Saitama stirred around the noodles in his boiling pot tiredly, he woke up around 11:30 AM and was still a little drowsy. He decided to just straight up skip breakfast and make himself some lunch since it was almost noon anyway. He woke up to full alert pretty fast however, he had an odd feeling about... nothing, he felt something would happen, but unsure of what.

Then her turned when he heard a knock at the door. Genos answered it, and all he could see was Tatsumaki's green hair. He nearly face palmed himself, he was in worry and anticipation over that?

"Come in." Saitama called, relaxing back to a calmer state.

"Would you like tea?" Genos offered.

"Yes, I would." She responded. Saitama sighed, she was fairly rude and had no problem showing her distaste. It didn't bother him at all, it just made him curious why she had brought herself around him slightly more if she openly despised him.

Saitama put his udon in a bowl and sat across from her as she sipped.

"What brings you here this morning?" Saitama asked.

"I've realized to myself I've been quite an asshole to people, so I'm bringing myself around more in a... more positive way." She said, but Saitama could immediately tell that she was both lying and forcing herself to speak so proper, it piqued his interest slightly.

"Genos, can you deal with the dishes please?" Saitama asked, intending to have a slightly more in depth conversation with the woman.

As Genos left to do as told, Saitama leaned forward slightly.

"Wanna be honest now?" He asked.

"What do you think of me Baldy?" She asked with a stern look.


"Just answer the question damn it." She responded sharply

"Wouldn't hurt to call me by my name?" He replied.

She stopped, she had called him every insult, but she hadn't even taken the time to learn his name.

"What would that be then?" She asked, slightly embarrassed she had to ask.


"Ok, Saitama, what do you think of me personally?" She asked

"Well, you can be quite annoying sometimes, but you're pretty strong and even though you're hot blooded normally, you're level headed in battle, so for the most part, I respect you." He simply responded, Saitama was familiar being blunt with his answers, and had no problem getting straight to the point.

She seemed slightly irritated at first, then calm.

"Thank you, that means a lot that you aren't afraid of me, to be able to voice you're opinion." She said suddenly, her voice more full of emotion than he had ever seen in the small woman.

"Well, you wanted my opinion." He said.

"Oh shut up bal- Saitama." She said returning to her usual Tsundere self.

"What even brought this on? When have you ever cared what I think? Did someone say something?" He asked.

She nodded, "yes, actually, my sister fuubuki pointed out to me that I'm quite cold and rude to everyone, and that everyone is either too afraid of me, or hates me too much to say anything to me." She said, getting upset again. "I can't help it Saitama, I've been that way for a long time, I... don't know how to change it, so I wanted to ask someone who can both put up with me and is not in fear of me either." She said, emotion filling her voice again.

He was surprised by the woman, he had never seen her so open with anyone in the two months they've known each other as heroes, she clearly needed to vent.

"Well then, are you here to ask my help?" He asked

"Y-Yes, I... want to know how to be around someone who isn't afraid of me and doesn't hate me, so... c-could we... maybe go for dinner? To you know... g-get some experience so I can maybe change myself." She asked suddenly looking up at him with determined and both slightly scared eyes.

"You do realize you just low key asked me on a date right?" He said, being blunt as usual.

"YES I realize that dumbass, answer the damn question your robot boyfriend gets all protective of you on me again." She said, slightly ticked off.

"He's not my boyfriend, I'm not into dudes. Sure, when will be going out?" He responded.

Her eyes widened.

"R-Really!?" She asked.

"Yeah, its to help out right?" He said

She shook her head a little, almost snapping herself back to her usual state, "right, all just to help me deal with people." She said, sipping he last of her tea before standing up again.

"Here's my address, pick me up tonight, 8:30." She said handing him a slip of paper.

"Ok" he said taking the paper and sticking it into his pocket.

Genos walked in, with a couple plates of food.

"Oh, you're not staying? I made this for you two cause I thought you would stay." He said looking at Saitama and her.

"I guess I could stay a little longer if that's the case..." she said.

So the two sat and ate for a little while as Genos went to work cleaning the apartment.

"Crap! This will never wash out!" Saitama said irritated.

