"Ugh, never again". Spice scratched his body as he shivered in the cold. He was the last one to leave the vehicle and into the lot of zoo.

"Why do I feel so itchy?" He used the tip of his tail to rub his head while he scratched under his chin.

"You'll feel better when you get home". Prozac smiled as he patted the simian's shoulder.

"Unless you're an addict now". Evil smirked while snickering at the monkey.

"I hate all of you". Spice retorted as he groaned. He glanced at the cases and sighed.

"Could you help me bring this stuff back?" he pleaded.

"Fat chance, golden child". Evil gave a cold look.

Prozac gave the bear a frustrated glare. Despite the comment, and fatigue. He still wanted to help.

"We will help you bring them back home". He pointed to three of the bears.

They were groans of annoyance from them, But Death spoke first.

"I suppose this gives me an excuse to watch the stars before bed". Death reasoned as he grabbed a case lifting it up from the bottom.

"Let's just get this done, the faster we do this the faster we can get home". Fighter cracked his neck.

"That's the spirit!" Prozac exclaimed cheerily.

Fighter glanced at their leader's face, he could see the fatigue setting in on his face. "How long do those things last?"

The bear patted his shoulder calmly. "The more questions you ask, the more time we spend here". He stated dryly.

Fighter furrowed his brow intently before grabbing two cases in each hand by the handle.

"Better". He turned his gaze to Lech.

"Fine, my schedule already messed up". He grabbed a case lazily.

A loud yawn came from the small cub ridding the golden mongoose's back. The cub looked like a small brown backpack as he hung on to her.

"How quaint". Evil said as he looked at the two.

Prozac glanced at Evil suspiciously.

Evil returned the unwanted attention with a glare. "I can walk myself home."

Prozac gave the bear a blank stare causing him to scowl in response.

Tali chuckled at the two. "I'll take him back, I can manage two children".

Evil rolled his eyes calmly.

"Make sure he doesn't get out of your sight". He picked up the last case and joined the group. Spice lead the group.

"Follow me, I'll show a shortcut. We're not getting mugged today". Spice started to walk out of the parking lot through some bushes as the group followed suit leaving the two behind.

Tali looked at the bear sternly. "You can walk ahead, I'll catch up".

Evil gave her a dubious look and walked off.

"I can walk, sis". The cub yawned and hopped off her back.

Tali glanced over at Evil he wasn't staring at the two he was just waiting near a map of the zoo grounds. She knelt down brought him into a hug.

"Don't. Ever. Do that again". She glanced down at the cub.

"I promise I won't". He smiled sincerely.

"But you guys were so cool though!" He hopped up and down giddily.

"Cool or not, never sneak into a vehicle again, ok?"

He nodded.

"Next time I go on an adventure I'll tell you about it. You can use your imagination to fill the gaps". She ruffled his fur lovingly.

He smiled in response as he nuzzled his head into her chest.

She went quiet for a moment, holding the child closer to her.

"D-Did she name you?" She asked as she stroked his head.

He shook his head dismissively.

Her tail wagged from side to side as she closed her eyes.

"Ok then, little one from now on your name is: Mac".

"Did you name him after the burger you ate?" Evil asked as he looked at the duo from a far.

"Huh?" The cub said as he looked bewildered.

"Nothing, Mac. Let's go home". She replied as she gave the bear a death glare from a far.

He chuckled softly at the two.

Note to self: don't name the others after food, they won't here the end it. Tali thought pensively.

Mac smiled warmly.

"Oh and don't mention this to the others, I need to give them names too". She asked as they walked towards the bear.


The group trekked to the rain forest cafe. Spice watched Death from the corner of his eye and stopped as soon they could see the front of the building. He held up his paw apprehensively signaling for them to stop.

This should be far enough. Spice turned to see the group drop the cases all except for cyan coloured bear.

The blue coloured bear yawned. Finally, I've got Z's to catch up on. Lech said as he dropped the case and started to stretch his arms.

Prozac gave a concerned look, he held on to the case. I can help carry this up, you must be tired.

The simian held up his paw again. No it's fine. I'll bring it in, my sis should be inside by now. He started to stretch his arms.

"No, I'll help. It's the least I can do". Prozac said as he yawned and rubbed his eyes.

