towards a group of the creatures, "I bet it's with one of dad's Dragon types!" he added to her.

"A snout, huh?" Erika uttered, tapping her chin with her right index in thought, suddenly taking notice of another figure in the distance. In the meantime, her twin brother went up to the Garchomp, Goodra, and Noivern in the fields, catching their attentions as they glanced over at him.

"Gabuu!" the former of the Dragon types greeted, waving his right claw to the boy.

"Do you guys have something for me and Erika by chance?" he questioned, smiling hopefully. The three beings before him all glanced at each other skeptically, tilting their heads out of confusion, much to the surprise of the human before them. "B-But the clue said-"

"RRRRAAAAAAHHH!" a voice suddenly roared, making him flinch in fright before he could finish his sentence as he suddenly fell backwards onto the ground in a yelp.

"Ow…" he groaned in pain.

"Hey, Cal!" his twin cried out, causing to immediately perk up and roll over, seeing her with their father's Charizard as she had a piece of paper in her hand.

"Oh, right…" he muttered out of realization, letting a drop of sweat roll down his head, "Charizard actually looks like a dragon…" he noted, somehow offending the creatures near him as they stared at him skeptically. All of a sudden, an alternate colored Gabite popped right out from the ground behind him, playfully biting down on his head. "AAAAHHH!" he screamed, flailing around wildly to try and loosen the Cave Pokémon's grip, "Garchon, quit it!" he pleaded while struggling to escape. He managed to get away moments later, letting out a sigh of relief as he stood beside his ninja-clothed sister. "So… what next?" he asked tiredly as his sister read the note in her hands.

"Looks like our next clue's still here," she pointed out after reading the text, "Once we're done with our mission, we'll get an awesome reward!" she added excitedly, while her eyes sparkled.

"I sure hope so…" Calvin concurred, running off with his sister to find the rest of the clues on their scavenger hunt. As Leslie kept an eye on them from afar, the twins were finding note after note, climbing through trees, digging up the ground, and even diving into the small ponds.

"Got it!" the kunoichi exclaimed as she held up the last piece of paper, much to the delight of some of the Pokémon who were standing around as they cheered happily.

"Is that the last one?" her well-dressed brother asked as she opened it up.

"Who knows?" she questioned back as a response, making him puff out his cheeks angrily. She then looked at the writing on the paper. "Go back home with your sister to see what awaits you when we embark on our… journey?" she read, confused by the last word as she and her sibling looked at each other in confusion, "Well, whatever," she said with a shrug, crumpling the clue up and tossing it aside as it landed in the hands of her father's Infernape, "Race ya back home!" she challenged, dashing off quickly.

"Hey, wait up!" her male sibling yelled, breathing heavily as he raced after her. The Unova Champion Master saw the twins coming moments later, noticing her sister leading the way.

"Our reward's back home!" she exclaimed to her, passing her by excitedly, "Come on!" she beckoned while continuing to run. The white haired woman just smiled, seeing her little brother slowly trudge on as he began to head off with her as well. A while later as the sun was setting, the three Ketchum children arrived home, with Erika leading the charge as she slammed the door open. "We're back!" she cried out happily. However, she didn't receive an immediate response, much to her confusion as she glanced around. "Mom? Dad?" she uttered, perplexed as to where they could be, while her siblings walked in behind her.

"Hey, what's this?" Leslie suddenly questioned, catching the twins' attentions as they saw a piece of paper in her hands, which she started to read, "Once this last note has been read," she began, "go upstairs to find your surprise in your bed," she said, grinning afterwards.

"Oh, it's upstairs!" the kunoichi realized, dashing off, "Lemme' know whatcha' get, Cal!" she advised to her brother, who quickly followed her. Once they reached their respective dormitories, they raced inside to find their gifts. The short haired girl was smiling excitedly until she laid eyes upon what was on her divan. A packed satchel and some brightly colored clothes lied there, including a scroll and a holster.

"What is all this?" Calvin asked as he held a black hat with a black and blue striped brim in his hands. New clothes were on his bed as well, including a packed backpack.

