November 21st


11:25 pm Gaia Time (Greenwich Mean Time Zone)

Jedi Church, Stonehenge

Wiltshire, England, Europe


Helios System

3rd Person POV:

For the first time in his life, Agent Illinois, once known as Daniel Cadmus, is utterly horrified.

He stares up at the giant stone structure that suddenly appeared in Stonehenge with wide eyes as he felt something that he never expected to happen in his lifetime. Emperor Kadabra has become one with the Force. He doesn't even get the chance to truly register this disastrous moment before the Dark Side literally explodes from the Temple. Everyone is blown back from the massive wave of dark energy that is erupting in all directions. The last living members of the Order of the Phoenix are down on their knees out of exhaustion, using Protego spells to shield themselves from the burst of energy.

Illinois doesn't pay attention any of them, not even the unconscious woman who fell off the top of the tower and splatting on the ground. Instead, he stands up to the mass of dark energy circulating around them and lifts up his right arm, flipping the hatch covering his personal comm line open and pushing the black button; a button he was taught never to push unless it was an absolute emergency. Seconds later, the light blue image of Director Drakon appears on the screen. "Director. It's about the Emperor."

"I know." Drakon says coldly; though even through the hologram, he looks oddly calm and collected despite the situation. "That is why Code Black is now in full effect. You know what to do." With that, the transmission cuts out.

"Fall back! Fall back!" Illinois shouts to the remaining dozen Imperial troops as the surge of dark side energy completely dissipates. They look at each other, and are about to follow the orders very reluctantly, until they notice the glass screen, which is on the right side of their personal communicators mounted to their right wrists but can be twisted off and work like portable communicators that were invented later in the war, beeping and glowing black. These screens, even featured in the older communicator models for all branches of the Imperial military, glow different colors when different standard protocols are initiated by the local Imperial commanding officers if they are unable to directly give specific orders, though superior officers issue a few standard protocols if the situation is dire. Code Blue means that the Imperials should hope they learned how to swim, Code Red means kill every non-Imperial soldier and is the standard code given at the start of a battle, Code Green means that victory has been achieved in the battle, Code Yellow means that the pyromaniacs of the Imperial military should be consulted for population control reasons; fortunately, only two times in the Imperial military's history has the protocol that was taught in basic training like all other protocols been used. Finally, there's Code Black, the ultimate contingency protocol in case the unthinkable has happened and the Emperor was killed; essentially, the Empress or another high-ranking Imperial official will take the reins, and the Director of the notorious Imperial Science Department will provide coordinates to a secret location where all Imperial personnel and civilians will remain until further notice.

"Shit, shit, shit, shit." One of the Imperials says as he continues to run as fast as his legs can possibly can but stumbles and starts falling face-first to the ground.

"Come on, Dustin! Don't stop." Another one of the soldiers shouts, preventing his best friend from falling to the ground as they continue to run.

Illinois leads the group of Imperials through the grassy plains and away from the embarrassing defeat, but then feels a disturbance in the Dark Side. He activates one of his Light Disks and raises the left one over his head, effectively blocking the silver broadsword of Severus Snape who had apparated nearly on top of him. "Where do you think you're going?" Snape asks coldly.

"Away from you, scum." Illinois answers then activates his other Light Disk and slashes it at Snape's stomach. The wizard steps back, barely avoiding the slash, but Daniel leaps over him. Snape slashes around, grazing the Maven's armor. Before Snape or Illinois can make another move, however, one of the Imperial troops fires at Snape's back. He would have been able to dodge the strike if he wasn't so tired from hours of continuous fighting, and he falls to his knees in pain. "You don't you just do us a favor and die, scum?" The agent says coldly before stabbing the blade into Snape's chest.

The older man gasps in pain before Illinois pulls the blade out of him and starts running past him with the rest of the troops falling into formation behind, leaving a dying Snape behind. Illinois gets back onto his special communication line and pushes a sequence of numbers on his communicator before activating it, creating the image of Admiral Moen who is looking extremely disturbed. "Admiral, this is Agent Illinois. I order you to save a transport for us."

