Nobody was quite sure where he came from. He was just introduced one day to the scientific team as Alpha, and they were told that he was the new leader of the inventing division of Project Freelancer. He quickly showed his incredible aptitude for the job, constantly coming up with new inventions for the Freelancers. He invented their armor mods, and was coming up with new ones all the time.

This is Alpha's story.

A loud banging started up on the door. Alpha sighed, then yelled, "What?!" He didn't even bother to look up from his blueprints. Currently, he was devising a way to make a holographic shield, that could hypothetically be split apart to smaller parts of the shields.

He looked up from his work only when he noticed the Counsellor standing at the other side of the table, looking down at the blueprints with interest. "For Agent North Dakota, I see?" he asked.

"Yeah. The Director is doing another of his 'experiments' with the twins. One gets an armor mod, the other doesn't."

"Hmm. That doesn't seem very kind. What do you think of his plan?"

"Personally? I think it's fucking stupid. She should at least get my voice modulator. That way one of them gets something useful, the other can at least help," he reasoned. "Not that you'd ever hear me say that to her face. She'd rip me apart."

The Counsellor chuckled. "That she would. Do you have any plans to talk to the Director about it?"

"Hmm, maybe. In the meantime, I have a thingy to Director wants this one out before the next mission."

"Okay, I get the point, I will leave you alone. Have a nice day, Alpha."

"See ya, Counsellor."

Alpha looked over his blueprints, then sketched a few more notes before he sighed. "Well, time for a break. I'm gonna head down to the cafeteria… God, I need to stop fucking talking to myself."

Alpha sighed and sat down at the table, immediately putting his head in his hands. "What's wrong, Alpha, too much thinking?" North teased lightly.

Alpha groaned. "Ugh, don't even start. Your armor mod is giving me one hell of a headache. The wiring just isn't working!" He complained. "It just… you try building something basically incorporeal."

"Noooo thank you, I will leave the sciency things to you, Mr. smartypants."

Alpha playfully stuck out his tongue at North, then laughed as Carolina walked up to the table with a strange expression on her face. "What's up, doc?" Alpha asked her.

She rolled her eyes, then sat down at the table next to North. "Not much, just wondering how you're coming on my speed modification."

"It's almost done, I promise. Just gotta finish a few bugs where it doesn't work, then I can install it into your armor."

"Thanks, Alpha," Carolina said sincerely. She pushed her salad around, then sighed. "You know, I just don't understand why the Director does what he does sometimes."

"What do you mean by that? I get the man is kind of….. Eccentric on occasion, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have a reason for what he does… mostly," North explained. He waved at South, who visibly rolled her eyes, then waved back.

"I guess," Carolina and Alpha chorused. They looked at each other, then chuckled.

"Anyway, is there any other special projects you're working on?" North asked. Alpha shrugged.

"Nothing at the moment, but I just got a rumor that we're getting… drumroll please, A.I. units."


"And? Fucking and? Those bitches are the shit! They run your armor way easier than without them, and-mphh!" Carolina rolled her eyes fondly and stuck his sandwich in his mouth.

"He's nerding out again. I will admit, though, they are pretty cool," she admitted. Alpha leaned back with a satisfied look on his face, then started to eat his sandwich. "Holy shit, I actually got him to shut up. It's a miracle."

He rolled his eyes at her, but declined to comment. Alpha looked at the door nearby, where two men in black, simple armor were standing. He sighed, then stood up, swallowing the last of his sandwich. "Well, my time's up. See you guys later, I have an appointment with the doctors."

Carolina and North waved him off. Not much was known about Alpha's strange condition, but every now and then, he'd have to go off to the doctors for a few days. Nobody was allowed to see him during that time, and he wasn't allowed to leave.

He never returned quite the same.

Later that week, Alpha reappeared around the ship. He came back, going on and on about the newest A.I. they had gotten- the first of many, he said. They were going to start implanting the fragment soon, he said. York was the first one up, and he was to get the newly-named Delta. The next fragment, Theta, was to be North's.

Nobody noticed how tired he seemed.

Nobody, except his team.

"Hey, York, you excited about your new fragment? Implantation day is tomorrow, you know," Alpha said, the excitement of a five year old visible in his voice. York smiled fondly at the younger man, then ruffled his hair.

"Sure, man, I guess. Any side effects I should know about before I go in?" York asked, half-joking and half-serious.

"Mmm, none that I can think of off the top of my head. You might experience some headaches for a small while, but they should die down after you two get accustomed to each other. Remember, don't treat your A.I. like a computer. Treat them like a person with feelings, feelings that if hurt, they could seriously fuck you up if they wanted to," Alpha warned.

York gulped. "Jeez, way to be a party pooper."

"It's in the job description."

"Sure it is. Hey, do you have the lineup for the newest mission?" York asked curiously.

Alpha sighed. "No, Agent New York, I do not, and even if I did, I wouldn't tell you about them. I've told you before, you don't have the clearance to know about future lineups before they actually happen," he answered annoyedly. Alpha crossed his arms, leaning against the wall of his workshop casually. "I wish I could, but the Director would have my ass."

"That is an image I did not need to see."

"Oh, shut up. Now, shoo, I need to work on North's armor mod. I have to have this out soon, according to our overlord and Big Brother, the Director," Alpha joked. York chuckled, then headed for the door.

"Okay, I see what you're putting down. I'll let you be. But, if you ever want any ideas for future armor mods, you can always ask me. I've got tons of ideas for what mine should be."

"Har har. Now shoo!"

"Alright, alright, I'm shooing, I'm shooing."