"A honey bee flies in random patterns ambling about in the warm summer wind. Once it finds its chosen flower it sits and does a trade, Pollen for nectar, and that nectar is its life force, Mr. Tuckerman, and this trade can only be interrupted by a wasp. I am that wasp and you are a fat stupid bee, Mr. Tuckerman. That's why you are losing." said a black figure in the end of the table opposite to Porter.

"Well, for a start, you asked for me here under the jurisdiction of keeping the city under a ceasefire. So the insult wasn't expected Mr. Big. I have you under my thumb and you know that. You however have never put my image in the bad light. No, due to this, I am giving you an offer. Control for peace. You dig your hand into international mammalian affairs, I get to keep Tundra Town under a safety belt." Porter replied.

"Fine… but your plan as of now has holes Porter, you should know that. The airfield is one, how will you keep it, not your men, it, safe? You have 1 exit and entrance. You should know how to handle something like that." Mr. Big said softly, yet having the impact of a semi with each sentence.

"I… I don't know anymore." Porter said quickly.

"And….that bunny is going to be a problem Porter, you know this. I may have given you powers, but you still haven't learned them. Just like teaching Nick how to kill, just like getting you material for Jesse's augment experiments, only that bunny can ruin it, Her blood."

"DAMN IT, MAN. SHE MAY HAVE A PURE ANTI COMPOUND TO BORGEN but I'll be damned if I drain her of it. That arm is getting data to clone it. I'm not cutting the snake in two, I'm taming it you sick…. you… ugh… Big… help me here." Porter said, defeated.

"Tell me Andrew "Porter" Dale Tuckerman. Have you ever snapped a rabbit's neck?"


Porter stood at his car, smoking a thin cigar slowly. He allowed the flavor of tobacco and smoke to dance on his tongue below blowing out and getting another puff. His breathe, mixed with the smoke that he emitted, and the two vapors danced like lovers till they withered. Porter stared at his shadow as light came through the cloudy overhang of the Tundra District. He looked at his arm quietly, flicking his finger light on and off, snapping with each ignition. Porter's mind felt blank, yet filled with questions, the black burning desire to answer his blank state in the back of it all. Judy was not to be killed, right? They had the tech to clone blood cells, right?

"Jack… answer me Jack…" Porter said into a phone he had pulled out.

"Porter, what's the issue?"

"What is your prediction on our cloning tech."

"Nothing Porter, it's not looking good, I think you should at least let Judy know what we have found with her blood and blood type after her drinking of the blood in the Canteen, we don't know what's going on."

"What about Halley?" Porter asked, slight desperation evident in his voice.

"I'm sorry Porter, but there is nothing we can do yet. Halley seems to have spit out the liquid there as she was still sane even after John's death at the start."

"Look… I can't do anything to Judy. I just can't for Nick's sake. Should we tell him or should we tell her what she has Because if she knows, she may run. We've done so many things already so what's the point of staying with us?"

"I'm not a sociology professor man, I just know what to do with biological and physical chemistry and you and Jesse are the only ones who understand that factor, besides my arm being the literal bomb prototype that Jesse made." Jack said, tongue and cheek flowing in his speech.

"Well don't look at me, Jesse is like that, constantly wanting to keep things in order and wanting these fu- … darn augments to improve and become more of a staple and not a last resort. She wants Nick to have the cloak prototype for shits sake." Porter spit as he ranted to Jack.

"Yeah, well, I'm just glad you deactivated the nuclear detonation system on this thing. I didn't like having a nuke taped to me."

"Who would."


Judy sighed heavily, staring at the reflective ground next to the training room. Her heart raced as her right and left arm burned with lactic acids and overuse. Judy had been practicing with that new augment of hers. That arm had a certain strength bonus to it. It seemed to be able to do anything. Pick things up and throw them, make them not exist. What traits did it have that she didn't know about.

"Judy" said a certain Shepherd.

"Jack, thought you didn't like training, why are you here?"

"I need to tell you something. It has to do with you, your arm and your body."

"Oh… well, don't stall, what is it?" Judy said taking a swig of water from the bottle next to her.