"Agent, I want to but that is impossible. I must launch every ship from Firebase Hogsmead that I can before the Republic arrives." Moen says frantically.

"Okay, let me make myself crystal clear. If you don't save a ship for my troops and I, I will hunt you down, rip your balls off, and shove your testicles where your eyes go!"

Moen freezes in place, his face losing several shades of color and looking absolutely horrified. "Well, when you put it like that." The transmission cuts out.

"Alright, boys. We've got ourselves a ticket out of here, soldiers of fortune. Who's with me!" Illinois shouts as the group reach the floating box-shaped troop transports that dropped the troops off here in the first place.

The troops cheer "Ay!" before boarding the transport with Illinois getting into the driver's seat. Using his experience with utilizing vehicles during the war, he primes the ship's engines and sets it to the Firebase Hogsmead at the fastest speed it can possibly go, with Ron, Cedric, and Hailey running to try and keep up while shooting Arresto Momentum spells at the transport, but they always miss their mark.

11:35 pm Gaia Time (Greenwich Mean Time Zone)

Galactic Republic Acclamator-class warship Retribution

Orbiting Gaia

Admiral Tarkin stares out at open space, absolutely certain of one thing. If he's going to die today, he will go out taking as many Imperials down with him.

All around the admiral, clone officers are running around in complete panic while the rather fat captain of the capitol ship is trying and failing to keep order among the panicked crew while trying not to freak out himself. Although they all have every right to be scared; the impressive 80 ships that once made up the Republic Invasion Fleet has been reduced to a measly six that are barely holding together after a brutal dogfight with a military that is known to have far more lethal weaponry. If there's any bright spot to this disastrous space battle, it's that only 10 Imperial ships remain of the 50 that had arrived to intercept the Republic Invasion Fleet.

"Captain Ozzel, now!" Tarkin shouts once an Imperial Trireme makes the mistake of trying to ram into the Admiral's ship.

The captain barks the orders and all of the ship's remaining turbolasers start blazing at once, hitting the Trireme in a part of the ship where the armor has been severely damaged after another Republic Venator had desperately tried a ramming maneuver, but ended up getting torn to shreds quickly. The Trireme starts buckling under the impact of the concentrated fire and miniature explosions rock the inside of the ship, resulting in the entire ship ripping itself apart and adding the scraps that remain to the vast graveyard of ships that float all around them.

The deck officers cheer slightly in triumph, but they are quickly silenced when sparks start flying from the control consoles and the lights immediately go out, the systems so far gone that not even the emergency lights kick in. They were so distracted by destroying a single vessel that they failed to notice the infamous Imperial flagship, the Black Phoenix, pointing towards them and firing an EMP round into the side of the ship. Tarkin glares at the black ship with a defiant gleam in his eyes as the gargantuan black ship's main cannon starts glowing again. "If you think you will get any satisfaction from my death, you will be sorely disappointed." Tarkin says, placing his hands behind his back and never taking his eyes off his ship.

A long moment passes, but instead of seeing a flash of white and facing oblivion, the light dies out in the Black Phoenix, which turns towards the open space and starts flying away from them. Then the ship enters Beamspace and like that, the ship is gone.

No one made a move; in fact, they all just stood there, dumbfounded, as every other Imperial ship also turned towards open space and after the remaining fighters returning to the ships, also entered Beamspace to flee. The small batches of Republic fighters and the remaining warships just hang in space, uncertain of what to do next. "What just happened?" Captain Ozzel asks, walking to the front of the bridge and looking out into space, still stunned. Even Tarkin felt genuine surprise for the first time in a long time.

"Perhaps something happened on the surface that we are unaware of." Tarkin muses, rubbing his chin. Before he can figure out what is going on, the entire ship suddenly buckles to the port side. Everyone stumbles heavily, but Tarkin manages to remain on his feet by grabbing the holotable. He looks outside and sees the ship heading towards the planet.

"Everyone, get to the escape pods. We must abandon ship!" Ozzel shouts and follows a squad of clones as they start making their way to the escape pods. Tarkin lets out a slight sigh at Ozzel's antics, though as Tarkin looks back at the planet and sees the front of the ship glowing orange with flakes of outer plating flying off, the idea of evacuation is not the Republic captain's worst idea. The admiral then follows the last of the deck officers to the escape pods as he hears numerous explosions going off inside the capitol ship, causing further damage.

