I know this is short, but if I'm asked enough times I'll add another chapter.

Chapter Two

I was embarrassed and pleased when Lex told me that Stiles was compiling a list of my virtues. I'm sure its exaggerated a lot, and I can't believe were acting like adolescence teenagers on their fist crush, but part of me can't help but be pleased that he's thinking of me. Since then everything I see him do makes me come up with a virtue for him.

He watches a boring presentation without looking half-asleep: determination. He squeezes my hand before leaving on a mission: Gentleness. He doesn't hide facts even thought they might hurt me: Honesty. He follows orders even when that means making a sacrifice: obedience. Willing to rush into something to make sure everyone's okay: Bravery. And for the most part willing to follow through steadfastness.

"Your doing it now to, aren't you"?

I turn to look and Lex.

"What"? I ask

"You're compiling a list for him now."

"Why do you ask"? I wanted to know

"Because you've been staring at him for the last 15 minutes"

"Get back to work" I say as I turn back to my computer, but my eye's go back to Stiles. 'Trustworthiness' I think before going back to work.