"You do remember you swallowing the blood in the event right? Well, Your blood happens to negate Borgen's nanitubes. Essentially, with that arm and your blood, which was mechanically modified in the Canteen, you have more power than maybe even Jesse.

"Wait, metallic? What? I have an abnormal amount of metal inside of me?"


Judy set her hand down onto the bench she sat at. Her eyes began to scan the room quietly, looking for a way out, as she began to look around, a metal locker near her began to dent, then slowly, the door to it began to tighten, twist, and implode.

"So, that's what this arm does. It controls metallic objects and magnetic fields."

"Um, don't ask me, Judy, you came to that conclusion by destroying that door there."

"Uh huh, tell me why a scientist here doesn't know what they put in me does."

"Judy, I work in biochemistry, I don't-"

"Oh, ok. So the fact that right now, i could snap your nervous system in two with the snap of my fingers doesn't tell you enough about what this thing does?"

"Judy, calm down. You might hurt another locker."

"Make me, science man."

Jack pulled a glove off of his right arm and revealed it. A bright red arm with a nuclear symbol on it. Jack looked at it, then at Judy.

"What do you think this one does, Mrs. Magnet."

Judy looked, speechless. A literal nuke/ control of atomic structure. A's in Chemistry did help after all. Judy began to stand up.

"Now, before you run, what do you think of me taking some more blood? For study."

"Fine, like I have anything better to do." Judy held out her natural arm, and Jack pulled

out a sterile syringe packet and drew 2 vials worth.

"Thanks, but that's all you get, I need to speak with someone." Judy said, and she began to walk away, giving Jack the silence he needed to think.

"So that's what it's all about. Just surviving through this and then getting out?" Nick asked quietly to Judy as the bunny led the fox out of the mess hall they had been talking in.

"Yes, now keep your voice down, I need to get you into that data lab."

"Why?" Nick asked, worry beginning to boil in his voice.

"To get you an arm silly."

"Why do I need one Judy?" Nick's heart began to flex and twist with adrenaline filled fear.

"Well, for one, I can lift objects 300 times my size, and, it keeps you protected from Borgen, and I can't lose you to him Nick. Can you please guarantee that for me? I want you to be safe, at least for now." Judy replied, pity and want filling her eyes. Nick winced a little. He couldn't say no. However, this arm didn't seem like the way forward.

" And finally, you can help me and you get out of here. We need to get back to the Chief, if you remember him telling us to get in that office of his, he wants us here to get as much info and gear and then get out." Judy whispered as her hand flicked over a magnetic lock, causing the door to unlatch silently. Nick reeled from everything that was just thrown at him. Magnetic powers, augments, Bogo. Nick thought the two were staying away from Bogo.

"Judy, I'm getting mixed signals here, what's going on?" Nick asked, finally breaking the mold.

"We, are leaving, as Chief asked us to." Judy said, defiant of giving a full answer.


Judy looked down a corridor inside the room, and inside was a long glass containment cell on each side. An arm/augment was categorized along with everything. Each had a name, date of creation. Judy and Nick stared in awe and in slight worry at the look of a few of the augments. Mesa? Nyx? What kind of names where these? Fire, Ice, even Dimensional planes.

"Ok Nick, choose one of these." Judy said quickly, continuing on to look at more augments.

"Judy. I don't want to do this anymore." Nick spat out. His breath was shallow and quick, causing the glass to fog and defog quickly.

"I would listen to Nick if I were you Judy."

"PORTER?" Judy yelled in shock, then looked in dismay.

"Let us leave this place. We need to go back to work."

"No, not when the city is in shambles. Not when the person who is causing the horrors seen is your boss." Porter replied.

"Why, why is it that you must dictate what I and Nick must do?" Judy asked, emotion and anger brewing unsteadily. Judy's arm began to glow, emitting a strong energy."

"You saw what happened to your parents you moron. How many times must I remind*"

Judy lunged at Porter, and punched right through him. All that was left was smoke.