Death gave the bear a frustrated look.


"We've all had a long day, you head home. I'll take it from here". Death smiled.

Prozac looked at the bear reluctantly but sighed defeated.

"Fine. Don't stay too long".

Death nodded as the group walked away leaving Death and Spice alone.

He knelt down and picked up the case.

He felt uneasy as he walked forward with the first case to the bar. All the way he couldn't shake the feeling of someone watching him, he placed the case on the ground close to a window and turned around.

He wasn't wrong. the simian had be just standing there. He hadn't picked up a single case he just stood there with an unflinching stare as he started to walk back to cases alongside the simian.

He looked at the cases hesitantly... he just noticed that the boy hadn't even bothered to talk to him.

He needed to leave...

"Be careful, and have a pleasant evening". He bowed and started to walk away.

"Quite the little bubble you've built up, huh?"

Death stopped in place for a moment. He didn't bother to look back.

"It's fine, looks like your not entirely a piece of garbage". Spice narrowed his brow. He picked up a case and walked to the bar.

Death shook his head and walked away with a distant expression on his face.

Spice dropped the case at the next to window and continued to bring the cases to bar stacking them.

At the forth case he rested at the window sill. He held his knees panting softly as he bent over. As he caught his breath the lights in the building flickered on.

It didn't fully illuminate the room but he could make out and two shadows.

He glanced over his shoulder at the final case.One more...

He walked to the case and picked it up. His body felt weary, drained, even his eyes felt itchy as he felt his grip slipping...

"Watch it! Those things cost more than you!"

He dropped the case and suddenly turned around to his aggressor. He went into a mock fighting stance.

Spice sighed.

"What hell are you doing here?" He asked suspiciously as he glanced at Sugar behind him.

"I'm learning to be more lady-like-' She courtesy then gave a sour expression. "I'm going home, what the hell do you think?" She scowled.

She tilted her head curiously and stared at his nose. It had a white powder on it.

"What happened to you?" She pointed to his nose.

"Don't ask, it's been shitty day and I fell face first in nose candy".

"Fair, where's my phone?"

Spice twitched in fear as he patted his chest.

Sugar gave hardened glare and sighed. She noticed the paranoid look on his face and the small hole in his shirt.

"It's been a long day I'll carry this for you, yea big pansy". She struggled for a moment barely lifting it off the ground. Her lips curled into a frustrated pout. Spice lifted up the box and smirked smugly.

"Thanks for trying".

He used his tail to pat her head softly she continued to pout.

"Where have you been?" He squinted curiously. "I kinda thought you'd be inside already".

"Just had dinner. It was...Nice". She replied stretching her arms over her head.

"Why'd you think that?" She gave a curious look. He pointed to the light in the bar with his tail.

She furrowed her brow suspiciously then patted his shoulder and gestured him to follow her in.

He nodded as he followed her to the bar window.

She peered in and cursed. It definitely was her father but the other one was smaller, she couldn't tell who it was but it seemed familiar.

She turned to her brother with disappointed look as she saw him lugging the case with him.

"Drop the case you bum".

He rolled his eyes as he dropped it by the door.

She walked to toward the door clasped her paws together and...


"What's up, bitches!" She yelled as she kicked the door open.

Her brother face palmed as he saw the occupants of the bar.

Bart was looking at the door blankly as he barely reacted. His companion was the shaman, he tilted his head fully around toward the source of the noise. His orange eyes bulged out for a moment before he tried to hold his composure.

"Um...Hello?" The owl said as his eyes shifted around.

"Oh, it's you...This is a first". She placed her hands on her hips awkwardly.

"Yes, it's been a wonderful day today". The owl smiled proudly.

"It's been... Progressive". He hesitated for a moment but looked to the owl fondly.

"My I ask what you're doing out so late? It's dangerous to be out now".

The owl asked as he opened his wing and started to clean out his feathers.

Bart stared at the two tepidly. He stood there quietly staring off.

"Just bringing in a shipment that the human's forgot. I wanted to put it in the basement". Sugar smiled innocently.

The owl squinted curiously, unsure of whether to call out the monkey's falsehood. He glanced at the brothers attire. "What happened to you, lad?" He asked sincerely.