6:35 pm Gaia Time (Eastern Time Zone)

Tulum Sith Training Academy

Tulum Village


Clone Commander Wolffe ducks out from the corner of the stout grey building to fire another shot at the Imperial Army and Navy soldiers, led by a powerful Maven code-named Agent Nova Scotia or better known as NS, who are stubbornly standing their ground against the small band of rebels and clones.

One of the Imperial Army soldiers is standing farther from the rest of his squad, thinking that his different angle would give him a better opening through-which to shoot at the rebels. But Wolffe manages to shoot the soldier in the foot using a plasma rifle he picked up from the corpse of an Imperial trooper who protected the Academy. The plasma shot tears through the man's right foot, making him fall to the ground and clutch the stump where his foot used to be in agony.

One of the members of the Guardia Rural decides to take advantage of the opening to step out of his cover and try to kill the downed trooper, but he receives the brunt of seven plasma shots from a small group of Imperial Navy soldiers; each shot sends a large wave of blood flying backwards and splattering on the ground. "No!" A female rebel shouts, tears streaking down her face but she turns back to the fight and starts firing upon the Imperials with a greater hatred.

Wolffe then turns to the only other living member of the Wolfpack. "Boost, I need another thermal detonator!"

Boost stops firing and slips his Republic-issue backpack off his back and pulls out a final detonator. "Sir, this is our last one. We need more explosives if we are to win this fight."

"Understood." Wolffe replies, then looks towards Juan Rodriguez, the leader of the Guardia Rural, who is hiding behind a large building that is built like a modern library with his two children, ex-Imperials Jorge and Antonia. "Juan, we're almost out of detonators. Do you have anything?"

Juan looks back at Wolffe, and the clone commander could see the smirk forming on his face. "Mi amigo, we've only got the best improvised bombs in all of the Americas. Manuel!" He shouts, looking towards his second-in-command, a man with shiny silver spurs on his ankles, red pants and a white shirt under a red jacket, topped off with a wide-rim red hat pointing a plasma pistol at the troops. The man himself has a darker skin tone, his dark hair tied back into a ponytail, and dark beady eyes*. "Get to the Communication unit and give the order. It's time we gave our little gifts for these hijo de putas."

The man sneers slightly, "Alright, brother. Let's make these bastards suffer." He then breaks from his cover and starts running to a larger group of rebels who are hiding inside of an apartment complex of sorts where the windows are all shot out. The Imperials don't get a chance at trying to kill the man because the two clones simultaneously get out of cover and start firing upon the soldiers.

Manuel arrives at the small group and after a long period of time, the Guardia Rural start cheering and certain members of the three remaining groups pull of their backpacks and handing out long steel grey cylindrical tubes with a black wick on the top. "Brilliant idea, Dad." Jorge says, "Come on, Antonia. Let's keep Scott busy while these bombs finish them off." His twin nods and they use the Force to jump to the top of the building.

"What are those things?" Wolffe asks, having a feeling that the improvised bombs are far worse than they look.

"Well, let's just say these las bombas have sent them running in the past." Juan says, then pulls a lighter out of his jacket and lights the wick up. He instantly throws it into the air and it lands at the foot of a soldier protecting the base of the re-modeled Mayan Pyramid that looms over all other buildings in the Academy.

"Meth bombs! Gangway!" The man shouts in terror before jumping to the side before the bomb explodes, sending a light blue mist floating out in all directions.

Before the fight can continue on, they finally notice their personal communicators and the black beeping light on it. They look at each other and their commander, and Wolffe doesn't even need a Jedi to know that they are freaking out at something more than the meth bombs being thrown at them. "Jesus Christ! What do we do!" A Navy soldier shouts.

"We fight. We will fight with everything we have left to make sure our brothers and sisters live." NS says coldly, then turns towards his former comrades as they continue taunting him by flashing the middle finger at him while making cat calls. NS can't take the taunting any longer, so he whips out his lightsaber with the blade being curved so as to resemble a katana, and also uses the Force to leap into the air to try and kill the twins. The rebels don't take on the Imperials, as they are busy pulling black gas masks invented before Kadabra conquered Gaia over their faces.