"We're taking a trip tomorrow," a familiar voice chimed in, enticing him to turn around and see his father standing there with Pikachu.

"Pika pi," the Mouse Pokémon squeaked in addition, surprising the boy a little.

"A trip?" his sister questioned from the other room, speaking with her mother.

"That's right," she replied while smiling brightly, "You wouldn't wanna spend your summer stuck here in Pallet Town, would you?" she questioned, making her blink out of confusion.

"So where are we going?" the well-dressed boy asked, scratching the side of his head.

"The place where you and your sister were born," Ash responded as he folded his arms over his chest.

"It's a wonderful paradise for people and Pokémon, too," Mirajane mentioned to her youngest daughter. Back downstairs, the Unova Champion Master smiled as she knew what her parents were up to.

"Looks like we're goin' back to Alola…" she concurred, chuckling a little.


"Hah… hah…" a blonde haired girl breathed as she ran through the white halls of the complex she was in, donning a white dress with a white sunhat, along with carrying a gray duffel bag. She frantically made her way past the docking area of vessels in the water, heading onto the elevator that was shaped like a triangle.

"There she is!" a voice cried out, causing her to gasp in fright, "Stop her!" he demanded as she saw several uniformed figures in pursuit of her. She quickly went to the lift's control panel, pressing a few buttons before the guardrails came up, taking her up just as the group of men and women in white uniforms arrived.

"Agh…" one groaned out of frustration, pulling a communicator radio out from one of the packs on his pants, "She's heading up to the conservation area," he noted through it.

"Copy that," a man replied, followed by the device going out with a click. Meanwhile, the girl had reached the floor above her, being an area of pathways that were fenced off from the palm trees, grasslands, and water bodies around it.

"Pew…" a voice squeaked from inside her bag, enticing her to look and see the frightened face of the creature that had yellow eyes and a gaseous, blue-colored body.

"Don't worry, Nebby…" she reassured, slowly walking out onto the pathways, "Once we get away from those guards, we'll be fine," she promised as she managed to smile at it.

"She's over here!" a man yelled, making her gasp as she turned to see two more uniformed people standing there.

"Oh no!" she yelped, quickly running off without giving herself a chance to catch her own breath.

"After her!" the employee declared, going into hot pursuit with his partner. Through several twists and turns, the long, blonde haired girl was beginning to tire out, as her vision blurred and her running became slower. All of a sudden, she perked up to see a man standing in her intended path, blocking her escape as she came to a stop.

"No…" she uttered in dismay, turning around to see the other men approaching her.

"Heh, we got her," one laughed, smirking.

"The President's not gonna be happy when she finds out what you tried doing, Lillie," the other pointed out as they came closer to her. She protectively guarded her bag, as the being inside started to glow a bright blue. All of a sudden, the light it emitted shined brightly, much to the collective surprise of everyone around as their mouths gaped open.

"Nebby, what are you-?!" Before she could even say another word, a flash conspired right where she was, blinding the guards for a moment as the luminosity went up into the sky and burst like a firework.

"Ergh…" one grunted, slowly blinking to regain his vision, "Ah!" he gasped with widened eyes upon noticing something, "She's gone!" he noted, pointing to where the girl had just been.

"Contact the President about this!" another demanded, causing a few to immediately run off as she grimaced, "This is bad…" he muttered with clenched teeth, having his fists tremble.


Looks like the gang's going to go to the Alola region! Talk about a great birthday present!

I hope you guys enjoyed this introduction of a chapter! The next one might not be coming for a while, but I'm going to be working on it as best as I can. There are other stories I'd like to get going on and other things I still need to do.

Until then, have a summary!


The Ketchum family has finally arrived at their vacation home in Alola, and they're all excited to get the summer fun started! Well, almost all of them... Both Calvin and Erika aren't at all thrilled with the prospect of the journey, as Erika ends up running away and Calvin just sulks in his room. But all of a sudden, beings they've never seen before appear before them, leading to what could be an improbable adventure...


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