Cas slipped on his black ski mask then pulled his black hoodie over his head. He stood outside the fraternity that held Michael Milton inside of it. If his research was correct then that meant that he was in the large house alone.

Cas climbed up the side of the house using the vines that were entangled along the side. He reached the window sill then silently slid it open. He climbed in with ease and scanned the hallway before shutting the window.

He spotted a door that was cracked open slightly. The light from the room poured into the hallway. Cas quietly crept along the wall and looked into the room.

Michael sat at his desk with his laptop open in front of him. He had large headphones covering his ears as his head bobbed along to whatever music he was listening to.

Cas smirked to himself at the guys idiocy then closed the door softly. Michael still didn't turn around. Cas walked calmly up to him before grabbing a fistful of the back of his hair and slamming his head onto the keyboard.

Michael cried out then ripped his headphones off his head. He turned around with an already bloody nose to face Cas. "Wha- Who are you?" he stuttered out in confusion.

Cas didn't answer and instead picked him up by the collar of his shirt. He stood him to his feet before kicking him swiftly in the stomach. Michael groaned and fell backwards into the wall. He slid down slowly and looked up at Cas with horrified eyes.

Cas knelt down to face him. His eyes shined angrily at the frightened boy. He pulled out a crumbled up picture of a girl their age. She had bright blonde hair and was smiling widely in the photo. Cas unfolded it with ease then held it up for Michael to see.

"Who is this?," he questioned him in a gruff voice so he couldn't recognize him.

Michaels eyes flickered to the photograph before going pale. He looked back at Cas and shook his head firmly. "I- I don't know," he lied.

Cas brought his hand up and quickly brought it back down across Michaels face. Tears pooled in his eyes. "What's her name?!," Cas yelled. He didn't want to lose his cool but this guy was making it difficult for him not to.

A tear slipped down Michaels reddened cheek. "J- Jo. Her name is Jo," he replied finally.

"Well, look at that. He does learn," Cas said in a snarky tone.

Michael dropped his head to his chest in shame. Cas frowned then roughly pulled his chin to look up at him. "Don't hide now. You didn't care when Jo hid," he spat at him.

"I don't know what you're talking about!," Michael lied again.

Cas shook his head then raised his fist again. Michael flinched and closed his eyes. "Do you want me to hit you?," Cas asked him rhetorically. He already knew what the answer would be.

"No," Michael whispered. Cas swiftly connected his fist with Michaels right eye. Michael cried out in pain.

"I'm sorry. I thought no meant yes. My mistake," he falsely apologized.

"It wasn't a mistake!," Michael screamed at him as his hand covered his now swollen and bruised eye.

"Now we're getting somewhere," Cas said darkly before grabbing his hair again and slamming his head into the wall.

"I won't do it again. I won't. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry," Michael pleaded with him.

Cas tilted his head and squinted his eyes at the injured boy. He stood up when he decided that Michael had received the message. He pulled out his pocket knife before stabbing it through Michaels thigh.

Michael screamed louder as his hands immediately went to the knife still in his leg. Cas walked over to the window in the corner of the room and pulled it open while ignoring the deafening screaming.

He turned back around and tossed him his cell phone off of his desk. It landed next to Michael with a heavy thud. "Call campus police. Tell them you've been robbed," he instructed him.

Michael grit his teeth but nodded in agreement. Cas smiled under his mask with satisfaction. "And if you ever touch anyone else without consent, I will be back," he promised. His eyes shined dangerously.

Michael nodded again and Cas knew he would listen to him. He slipped out the window with ease and climbed down the side of the house. He could already hear the sirens of approaching patrol cars.

He tore his hood off his head followed by his suffocating ski mask. He picked up his backpack that he intentionally left by the bushes. His dark hair swayed in the night wind as he shoved the hoodie and ski mask into his backpack.

He jogged around the house then found himself back at his own fraternity house five minutes later. He slipped through the back door and quietly closed the door behind him.

"Cas?," his best friends voice sounded from the living room.

Cas looked down at his hand and was pleased to see that his hits didn't leave him with any bruising. He walked into the living room and shot Gabriel as false smile.

"Hey, Gabe. What's going on?," he asked him as he gestured to all the kegs and beer boxes filling up their living room.

"Dude! Tomorrows Hell Week. You know, new pledges and all that," he replied as if he couldn't believe that Cas had forgotten his favorite week of the year.

"Already?," Cas asked with disinterest. He inched for the stair case and hoped that Gabe was almost done talking to him.

"Yes, Castiel. What happened to you, man? Hell Week used to be your favorite," Gabe said loudly.