Wolffe has no time to watch the duel between the three Force-users in awe before he and Boost catch a meth bomb that Juan throws them and after he lights both of their wicks up, the two clones throw them at the Imperials. They follow their orders and stand their ground, although they start to lose numbers. The two meth bombs fly over the green energy shield of another soldier and collide with her helmet, and she screams in pain before falling onto her back. Her comrade then lifts up his plasma rifle and notices the group of rebels hiding in the residence building, one of whom is lighting another meth bomb.

The Imperial then throws his energy shield aside and shoots the bomb as the rebel is about to throw it. The make-shift weapon explodes in his hand, a light mist flowing out of the apartment complex. Wolffe decides that he has seen enough suffering for these rebels so he charges out of his cover with Boost at his side, and the other rebels deciding to also throw caution to the wind and charging forward. The Imperials become officially alarmed by their courage and start backing up into the Temple while continuing their plasma fire, occasionally taking a break to put in new plasma cells.

Wolffe runs right up to the closest Imperial and fires in his face, melting the mask off. The commander then pushes past him and leaps onto a Navy trooper, firing onto the soldier's chest and leaving deep gashes in the aqua-colored armor. All around him, the remaining rebels and Boost get up-close with the last troops and start beating them down.

Eventually, one last Imperial Army sergeant remains, standing at the entrance to the Pyramid. He lets out a war cry and pulls out a sharp combat knife with a black rubber handle before activating it and throwing it. It goes flying towards Juan, but before it can make its mark, Jorge runs towards his father as fast as he can and pushes him aside at the last second. Boost makes it to the sergeant and punches the plasma rifle before ripping his helmet off and beating him to the ground. Wolffe turns around and truly takes in the sight of what he had participated in for over half an hour. The once-beautiful campus that made up the Sith Academy is now another battlefield, the ground torn up or blackened with small pillars of smoke rising into the air and corpses of rebels and Imperials alike lying on the ground, with the corpse of the Maven the twins fought riddles with bullet holes and hanging upside down from the top level of the building he fought on. Only five members of the Guardia Rural managed to survive the battle, excluding the twins. The leader of the rebel cell holds the former Maven tightly in his arms, a deep stab in his chest with the blood-soaked knife lying on the ground and his helmet pulled off to reveal his long face, brown eyes and sporting his own mustache, albeit smaller.

The two exchange words the commander couldn't hear, before the younger soldier leans his head back on the ground and lets out his final breath.

His twin sister, Antonia, runs towards them. While she still has her helmet on, Wolffe can tell that she is staring at her brother's corpse, and time seemed to slow down for a split second. Then, she lets out a battle cry and marches towards the unmasked sergeant who is still alive, but on his knees, and being held prisoner by Boost. The clone steps aside, not wanting to get anywhere near what is about to happen. Antonia then starts punching the man's face over and over again, venting all of her grief into the Force-enhanced attacks. She then lifts him up and prepares to deliver a much more powerful punch to his face before he starts chuckling.

By the time she lifted him up, both of his cheeks were swelling up and beet red, with half a dozen teeth knocked out and a concussion. "What's so funny?" Antonia asks coldly.

"Your stupidity. While you waste your time on us, my people shall escape and live on." He then chomps down violently on something on his back right molar. A large amount of foam starts forming in his mouth and he hisses in pain. "The Empire shall live on. Count on it." He then goes limp in Antonia's arms, foam dripping from his mouth to the ground.

"Cyanide." Antonia says coldly, throwing the corpse aside. "Coward."

"Well, it doesn't matter. We have freed our home from the Imperial scum." Manuel says, smiling slightly.

Juan and Antonia glare at Manuel, but they don't get to say anything before another surviving member of the Guardia Rural shouts at them. "Commander, we are receiving a transmission on all Imperial channels. Code Black is in full effect."

The rebels look at each other with wide eyes, barely comprehending what they heard. "Am I missing something? What does it exactly mean?" Boost asks.

