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Taki groaned and forced himself to sit up, massaging his head as he looked around the deserted mountain. She's not there. In the distant horizon, the sun bled pools of orange and red as it descended. His eyes trailed down and met the blackened ruins of a village.

"NO!" He gasped, hauling himself up and staggering to the edge of the cliff. "What the hell?" He'd warned her. He'd told her to tell the others. Was I too late?

He opened his hand and looked at the black streak that ran down the length of his palm. Too late. He thought back to that feeling of hope, of overwhelming relief when he'd found himself back in her form that last time. When he'd stood in front of her and watched gentle eyes shine with tears of joy because finally, finally he'd been able to meet her as himself.

"It's okay," he said quietly to the vanishing sun, hating how his voice cracked on the last syllable. "We can find each other again. I know her name. It's Mitsuha. Mit-" No. No way. I just said it. I know it. It starts with a M and then...starts with a…

"FUCK!" he screamed. A flock of ravens startled and rose into the twilight sky, screeching. His eyes burned as he savagely dragged his hand down his face. This can't freaking be happening. Are the gods against me? Against us?!

Pebbles skittered across the dirt as he turned abruptly, stalking towards the steps. Even as he descended, his head tilted back and he glimpsed a sprinkle of light.

"Someday," he promised the stars. "I'll meet her again."


"Mitsuha!" Grandma called, voice nearly drowned out by the loud crowd. "It's time for dinner!"

"I'm coming!" The girl pulled on the rope, wincing as the cold liquid splashed over the rim and onto her wool sweater. She slipped the rope off the handle and heaved the bucket awkwardly towards the school entrance. Yotsuha was waiting there, hands tucked at her sides. Mitsuha noticed how her thin, worn clothes hung loose on her frame and how her little sister's teeth chattered in the cold, even as her lips were pulled in a shaky frown.

The older girl blew out a breath, watched the silvery air curl and blossom, and shivered. November hadn't been kind to the villagers, though their lives had been spared when the comet had obliterated their home. Her heart ached at the thought.

"It's cold," were Yotsuha's only words as she shuffled through the doors. "You should close the doors when you leave." There was only weariness in her eyes, not a hint of the snarky child she had been only weeks ago.

Mitsuha only nodded in reply. They headed down the the hall together, pausing to bow quickly to previous neighbors. Many exclaimed at the state of her hair and fussed over her.

"It's the least we can do in return for what you did," Kika insisted, wrinkled hands draping a shawl around the girl's shoulders.

"We wouldn't be here without you," Ryoun tucked a tube of toothpaste into her pocket.

She tried to refuse; Yotsuha backed her up as they attempted to return the gifts. They both knew perfectly well that their previous neighbors needed the items more than they ever would. Their father was once the town mayor; they had connections and saving the people she had cherished and grown up with wasn't something that would ever required payment. But, they were adamant.

"Mitsuha, Yotsuha," Grandma gestured. "Come, your father has something to tell you." Her smile radiated warmth and her posture had relaxed far more than the tense position she had been in before her granddaughter had left.

What happened? Mitsuha hastily set the bucket down outside the door and hurried in, followed closely by her sister.

Their father was sitting at a desk, staring out the window. He turned as they entered, a smug smile on his face.

"I received a call from a friend. We're going to Tokyo."


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