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I come up to my brothers room to ask him to take me shopping, but my brother is watching one of those shows with lots of blood. I'm only in here to get him to take me out. I so wanna go shopping. Then a commercial comes on. There is gonna be an audition for a singing group called GT Dragons or something I didn't catch the name of the group. My stupid brother sits there and starts laughing. He says something about his friend being an idiot to do something like that. I don't even think he knows I'm in here. He is such an idiot. I say, "Ah hum" he turns his head and looks at me. "Did you see that commercial?" he asks. I nod my head in response. Then he does the stupidest thing he throes his head back *he looks like he is thinking so hard* I chuckle to myself. "I hope you don't break your brain," I mumble. He just turns his head and blinks twice what and idiot. "I dare you to go to that audition," he says. * What me why I sing to myself in my room but the music is so loud no one can hear me I think* "Why," I ask. * Why would he think me Bra Briefs Vegeta could sing in front of people at an audition* "I want you to get out of the house and for that idiot to be put in his place," he says. *GOTEN YOU WILL PAY FOR THAT STUPID JOKE IT MAY HAVE BEEN 10 YEARS AGO BUT ME TRUNKS BRIEFS IS SENDIN HIS LITTLE SIS TO KICK YOUR ASS* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Flashback~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Hey Trunks what's up buddy" Goten yells from his desk in class. * Goten thinks*~oh my hope he don't hurt his brain~ * If Trunks don't thinks I can sing and become famous on day he is fucked in the head I will become famous ha I mite be more famous then him I hope he likes his surprise come on Trunks walk through the door* Trunks walks through the door when Goten pulls a string and then ......... "I oh.....shit....this..is..GGGLLLLLLLLLLLLUUUUUUUEEE _ In my HAIR. GOTEN I'm gonna kill you"* I am superior now I got Trunks when I become famous he will beg at my feet* Next thing you no a big bucket of feathers comes fallin down. "DAMN YOU ALL," Trunks yells *Trunks runs home to his Mommie* ~heheheheheh Trunks is a mommies boy hehehehehehe~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~End of Flashback~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

*You will pay gotten*

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