She turned to see him with a fresh sauce stain on his white t-shirt, he was right, it would never wash out of white.

She smirked, and turned back to her plate, taking another bite.

"Nothing for it I guess." He said.

She turned again, when she saw him her eyes shot wide open and she dropped her fork. Saitama stood up and took his shirt off.

She had seen the man fight, she knew he was strong, but his body... she had never been attracted to any man before, but she felt her heart nearly stop at the sight of him.

She scolded herself, he only took his shirt off! Why was she getting so excited!?

He walked into his room and came back out fully dressed this time, in his 'oppai' hoodie and blue jeans.

She had barely calmed her heart down when he came back in the room, she felt attracted to him, she immediately thrusted the thought from her mind. She couldn't be attracted to him! She was only going on that date as practice!

She was lying to herself when she thought those things and she knew it, she LIKED to think it was JUST practice, but when he was sweet to her... he tolerated her... he wasn't afraid of her... her attraction to him... she knew to herself that she liked this man, whether she liked it or not.

"Hey, you okay over there? You sick?" He asked her, he saw her red cheeks and thought she might be getting a fever.

"N-No! I'm fine." She said, finishing her food. She stood up and began to walk out the door before turning, "thank you for the tea and meal... Saitama." She said with a small smile.

"Anytime, see you this evening." He responded with his usual I-Don't-Give-A-Fuck Expression.

"Yeah, I'll be seeing you." She said, with her cheeks quickly turning red before she walked out the door.


Saitama had run all the way to City A in about 3 minutes, he didn't understand why she went to his house if she was so far, but she could probably go pretty fast as well if that was the case.

Before he left, he read up online that women like to go to fancy restaurants, or to somewhere fun, and even though he became class B, he was still broke, he didn't make lots of money like other higher rank heroes did.

So he decided to go to a movie, he read that women, depending on who they are, like it when they pick the movie, so he decided she would pick it.

He sent her a text letting her know where they were going and he would get there in a few minutes.

When he showed up at her fancy apartment, she opened the door and she stood there, in thigh high black socks, a dark green skirt, a casual black shirt, and her hair in a small and low ponytail.

To put it in words himself, she was cute as shit.

Saitama had only worn his blue jeans, sneakers, and a yellow hoodie, which thankfully did not say 'Oppai' on it.

"You look nice." She said, looking him up and down.

"You look cuter than shit, why did no one tell me?" He said, looking at her in the mirror, "it's fucking adorable!" He said.

"Jeez, you're a dork, let's go." She said, so they left towards the nearest theatre. Once they got there, Saitama told her to pick a movie, she smiled and pointed toward the new Resident Evil movie. Saitama bought the tickets and also purchased a large tub of popcorn to share.

The movie was phenomenal, Tatsumaki got right into it. Saitama was impressed by it, the trailers that had been released for it were quite accurate to how good it was. However, it wasn't very scary for a horror movie, not at all really, at least not to them.

The movie ended, so Saitama and Tatsumaki walked out, Saitama was a good mood, and Tatsumaki was actually smiling. They were about to leave when they ran into Genos and Amai Mask.

"Oh, Sensei!" Genos said when they walked up.

"In the flesh, how are you Saitama?" Amai mask asked him

"I'm fine, but I'm not the only on here." He said, gesturing toward an annoyed Tatsumaki. She was a strong individual, but what she hated more than anything was being so small and ignored for it.

"Ah yes, how are you as well." Mask asked her.

"Fine." Tatsumaki said irritated.

"How is your date Sensei?" Genos asked.

"It's going well so far." He responded.

"A date hmmmm?" Mask said with a growing smile.

"Yeah, what's it to you?" She responded, growing angrier with his nosiness and overall him being a bit of a prick.

"Never thought a brat like you could ever get with anyone, you little ball of rage." He said with a harsh smile.

"My name is tatsumaki!" She said as a green aura appeared around her.

"What gonna destroy this whole place over a insult? You're incompetent, you should let real adults do the work, not children who have some crazy gifted power they can't control." He said brutally, she became more and more visibly upset.