"It looks your shirt's been perforated. How did that happen?"

Spice clutched his chest pensively."I was playing with the guys and it got a little out of hand. I nearly got skewered by a fence spike in the exhibit".

"Ohh, aren't you lucky". the owl replied, he glanced over their father. Bart stared at his son, but remained silent. He scratching his the back of his head.

"Umm, good to see your ok. Are you both hungry?" He asked glancing at the counter.

Sugar shook her head dismissively.

"No, oddly enough. I don't feel hungry". Spice stated as he patted his stomach.

"Hmm, strange". The owl hopped of the table and flew to the boy. He started to inspect him thoroughly.

He began by leaning in to touch his face.

"Dilated pupils," he placed his wing on his chest.

"Increased heart rate?" he muttered.

"Get of me you pheasant!" Spice pushed off the owl, her sister snickered.

"Paranoia, and delusions. I wonder if there are more symptoms?"

Sugar glanced at their father, Bart stared lazily unmoved by the owl's comments.

She gritted her teeth and growled.

"He may be a wimp, but he ain't no druggy bird brain".

"I didn't say that, now did I?" He gave an inquisitive stare.

"That's enough questioning you're not a warden". Bart stated as he patted the owl's back gingerly.

"Fine, old friend".

The owl stared at the door noticing the cases. "I'm parched, may I have a glass?"

"Burt gave a soft smile".

"You can have the first drink. I won't stop you". He chuckled softly.

The owl gave a content smile. "I suppose I've earned it, as long as you don't over due".

Bart scoffed at the owl knowingly.

"You, He smirked warmly. "You sat down on a chair and talked my ear off while I cleaned the basement. No, I've earned it". He pointed to his chest with his thumb, he sounded much more lively now.

"Hm Hm, Fair enough". The owl chuckled.

"Which reminds me," He looked down at his son and patted his shoulder.

"Son, you're drinking responsively. You hear me?"

Spice rose his brow inquisitively. "As long as it's not made by her, I'll live". He gave a toothy grin as he mentioned his sister.

"Pssh. Not my fault none of you can handle something with a little bite". She walked outside and grabbed a bottle from the case. Sugar snickered mischievously as she held the bottle down and shook it.

A small spark appeared briefly from the top of the bottle.

Bart eyes twitched as he watched his daughter grab the bottleneck and twist it.

The cap flew suddenly in the air with an audible pop.

Spice froze as the cap was sent speeding toward his face.

The owl's eye followed the errant metal cap...


A loud shattering sound followed by a tiny bit of clatter was heard as tiny shards fell to the bar floor.

Bart lowered his foot from his son's face slowly. A pensive, alert expression replaced his lively look.

A small bit of blood was left on his foot. Spice noticed and rushed away from the group.

"Aww shit, hold on!" He ran away from them into the basement to find aid.

"It's fine, it's just a scratch". He started to walk to the counter, but the owl blocked his path.

Your bleeding, he'll patch you up when he comes back. He stood there sternly.

"Besides the floors dirty, we're not risking infection. I doubt this hole can afford more than a few animal vaccines". Sugar placed the bottle on the customer's table and walked to the counter, she pulled out a mop.

The father glanced at the broken window.

"That's another window..." He stated with a lukewarm tone.

"Then it's a good thing, I'm here than, huh". She swept the floor off the spilt alcohol and glass carefully shoving it out side.

"I'm lucky to have you both..."

"Yo, where's the first aid kit?!" The voice came from the basement.

"It's in the other room," Bart sat down at a table with the case of blue ribbon brew in front of him.

The owl glanced at the door and shouted. Watch your step, it's dark and there's sand left on the mats!

"I got it!" He replied yelling back and mere seconds later it was followed by the sound of something crashing to the floor.

Bart grabbed the bottle to inspect it, it still was fizzling. A noticeable spark appeared again.

His attention was taken briefly by the sound of clattering again, his daughter placed four glasses on the table. "Bottoms up, D". Sugar smiled warmly as she poured him a glass. This costs 800 a case, the rest are up for grabs.


Mike stared at the matchbox lazily as he brushed his teeth with with a toy tooth brush, a cup laid beside the box. He stepped over lace from a boxing glove to get to the cup with mouthwash.