"It means the Emperor is dead and all Imperials must evacuate." She replies, looking decades younger than she is.

"Oh, skrag." Boost replies, also awed and happy the Jedi managed to complete their objective. "Then if that means they're running, we've won. We've freed Gaia."

"No." Wolffe speaks up, making everyone look at the battle-hardened clone commander. He, however, is standing at the edge of the cliff and looking out at the ocean. They can see many explosions in the distance, reminiscent of the fight that is still going on, including a Republic Acclamator falling from the sky ablaze. However, what truly stands out from the brutal battle that is still going on is the large black shuttle that resembles Apollo 11 launch from a battleship off the coast, smoke flying in all directions as the ship rises higher and higher into the air. "One of the biggest lessons this war has taught me is that this fight is not over until one side stands while the other falls."

November 24th

8:05 am Gaia Time (Mountain Time Zone)

Chihuahua Desert

New Mexico, United States of America

"Come on, people. Just one more hill to go." Lieutenant Alan Temple shouts, turning around to face his troops from the top of the hill. Once, there were 150 Imperials in the small party, but now, only a hundred Imperial Army and Navy soldiers are marching in single-file line in a zig-zag fashion through the brutal desert that they had been marching through for many days. Their base had been destroyed, and their shuttle along with it, although Temple remembered his old days.

In the years before he fought with the Empire in the Clone Wars, he was assigned to the Truman Space Center, built in the vast desert of New Mexico for two purposes. It was built as an experimental facility used by the ISD from before Kadabra's reign that found a way to effectively mass produce the Beamspace drives. It also serves as a massive prison for the most dangerous criminals on Gaia or aliens who smuggle themselves onto the planet via Imperial ships to be used as test subjects. Luckily, only once has a group of aliens managed to slip through the barricade. While Temple guarded the base from intruders and trying to survive death by insanity with the help of his best friend George Biff and another friend he made, a ladies' man by the name of Arnold Buckey who was re-assigned to the Navy after hitting on his commanding officer one too many times. Temple remembers seeing an emergency shuttle that would always remain docked at the station unless an urgent emergency occurs; such as a coordinated attack by rebels, a successful prison break, or the dreaded Code Black. His best hope is to go to the base to either find the shuttle or a transport that will take them to a base that has a shuttle.

Several members of the party let out a groan at hearing that. It doesn't exactly take Sherlock Holmes to figure out that the soldiers under his command are starting to lose moral faster than they are blowing through food and supplies as they fend off rebels and the occasional clone patrol, defeating the last remnants of Imperial resistance. If things continue the way they are going, then what could happen would make the scene at Alder Creek look like sunshine and rainbows. "What if you're wrong, Temple?" The female trooper third in the line says angrily, stomping forward. "I believe that you have no idea where we're going."

"Come on, babe. Don't get turned on like that." Buckey says, wearing the typical Navy armor and holding a plasma rifle calibrated for longer range combat. "Unless you want to see my collection again."

"Shut your flapping gob, Buckey!" She snaps back, the turns to Temple. "You've been leading us through a god-forsaken desert, and it's always one more hill for you. If you won't tell us, all of us, where we are going, then I will nail your balls to a cactus patch." She then points her rifle at Temple's head. Fortunately for Temple, he has a better quick draw so he is able to pull out his lucky combat knife Tyrant, flip it in his hand, and point it at her throat.

They stand off for several minutes, with the other Imperials staring in awe. Before it can escalate any further, Buckey intervenes. "Hey, hey. Cool off, guys. Check it out." He then points to the distance. Temple and the female Sergeant decide to look in the distance, and at the base of the valley below them is a sprawling concrete base that rises several feet above the ground, with the top level forming a launch pad where a shuttle is docked and waiting for them. Surrounding the shuttle are massive distillery-shaped containers which hold fuel for the ship.

The woman then lowers her rifle from Temple's face. "Looks like you were right after all. Let's just get off this rock." She then starts walking to the base, smacking her shoulder against Temple's. He scoffs and is about to make a sarcastic response when Buckey notices something that makes him tackle her to the ground. "What the fuck is…" He shushes her then starts crawling forward. Curious, Temple holds up a closed fist, which the other troops respond by getting down on the ground. Buckey then stops starts crawling back to his superior. "The Republic has taken that base."

