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Chapter 1: "Bryce?"

Sarah was preparing for her date with Shaw in the Spa for a "couple's massage"

What the hell even is a "couple's massage" I mean are we going to be massaging each other because we haven't even done...

'That' yet and he expects me to let him rub my entire body down…

No thanks, but yet again… it's been 3 years since I've had any form of sex with anyone, and with me constantly pushing Chuck away the first two years we had known each other it was like I was deliberately putting myself through a dry-spell, maybe if I just let him break my walls…

NO! Do not put yourself through that again Sarah, he left you! HE. LEFT. YOU!

Yeah but he did have a reason, I mean….

She was pulled away from her thoughts when there was a knock on her door. While walking to the door she looked at her watch,

Huh, Shaw's an hour early, why would he be… all sudden thoughts where silenced when she saw who was at the other side of the door.


There he was standing in the hallway through her doorway in a simple green t-shirt and dark blue jeans in all his undead glory, looking nowhere near as dead as she had last seen him.

"Hi… Sarah… long time no see?" he said sounding unsure of himself on whether this was a good idea after all when he looks into her stormy blue eyes filled with rage.


"OH! WHAT THE HELL SARAH!?" He screamed while holding his bloody, broken nose after Sarah punched him without holding back.

"WHAT THE HELL!? YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD!" She screamed at the top of her lungs at him.

"Yeah I guess I can see why you're pissed at me now… Can I come in? Please? I need to talk to you about something really important."

"Fine. Come in." She moved to sit down at a seat at a table by the window.

"What do you want Bryce?"

"It's about Chuck… I think he's dying."

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