He glanced back at the door, again before grabbing the large glass with clear, blue liquid and lifted the glass above his head to chug it down.


He glanced at the door in anticipation only to see Jimmy yawning as he rubbed his eyes. He turned his head toward the shelf and waved. There was a walkie talkie barely held together in his paw.

Mike gave a silent thumbs up as he started to gargle the mouthwash and swish around in his mouth.

The raccoon smirked giddily as he saw the make shift bed. He hopped into the trampoline and wrapped his tail around himself.


The door opened up again, Evil enter the into room.

Mike spat unto the floor earning a distasteful scowl from Evil.

"Really?" He asked.

"Sorry, dirty habit". He rolled his eyes. "How'd the errand go?" He peered over to the bear.

Evil remained silent.

"We can do this all night, kiddo. I can be very persistent". He narrowed his brow.

Evil scoffed and pulled out the black phone. His attention was taken by the small hole made in the cracked screen.

"We ran into some trouble, I lead us out of it unharmed".

He smiled wolfishly. "Most of us any way".

The mouse stared down at the bear intently as he leaned against the wall.

"Care to explain? You guys made the news, well, your van did".

Evil folded his arms.

"It shouldn't be a problem, if anything they'll search the premises and find nothing". He sounded calm as he rummaged through his dresser drawer and grabbed a pair of knives.

He peered over to a dart board on the other side of the room, it was over the trampoline. A crude drawing of a polar bear was hanging on it.

"Still, you couldn't have been more discrete?" He wagged his finger back and forth.

"Sloppy job". He looked back at the board.

The bear rolled his eyes annoyed with the mouse's critique as he threw the first blade. it flew into the bear's ear.

The mouse turned his head away from the dart board back to Evil.

"Regardless, if they investigated I'm pretty sure a human would be charged.".

He turn to the mouse and gave a smug, reassuring grin.

"Who's crazy enough to suspect an animal?" He chuckled.


A black bear entered the room and shut the door. He glanced at the two pensively, then walked to the counter reaching over to pat the mouse's head with his finger.

Stop. He continued to message his head softly.

Stop. He squirmed away reluctantly.

Stop...Damn it that feels nice.

Mike craned his neck toward his friends finger as his tail wagged around happily, he heard Evil snickering below him and glared at the albino bear unhappy, he squirmed away from the Fighter.

Fighter stopped and glanced at his bed with lazy eyes and yawned as he rubbed his belly.

Jimmy smiled innocently as he saw the bear lumber over to the trampoline and pick him up.

"Jim, we've been over this: We don't sleep in the same bed". He dropped the raccoon on the ground.


Fighter pointed to his duffel bag exhausted as he turned to his roommate, Evil.

"Can you give him a-"

Evil threw a pillow at the bear's face, it slid off as he looked at the bear tepidly his expression not changing.


He searched through the bag and pulled out a tuning fork. Then fluffed the pillow and shoved it into the bag.

"This should do it". He gestured over to the bag, the raccoon reluctantly entered it.

Jimmy shuffled around in it restlessly before finally getting comfortable and started to lean into the pillow.

"This...Is nice". He purred as he laid down in the bag the tip of his ring tail peaking out of the bag.

"Make sure you stay in there". Evil glared at the bag.

"I said I was sorry. It's still cold, I needed warmth". He replied.

"We have blankets".

"It's...Not the same". He pleaded in a sad tone.

"Either get used to it or get used to the cold". Evil threw another knife, it hit the polar between the eyes.

Mike glared at him sternly for his callus behaviour.

"I let you two stay here, that means I set the rules".

He threw the last knife at board hitting the polar's right eye. Fighter frowned annoyed at the placement above his bed.

"Don't like it leave...Or you could thank me for allowing you here in the first place".

"I already did". Jimmy exclaimed.

"I know". He glanced at Mike knowingly.

The mouse rolled his eyes again.

"I don't think I need to tell you the dangers of drawing too much attention?" He stated.

Jimmy stuck his head out of the bag.

"Didn't we almost get attacked by a guard in the gift shop, and Clyde had to shove-"

"Shut it Jimbo…" He exclaimed. Mike's face was red in embarrassment.