"What!" Temple whispers back, rage building up in him.

"Yup. I count at least five clones on the outside wall."

"Nice sight. I guess you've got only one good thing about you." The sergeant adds with disdain in her voice.

"Well, I had to stock up on carrot chips to get good eyesight because Temple wouldn't let me use the sniper rifle for good shit. I remember one time…"

"Enough." Temple says, not wanting to hear this humiliating story at the moment. "We can talk about that shit when we're on the ship." He then looks to the side and sees a docked Camel battle tank in all its glory between two AT-TEs that are also at the base. "Those tanks will tear us apart. Sergeant Andersmith, get that Camel on-line and blow those Republic tanks away before they blow us away. Private Cronut will accompany you. I will lead the rest of the troops and we will fight their way to the shuttle and start finding a way to release the emergency locks. Now go."

The duo near Temple nod and start crawling back to the main group to inform them of the decision. Within a minute, Andersmith and Cronut, an Imperial Army rookie who has exceedingly strange tastes if his Barbie collection doesn't show it, start making their way down the hill and towards the Camel. Temple then lifts up Tyrant and starts marching towards the base. The five clones stop talking and point their weapons at Temple, the AT-TEs turning away from the shuttle they were about to destroy and towards the Imperial.

"How's it going, boys?" Temple asks, still holding their undivided attention.

"How did you find this place?" One of the clones shouts.

"Well, I was looking for a gas station so I could take a piss, but I think this place will suffice."

"Enough talk!" Another clone shouts, wielding a blaster cannon. "Let's slag this scumbag."

"Oh, I wouldn't do that." Temple replies, smirking under his helmet. "I think killing you sounds really good right now."

"Yeah?" The clone asks back. "You and what army?"

Temple then lifts up his open hand. "This one." He then thrusts his hand forward. With a mighty battle cry, the Imperials break from their cover and start charging towards the base, firing their blaster shots. The clones could barely register the surge of Imperials, many of them dying quickly. The AT-TEs are about to fire upon the Imperials, but the docked Camel lifts up its head, and the turbo cannons on the side of the Camel's head open fire upon the AT-TEs, blowing them one of them up instantly and the massive sheet of metal from the blown up tank impales the clone in the other, making both tanks collapse to the ground.

"Hut hut hut hut hut hut!" The troops shout as they march towards the tower, climbing up the yellow emergency ladders and to the launch pad where their escape awaits. Temple, along with Andersmith and Cronut, also climb up the levels and are about to enter the open shuttle, but then they hear the sounds of opening hatches underneath.

"Oh, you've got to be fucking kidding me." Temple growls.

"Wait, we've prisoners here?" Andersmith asks, getting more and more concerned. "Who are they?"

"Only the biggest and baddest motherfuckers to ever grace existence." Just then, the massive deflector doors open and four dozen clones run out of the base, firing back inside as a massive swarm of frail humanoids with long pointed and furry ears charging out of the base. "Zygerrians."

"Aw, they remind me of my kitty." Cronut says, "But what are they doing here?"

"The Empire already considers them scum of the galaxy. I guess the Director figured they would make good test subjects." Temple replies. This is perhaps an understatement of the century. The Emperor's hatred of slavery was well-known throughout the galaxy, so when he led his legions to conquer a system called Kiros four months into the war and learned that the Zygerrian Slave Empire was being reborn by taking advantage of the chaos from the Clone Wars, he officially painted a target on the Zygerrians. Now, any Zygerrian male or female or even child are being hunted down and killed or brought to unknown locations for interrogation to learn about CIS intelligence. This mass genocide of the slavers is so wide-spread and bloody for the Zygerrians that the new Slave Empire collapsed before it could ever be truly re-established and almost all Zygerrians have been wiped from the galaxy, with the exception of their homeworld Zygerria.

