"As I was saying, Captain Rogers, we reviewed the schematics of your suit. We think we can add more Kevlar to the front and sides to protect you from stray bullets. You may be a super soldier but…"

"Bullets hurt." Steve finished as he looked over the drawings of his new suit. The one from New York had a lot of memories for him but he needed something more tactical now that he was going on missions more often. He was looking over other plans when he heard the lab door slide open. Turning to see who entered, he stopped when he saw a flash of blond hair turn the corner.

"This is our R&D lab, Ms. Smoak. Everything you see here, and I think goes without saying, is classified." Dr. Patrick said brusquely as she ran her fingers along the arrowheads on the counter. "In this lab, we develop tech to help our agents in the field. Before you ask Ms. Smoak, yes, we do get visits from the Avengers team. We have to test our designs."

She tempered her response with a slight nod but inside she could feel herself becoming excited. The opportunity had presented itself when she read an email from Tony after the Chitauri incident. He said that he wanted her help with modifications and she couldn't say no. The schematics on the screens showed her the ways that their equipment could be modified and she couldn't wait to get her hands on them. When she arrived in D.C., she was worried that she wouldn't be able to find her way around the agency but when she looked at the new designs, she knew that she would fit in perfectly. "Do you have anything that you're working on now, Dr. Patrick?"

The older man looked her over as if he was assessing whether to tell her. She offered a small smile and was relieved when he returned it. "We are, in fact," He walked over to the table and pulled out a sketch of the Captain America uniform. "This."

Felicity eyes widened as she took in the design. Seeing the uniform in books or online did not do it justice. "Wow," she said quietly. The suit's color had been changed to a darker blue but the silver star and the red and white stripes were unmistakable.

"It is magnificent," Dr. Patrick said. "After New York, we wanted to redesign it so it wasn't so cartoonish and having Captain Rogers here in person has helped." He pointed to the back of the uniform. "We added the brace for his shield. If he isn't in the field, it allows him to keep it close if he needs it."

"Currently," he continued taking a pen out and pointing to the sides of it. "We're working with Captain Rogers to add more Kevlar to the suit. He might be a super solider but …"

"Bullets hurt." She finished as she continued to look at the suit. "But I don't see why you need to add more Kevlar, it would make the suit too bulky. He's perfect the way he is."

"Well, thanks?" A deep voice said from behind her.

Felicity spun around and she could feel the blush spread over her face. Standing in front of her was Steve Rogers whose had an amused look on his face.

"I said that out loud, didn't I?" she asked, her face growing even redder. It would her luck that she would make a comment about an Avenger. She hadn't even been at agency a full day yet, and of course, that Avenger would be Captain America. She could imagine the teasing she would get from Thea if she ever told her.

To his credit, Felicity thought, he didn't tease her and just smiled. "I'm afraid you did, but I won't hold that against you." His smile, while guarded, did reach his eyes as if he was curious about her.

"Wow, you're attractive," she said again, and instantly felt her face grow hot again. She really needed to get a handle on her babbling. She saw him blush and relaxed.

"Well, miss, that's twice you've given me a compliment and I don't even know your name."

"Oh! Me? My name is Felicity Smoak."