Yep another chapter story, I have too many ideas! Okay explanation time! I was watching Slash and Destroy (Season 2 episode 6 or 7) and remember that bit when Slash SLAMMED Mikey onto the floor with his fist? I'm going to write what could've happened in my opinion! This was inspired by the book Katy and a short animation called Scarlett.

Don't read if you hate extreme injury stuff... (WARNING! Mikey will be VERY hurt!!!)


Chapter One- The Injury

As Slash's fist connected with Mikey's carapace a sickening crack was heard. It seemed as if time itself had froze. Mikey's body fell to the ground in slow motion, limp and unmoving. Slash's eyes widened, the mutagen that had warped his brain was coming to terms with what he'd just done.

Rapheal had always told him his troubles and worries about his brothers- particularly young Michelangelo. Raph always looked out for the little guy, even if he did get on his nerves. And now he, Rapheal's loyal pet, hurt one of the people he cared about the most. He ran, knowing he couldn't fix what had happened.

Raph watched Slash run with a mixture of emotions: anger, resentment, sadness and guilt. Guilt that he'd led this to happen. But he had to dwell on that later. Raph examined Mikey, who was barely even concious. Though he was panicking Raph put on a calm face and placed a hand on Mikey's shoulder, emerald eyes boring into baby blue ones.

"You're gonna be okay Mikey," Raph told him shakily, "we'll help you,"

Then blackness consumed the young turtle.

10 Hours Later...

It had been ten hours since Raph, Leo and Donnie brought Mikey home. Almost immediately he was taken to the infirmary (basically a corner of Donnie's lab) and hooked up to a heart monitor, breathing mast and other various medical equipment.

Donnie had tried to call April to see if she could help and after many failed attempts she finally picked up.

"Donnie stop calling me I told you I never want to see you or speak to you again," April hissed. She had to keep her voice down because she was ,yet again, tutoring the infamous Casey Jones.

"Look April we're sorry but I need to know if you know any doctors who WOULDN'T freak out seeing five mutants," Donnie urgently asked her.

"And why do you need to know that?" April snarled.

"Mikey got hurt, badly. I think he's broken his spine but it may not be that serious. I know you're mad at us but please, I don't want my little brother to die," Donnie begged, placing a shivering hand on Mikey's pale forehead.

April froze. Sure she was mad at the guys but as Casey had said, some things were just out of our control; she didn't want Mikey to die, he had always greeted her after a bad day with a mug of hot chocolate and a movie. Maybe it was time to forgive the turtles.

"Okay fine. My friends cousin is a qualified doctor and she doesn't care what you look like. I'll go call her," April responded, glancing at Casey. It was true. His cousin, Solar, would be your friend if you had an arrow sticking out of your head- of course she'd remove the arrow first. But how would she react to the turtles? Only one way to find out.

"Before you go April, I'm truly sorry... I've been working as hard as I can to get your father back but I'll have to focus on Mikey too. Thank you for understanding everything," Donnie ended the call. April never ceased to amaze him.

Raph hadn't moved from his spot next to Mikey's bed. He'd took it hardest of all. As if it wasn't bad enough his pet got mutated into a monster, that pet tried to kill his baby brother the exact same day. Raph was convinced it was his fault, and if Mikey never woke up then Donnie was afraid that he would've lost two brothers.

Leo was ,naturally, blaming himself for all this. As soon as they'd gotten home he'd brought his meditating mat into the infirmary so he could be closer to Mikey. So far he hadn't said a word other than "I'm sorry".

Master Splinter was devastated when he heard the news and saw Mikey himself. It was as if he could feel the pain from when he lost his first child, losing another would only make his heart break completely.

Then finally him, Donnie. He'd spent hours caring for Mikey, looking up his injuries and drinking lots of coffee. Mikey was his only little brother and the baby of the family, he can't take Mikey's place.

Even if Mikey does wake up he may never be the same again. Only time will tell...

Okay that was alright. Poor Mikey! My sweet, innocent friend. You do not deserve this! I hope you guys are intruiged! I forgot to mention that this is also inspired by the first fanfiction story I ever read called Guilty. It hasn't been updated for a year but its AMAZING! See ya next chapter where April shall see Mikey's condition- and so will you guys! BYE!

-Wolf :)