The clones continue to fire upon the Zygerrians, who despite losing numbers and some collapsing due to a clear deprivation of food and water, are still able to gain ground until the closest ones reach the clones and start beating them up violently, some of them even taking large bites out of the clones. "Get your asses in here!" One of the Army troopers shouts from the ramp leading to the open shuttle as the soldiers finish unlocking the emergency locks and smoke starting to billow up from the pit below the thrusters.

Buckey looks at the direction of the skirmish and flinches. The Zygerrians had heard the Imperials at work, glaring at the troops while one of them is glaring at Buckey specifically. After all, Darts D'Nar has never forgotten the Navy Trooper who had captured him when the Zygerrians tried to gather more slaves for auction from the Ventus System, a little-known system on the very edge of the Outer Rim. To make the image even more horrifying, blood is dripping from the mouths of the Zygerrians, after having feasted on the clones. "My people! Stop that Imperial scum for daring to interfere with our rightful place in the universe!" The Zygerrians let out cries of rage, which almost sound pitiful in their weakened states, and they start charging towards the emergency ladders that take them to the launch pad.

Temple looks around for something, anything, that would help him to kill off the massive swarm of angry prisoners. He then notices one of the three portable containers no doubt filled with rocket fuel and he instantly knows what to do. "Buckey, hold those shitheads back. I have an idea!" Temple shouts then starts running towards the tank. Buckey looks very confused by his superior's logic, but points his plasma rifle at the steps that resembles a fire escape and lets loose multiple shots as the Zygerrians start to arrive at the top. Temple makes it towards the tank and jumps onto it, pulling out Tyrant and slashing it against the latch on the side. Temple then walks to it and pulls on the valve with all his might and succeeds. The valve pulls open and tons of rocket fuel rapidly pools out of the tank and spilling on the ground in all directions. Many of the already-weakened Zygerrians slip and fall on their faces once the rocket fuel reaches their feet. Temple instantly makes a mad dash to the open ramp, where Buckey is backing into the shuttle along with the last of the Imperials. One of them had gotten careless by standing his ground and trying to kill the former slavers, and the poor fool never had a chance once the starved humanoids reached him.

Temple makes his way to the front of the crew and runs up the ramp. "Launch!" He shouts as Sergeant Andersmith slams her fist into a button on the side, sealing the ramp.

"Um, do you mind explaining to me what the fuck you just did?" Buckey asks, ignoring the Zygerrians as they slammed their fists into the side of the ship. Suddenly, there is a loud rushing sound as the thrusters fully activate and the ship starts lifting off the ground. The younger soldier nearly recoils when he hears the sounds of something burning violently and loud screaming. "You used the excess rocket fuel to burn those bastards alive." He says, sounding almost horrified.

"Hey, look on the bright side, buddy. Their type has a fetish for burning shit. Karma just decided to bite them in the ass today." Temple replies, then starts climbing up the maintenance elevators to rejoin the rest of the surviving Imperial squads. "Kai, please keep yourself safe. I will take our home back one day." He mutters, thinking about his wife that he left behind when he volunteered to defend her and the rest of his people from the corruption that is rooted in every corner of the Republic and Separatist alliance.

November 29th

6:15 pm Gaia Time (Greenwich Mean Time Zone)

Buckingham Palace

London, England, Europe

Leia Haggar walks down the long, marble-floored corridor that is covered with enormous deep red carpets. The walls are velvet colored, lined with marble Greek columns and crystal chandeliers hanging from the concave ceiling.

The detail that went into designing the legendary palace in England almost amazes the Jedi Knight, as it reminds her greatly of the Jedi Temple in some regards. Since the palace that was re-modeled using a wider assortment of materials and decorations from multiple European nations and the design used during the reign of Queen Victoria.

The Jedi Knight continues to walk down the vast hallway, deep in thought. Contrary to what many people believed, the fight against the Empire did not end with the Emperor's death. In fact, the fighting lasted for so long that it was only the previous day, with thousands of Imperial soldiers escaping the planet with their lives or a handful throwing down their weapons and cheering for their freedom. The battle was extremely hard-fought, and not without cost; hundreds of clones and rebels giving their lives, as well as the near-annihilation of the entire Republic Invasion Fleet. As for the Jedi, they have all spent many days at a local hospital to recover from their fight at the Jedi Church, which had sunk back under the surface an hour after the Emperor had died.