"Used to," Cas pointed out to him. His mind flashed with unwanted images from the last Hell Week. Suddenly, he felt the desperate ache to shower off all his memories that were burned into his skin.

"Ah, don't be like that. You go get some sleep and be up bright and early to show these sophomores a thing or two," Gabe said with a wicked smile.

Cas chuckled humorlessly then walked up the stairs to his room. He passed a few of his frat brothers along the way but made an effort not to look at them.

He slipped into his room and shut the door. Then, he threw his bag by his bed before sliding down the wall. He placed his head in his hands and sobbed quietly. This had become routine ever since that night.

He didn't ask for it. No one ever did. He told him no but it fell on deaf ears. Cas clawed at his skin. One year later, and he still felt dirty. He felt undignified, impure, ruined and unloved. He forgot what it was like to feel normal. God, he wanted to feel normal again.


"Alpha Sigma Phi! Alpha Sigma Phi!," the frat brothers chanted loudly as they all stood on their oversized porch.

Thirty or so pledges looked up at them with wide, frightened eyes. They stood on the lawn before him both nervous and terrified of what was to come.

Cas stood next to Gabriel with his hands crossed behind his back and his chest sticking out. They stopped chanting and Raphael, the fraternity's president, took over to welcome the pledges.

Gabe leaned in to whisper into Cas' ear. "Did you hear about Michael Milton of Beta?"

Cas balled his hand into a fist but shook his head innocently. "No," he whispered back.

"Dude was robbed and beaten up pretty badly. They stuck a knife in his leg. Can you believe that?," Gabe asked incredulously.

Cas smirked but Gabe didn't notice. "That sucks," he commented halfheartedly.

Gabe nodded then turned his attention back to the lawn. Cas did the same. His eyes scanned through all the fresh faces. His gaze stopped on a boy staring back at him with an open mouth.

Cas felt his heart rate speed up as he looked into striking green eyes. The boy was tall and lean. He had muscle definition unlike any underclassmen he had seen before. His face was scattered in freckles and a blush was settled across his cheeks. He looked away from Cas when he realized Cas was staring back.

Cas swallowed down the lump in his throat. He hadn't felt so attracted to someone in over a year. His eyes wandered away from him but somehow kept finding its way back to the pledge.

He was looking at him again. This time, a little less shocked and a little more intensely. Like he was trying to read him. Cas felt exposed as he looked away.

He looked down at his wrist that held the Alpha Sigma Phi bracelet he received his sophomore year. It was a thick brown string wrapped around a thick black string. The frats symbol dangled below. He rubbed his thumb across the bracelet and felt relieved when his heart rate slowed down.

"Okay, brothers. Who wants first pick of their group?," Raphael asked them as the introduction came to a close.

Cas widened his eyes and looked at green eyes quickly. He needed to pick him before someone else did. He walked to the front of the line and cut in front of a few of his friends.

"Castiel," Raphael said with a wide smile. "I didn't expect you to want to join in with us."

Cas shrugged lightly. "It's Hell Week. My favorite," he answered him with a casual smile.

Raphael patted him on the back while nodding. He was probably just happy that Cas was actually participating in something for the first time in a long time. "Take your pick," he said while gesturing to all the awaiting pledges.

Cas stood with his arms crossed across his chest. He scanned the crowd even though he knew exactly who he wanted. His eyes landed on the brown-haired boy again. His was looking at him with hope and a mix of anxiety.

Cas raised his arm and pointed directly at him. "You. You're on my team," he said loudly enough for him to hear. Green eyes looked shocked as he pointed a finger at his chest in a silent question.

Cas smiled and nodded. He walked down the steps of the porch to meet the new pledge. "Hey. I'm Cas or Castiel. Welcome to Alpha Sigma Phi," he greeted the boy as he held his hand out for him to shake.

The pledge shook his hand firmly but gave him a shy smile. "I'm Dean. Dean Winchester."

He liked having a name to his face. "Dean," he said back, liking the way his name felt on his tongue.

They lingered on the handshake for a few moments longer than necessary before Cas had to finish picking out his group. He greeted each one of them but already forgot their names by the time he walked up the porch again.

Everyone's except for Deans. That name would be stuck with him for a while. He stood next to Gabriel and shook his head when he made some crude comment on what they should make the pledges go through this week.

No matter how hard he tried, his gaze kept drifting back to Dean. And every single time Deans eyes were always on his. He smiled confidently at him and chuckled to himself when Deans eyebrows shot up in surprise.

So maybe Hell Week wasn't going to be all that bad.