Something Saitama learned was that the people who weren't afraid of her and hated her in turn, would call her things and bully her, they were just average citizens so she couldn't retaliate against them. If she did, she would kill them. Her power was too strong, so after years of putting up with it, it bothered her very much for someone to even tease her, and now with Mask saying all these harsh things, she was clearly on the verge of tears, not being to retaliate with out destruction and probable death.

"That's enough." Saitama spoke up.

"Why? You doing her or something?" He said with a harsh laugh.

"No, this is only our first date, but I'm not gonna let you ruin my night cause you wanna be a prick." He said simply.

"Or what then?" Mask ignorantly responded.

Tatsumaki and Genos facepalmed, Amai Mask truly was an idiot if he thought he could take on Saitama.

"I'll punch you, that's what." Saitama said, his face grown serious.

"Whatever you say bald boy, good night." He said as he walked out with a sigh.

Genos knew not to bother them further, so he went into one of the screening areas silently.

"I'm sorry." She said with sobs in her voice.

Saitama stopped short, truly stunned.

"What are you apologizing for? If someone doesn't like you, then they can jump off a cliff or something." He said simply.

She never thought of that, Saitama was never bothered even when he received nothing but the cruelest letters she had ever seen. People told him he was worthless, that he should just die, that he was someone no one could love...

... but he only ever laughed at them as if they were funny, he got a kick out of them. She now understood, he laughed at all the hate because it doesn't affect him, and he laughs because he thinks it's funny that they're trying so hard to upset him, it's so ineffective that it's amusing to him.

She wiped her tears, she could do that, simply laugh at them and not care, it's like he said, they can jump off a cliff if they hate her.

"Thanks, maybe I can use that to help me." She said.

"Good, I don't need to see you cry." He said

They walked in silence for a little while longer.

"I lied." She said looking down

"About what?" He asked

"I didn't ask you out because I wanted to get better with people, I felt guilty and pitied you, I'm so sorry." She said with a small sob, she couldn't even handle how much guilt she felt for underestimating his strength and thinking of him that way. He's helped her a lot that evening and he wouldn't even have done that if she hadn't decided to pity the man, she felt so disgusted with herself.

Saitama didn't say anything, he simply just took her and gently wrapped his arms around her, so the top of her forehead touched the bottom of his chest.

"Don't apologize, its fine, it's not that way anymore." He said to her, she placed her hands on his stomach, she once again wished she was taller so that they were on his chest.

"No, I'm with you now cause I... I like you." She said, using her power to float upward and wrap her arms around his neck.

"Yeah." He said, not knowing what to say in a tender moment like this, the article he read didn't tell him how to handle this, he was on his own.

"C-Can we date from now on?" She asked, pulling away to look at him, but her face was redder than a ripe cherry.

"Are you asking to be my girlfriend?" Saitama asking bluntly again.

"Y-Yes." She said looking down.

"Sure, why not?" He said, she made him have a good night, and she showed a sweeter side he could get used to, so why not? Made sense to him anyway.

She looked up at him, with a smile covering her face slowly as what he said slowly sunk in, she dropped the smile and leaned towards him.

He wasn't ready for her lips to be on his.

She had gently began to kiss him, he panicked slightly, unsure of what to do. Up until that night, he had never been on a date, never been with a woman, shit, he had never even had a first kiss! So he fumbled for a moment, until he found a comfortable place for his hands, one on the small of her back, and the other on the back of her head.

She the kiss was very gentle and delicate at first, then she pressed a little more firmly onto him, so that it was both firm and gentle, it made him more comfortable too. He pulled her in slightly and she wrapped her arms around his neck.

She pulled away, "that was my first kiss." She said, heart going faster than a NASCAR.

"Mine too." He said.

She gave him another kiss, "and it sure as well won't be the last." She said, lowering down until she was no longer floating and she was on her feet.

They walked the last block in silence, with Tatsumaki gently reaching for his hand and taking it softly, with Saitama in turn entering his fingers with hers.

They reached her door, she turned, "thank you for the wonderful night Saitama, would it be too much to have one more kiss, I've found I greatly enjoy them." She said.

So she and Saitama kissed gently again, and she went inside and smiled happily as she prepared for bed that night, knowing she would see him the next day without fear of what anyone else said about their new relationship.

She had changed, and it was all thanks to that man.