Fighter squinted curiously unsure about touching that landmine.

Evil stretched his arms. "You,' he yawned. "worry to much".

"Considering what happened I have a right to worry". Mike said.

Evil walked to his bed and fluffed his pillow.

"Can you at least tell me what happened?" He asked.

Evil yawned loudly as he continued to ignore the mouse's questions.

Mike furrowed his brow as he hopped into the Matchbox, he slid into the box and covered himself with a cloth. He glanced at Evil.

"Figure out the rest yourself, your nosy I bet you can figure it out". He said.

"Can you quit being such a brat? It's getting old, real fast". His tone was filled with disdain.

Evil glared at the shelf.

Mike's whiskers twitched."Ok, I can take a hint." Evil scoffed in response.

"Excuse me for being worried about others. But I bet that's real hard for you, huh? The mouse growled out louder.

"Why don't you stop acting like a parent, and start behaving like a pet, it suits you". Evil jeered.

Fighter sighed, his attention was caught by Jimmy's tail squirming erratically.

No one is gonna get any sleep with this going on. Might as well tire myself out.

He got up from his bed and rose his paws up in a boxing stance, he clutched the fork in his paw firmly.

Practice makes perfect.

Fighter threw three consecutive jabs with his left, he threw a right cross to finish it followed by a quick head slip. His snout flared as he continued his exercise.

"Shut it". Mike's voice was quieter now.

"I'm surprised really, the way you act is nothing like a mouse. More like a puppy dog". He stuck out his tongue.

Keep your footing and keep loose. Fighter thought.

His feet stayed firmly apart, knees bent just enough for swift movement, hips swayed from side to side as he threw different punches before curling his body inward and rolling torso as he bobbed and weaved, he did this again and again.

The bear was in own little world, but the conversation was getting more heated.

The mouse threw off his blanket in anger. "That's it, you frigging psychopath!" He pointed at the bear threateningly.

Evil smirked as he mockingly waved his hands. "Oooh, do I have to remind you who let you sleep here?" He gave the mouse a blank stare. He was growing tired of this.

"Oh ho, that's rich! Thank you! For letting me sleep in a box on your empty shelf. I'm glad you're kind enough to give me this honor!" The venom in his voice was thick.

There was a pause. Neither of them said anything his rebuke.

The mouse gave a vexed look waiting for a response. He barely noticed the bear's exercise. He was too focused on the albino bear in front of him…

He hadn't even blinked but, a small grin finally appeared from his lips.

The mouse narrowed his brow sternly, was this just a game to him? He wouldn't let this go.

It only took two words...

"Your welcome". Evil's malicious grin widened.

The mouse was about to throw the glass at the bear's head.

"Enough". Fighter threw his final punch as he panted, he wiped a bit of sweat off his brow.

"Cute, what do you have to say?" Evil asked.

"God, why are you such a dick! Were you born this way you little bastard!"

Fighter glanced up at his friend. Damn it, Mike.

Consider that nerve touched.

Evil eyes widen in anger, he was unusually quiet before glancing at the knives on the wall.

The mouse saw this and got louder.

"Do it, I dare you!" He narrowed his brow as he stood menacingly at him. "Your not the first to try".

Fighter got between them, he placed his fork on the drawer.

"Your out of line. Mike, chill". He stated calmly.

Mike tilted his head inquisitively.

"Your defending this maniac? After what he did?"

I-I apologized. Evil stated looking away stubbornly.

"I sincerely doubt that". Mike spat out.

"What am I supposed to say?" he replied.

"Oh I'm sorry for being a selfish, sadistic, pyro. Please forgive me". He clasped his paws together tightly.

"All is forgiven, if it can only be that easy". Evil glared at the mouse.

"Ooooohh!" Jimmy flailed his arm around in circles.

"Shut up Jimmy!" Mike cheeks burned.

Thump thump.

They all stared at the door like dear.

Fighter shook his head dismissively and walked to the door. He opened it to see Prozac on the other side.

"Too loud?" He assumed.

He gave an exhaustive glare as he pointed to Sara munching on popcorn in the hallway causing to Fighter sigh.

"We'll keep it down," he glanced at Sara with a disinterested look. "What got sick of sandwiches?"