"So, now that you know I can do that, let's not damage these, Jesse would be very angry." Porter said, while placing an arm that had fallen off a podium back into place. Judy lunged again at Porter, this time however, Porter didn't move. Judy slammed into his chest, the impact causing the glass on each side to vaporize.

"That won't work…. bitch."

Nick quickly shifted sideways behind a cupboard to take cover from the loud sounds of fighting, between Judy and Porter. Ghost then appeared out of seemingly thin air. The wolf looked at the fighting, wincing in reaction to a very audible crunching of metal sound. Like if paper were crushed but with a shrill high pitch screech.

"Nick, let's get you out of here. Hold onto my arm, and my cloak will cover you temporarily."

Nick looked up, mortified. He grabbed on tightly and moved with him, but as they stood at the exit, Judy turned from the fight. Her left eye was closed shut, and her lip and forehead were cut badly.

"Nick, we are leaving. Come out of hiding. I got him, it's safe*"

Porter slammed Judy down, seemingly having her abilities but better in every right. Judy groaned as the concrete ground below her cracked a little. Porter looked up at Nick, knowing exactly where to look. The only thing bleeding was his left eye. Porter's cheek was red on his left side. Porter waved Ghost along, and Ghost dragged Nick along with him. The sounds of fighting seemed to be emanating from that room all the way out to the airstrip. They arrived near a luxury jet. Nick wondered how it had gotten there.

"Nick, we need to get you to someplace until we can get Judy to calm down. So, stay inside this plane here ok? Keep your head down until you can get some more help from Halley."

"O….ok." Nick looked at the top floor of the cave complex. Nick immediately threw up in the plane's bathroom. Ghost stayed near, pity filling his soul, as the poor fox had seen things most mammals would have died from by now. Then a massive hole was opened near the entrance to the strip on the 1st floor.

"Where is Nick?" Judy asked quickly. She was holding an augment arm and a pistol.

Ghost panicked, what had happened to Porter? Surely he wouldn't have died.

"Not here you stupid rodent." Porter yelled as he launched Judy far forward, causing her to drop what was in her hands. Porter held out his arm, fingers stretched. He was in control of this fight, he had powers that Judy at this point could only dream of.

"Porter, we need her to calm down, not be a nuisance." Ghost yelled as he moved away from where Nick resided.

"No, I….no...no you're right." Porter relaxed his arm and moved to the plane that Ghost had moved away from. Then a large sheet of metal came hurling right at Porter, forcing him to move. The plane wasn't as lucky. It was cut like a roll of cheese. Too easily.

"No...no no no Nick was in there Porter. Where is he?" Ghost said as he searched the now pile of metal that might have housed Nick.

"Where is Nick?" Judy yelled, finally coming to her knees in exhaustion. She could hardly keep her other eye open from using all of that energy.

Ghost walked forward while dragging Nick behind him. Nick was missing most of his right side.

"See Judy, this is what happens when you don't listen." Ghost said

Judy looked at the mangled mess that was Nick, or said to be. She couldn't look away. This was unthinkable. She wanted to protect him. No, this was all a lie, he wasn't that….thing.

"That's not him." Judy said quickly.

Porter turned quietly to Judy. His other eye was now wet. Porter stared into Judy's eyes. Judy only saw a cold blooded want to massacre and kill behind them.

"Porter, stop lying, that's not him…" Judy began to croak, as she crawled to Nick's side.

"That's not him, it...it can't be him. I'd never hurt Nick. Nick…. I would never. He isn't that. PORTER THAT ISN'T HIM." Judy began to sob once more, but this time with no shoulders to lean on, no mammals to help. Just her.

"You fucking killed him." Porter spat. Ghost looked up to see Porter's face was now resembling that of Nick's. Ghost looked down at the mangled pile of fox that was Nick. His face was somewhat intact, but half of his arm and the bottom left half of his waist and entire left leg was gone, leaving only blood and long connective tissues. Judy looked on in horror. She had caused this.

"Please Nick, I'm sorry, please talk to me, someone tell me that's not him...that he still can breathe oh god no….no why did I have to do this… Nick. Please. Nick please don't go… please Nick don't go please"

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