She smirked smugly.

"This is most enjoyable entertainment here. Better than housewives".

He flipped her off and closed the door. Prozac turned around frustrated at the female smiling victoriously.

She looked at Prozac inquisitively. "I need a pillow". She inquired.

Prozac sighed loudly as he held his head. I'm going to get stomach ulcers from this...

As Fighter entered back into the room, he looked back to see them both eying each other down, the room was filled with scorn and the scent of butter.

"I can't stay silent about this, do you remember this pyromaniac?" Mike pointed to Evil.

The method was nearly the same..I knew there was something off about that cub.

"Oh, I remember everything clearly, not many albino bear's around here". He stated calmly.

They both peered over to the bear simultaneously.

"What?!" They both said.

"Then why haven't you said anything?" Mike said dumbfounded.

"Or tried to kill me I my sleep?" Evil added.

Fighter walked to the dresser to pick up the utensil, and twirled the fork between his fingers.

"Believe me, there's no bad blood between us for that". He pouted.

"Besides he was a cub just like me, who am I to judge?"

Evil rose his brow dubiously. "Wow, what a wasted opportunity".

"You want me beat you up? You have enough to deal with".

"No. It's just odd".

"I know, trusting the guy who's life you ruined can cause some friction". He gave him a tired stare while glancing over and smirking smugly.

Can you please stop smiling? Your sending me mixed messages here. He frowned.

"Keep it simple, live and let live".

Evil groaned and hopped back into his bed. "Your weird, you know that?"

"Meh, I'm fine with that". He glanced back at the bag with the raccoon and saw his tail flatten into the bag. He nodded contently.

Mike tilted his head, he had a stupefied look on his face. He was trying to process this...

"So you trust me now?" Evil smirked.

He furrowed his brow inquisitively. "I trust you, but I don't trust you". He stated.

"Your making this more complicated than it is". Mike gave a dubious look.

"Literally, this a yes or no question". Evil held his annoyed.

"I don't know whether you've grown up or just lost your mind over years of being imprisoned". Mike stated.

"You know what, I don't care..." Evil rolled his eyes as he began to lose interest.

"You can ask him more while I sleep". He tilted his head back into the bed.

"Is it past your bedtime already?" Mike leaned over the shelf.

"It's two in the morning. Both of you quiet down and be positive". Fighter stated bluntly.

"There's no room for that here in my domain. Negativity reigns here". Evil stated bluntly as he wrapped his blanket around him.

"Then we'll be like Swiss; full of holes". He replied bitterly.

Evil gave an odd look.

Mike rose his brow dubiously.

"I thought you's go for neutrality with that one?" He asked.

"It's too early for this, sue me". He stated as he lumbered over to the trampoline and plopped onto it.

He tapped the tuning fork on his trampoline and closed his eyes.

The harmonious hum was a pleasant sound to his ears. To others however, it made things difficult.

"That is annoying..." Evil glared at the ceiling.

"Get used to it. Unless you want him to sleep walk". Mike curled into the box.

"Why am I the only sane one here?" He asked.

The mouse snickered at the bear's comment. He leaned over the edge of the shelf and peered down at Evil.

"Oh and a warning, close your mouth when you sleep who knows what can drop in it". He smirked deviously.

Evil scowled at the shelf disgusted, You want that box to be your grave?

"You dirty rat". He spoke silently.

"At least the trash isn't far, or the toilet". He replied.

They both sat in silence.

Mike glanced at the ceiling. He remembered the cub's words.

They echoed on his head: "There's some good in there. You just need look hard enough".

The mouse clinched his fist tightly and shut his eyes.

You've rubbed off on me, kid. but I can't forget so easily...

The smoke was suffocating, he was lucky enough to be out it as coughed on the ground.

He looked up to see a large black bear.

"H-he's in there. Please save him..." He crawled away from the tent, fatigue set in as he passed out on the grass...

His eyes widened, his breath grew shallow in his bed.

I'll wait, we'll see what happens.

Italian Gallery

Tua Madre- You mother-

Figurati- Don't mention it

Frettare- Scrub.

La calma è la virtù dei forti- Two meaning I like the second. First Calm is the skill of great people or Calm is a virtue of the strong