Some Jedi members like Mace Windu were spared from serious injury and he returned to the battlefield to fight against a rather large patch of loyal Imperials, soldier and civilians, based out of Russia. Others weren't so lucky; Leia was comatose throughout the entire week, suffering 10 broken ribs, a broken left arm, a fractured skull, a damaged larynx, and enough bleeding to render her comatose in the first place. While Sander fared better overall, he also came dangerously close to death from the poisoned slash to his chest though his wounds healed much faster for reasons Leia still can't comprehend. Actually, this is the first time she will be with her padawan since coming out of her coma.

She continues walking down the corridor until she reaches the room at the far end of the wall. Lifting up the only arm that is not bound to a cast, she knocks on the door. Sander doesn't respond, but she can hear him talking with someone on the other side of the door. "I've got to go, Casey. Thank you for everything." She could hear Sander say, then he shouts, "Come in!"

His mentor opens the door, and she is greeted with a somewhat clean room. Her padawan is sprawled out on the massive bed with velvet covering, thin white drapes hanging on either side of the bed, and spread out on the nightstand on the right side of his bed and on the chairs are a total of 52 compact cassette tapes, a plastic case with a red cover with a sword that is being wrapped up by two green serpents staring at the plain gold hilt with their tongues sticking out and the title Rockin' Album printed on the top in silver, coupled with a giant silver box with a handle on the top, two black speakers on either side of the box, the word Sony is printed on the top of the box in black. Despite having modern features, such as having noticeable creases along the speakers so as to fold inward to make it more portable and the front looking like it can be detached to make a portable music player, it has a distinctly retro look to it. "Hey, Sander."

"Morning, Leia." Sander replies, smiling widely as he faces her. He got out of his ridiculous disguise and is back in his Jedi robes, with his brown robes hanging on the back of the chair where the cassettes are sitting in a neat order, with a military-grade Republic backpack leaning against the chair. Even though Sander is wearing robes, the white wrapping that covers his entire torso is visible. "You certainly look better."

"Oh, I've felt better." Leia admits to a boy she considers a son, before letting out a sharp breath and leaning against the doorway. "I could really use a cigarette; Gaia's are just so good. So, who were you talking with?"

Sander looks around. "Could you please close the door?"

Leia raises an eyebrow but walks into the bedroom and uses the Force to shut the door. "What's up?"

"While you were out, I made a new friend. When we were traveling to that island, Manhattan I believe it's called, I listened to this awesome radio voice who goes by the name of Casey Kasem. He introduced me to Casey." At the mere mention of him, Sander's smile fades and his features darken considerably.

"Who's he?" Leia asks, honestly confused by what Sander is going through.

"That Maven who led us to this planet; he introduced me to Casey. I would rather not even think about that coward right now. He ran when the Empire did things he didn't like, and when he was duped into leading us into an ambush, he still ran away. So, I shouldn't be surprised."

"I'm sure he has his reasons." Leia replies, sitting on the bed and rubbing his back. "Don't worry about it. He made his choice, and while we can help guide others, we can't make anyone do anything."

Her young padawan sighs, flinching slightly and grabbing his chest slightly before the obvious pain goes away. "You're right. But I can't stop thinking about it; if he was innocent, then why did he run? It doesn't make sense, and right now, I've decided to just forget I ever knew him. Anyway, after the battle was over, I was one of the first Jedi to meet the royal family who we are staying with right now." Leia nods, remembering hearing about how a royal family that was evacuated to a distant place called Canada decided to allow the Jedi to stay in their Palace until it was time for the remaining Republic troops to return to Coruscant.

"They couldn't stop thanking us for helping them out, so much so that they even helped me do something I ever thought would happen," Sander continues, his smile returning, "I got to talk with Casey Kasem himself. We've just mainly talked for the last few days, and he even expressed such gratitude for my part in freeing his home that he mailed these to me." He the picks up a cassette tape with the words January 6th, 1982 written in black ink as the label. "We have mainly talked via a newly-made video chat program, but those have been the best talks ever, and he even taught me a few lessons about life in general. Oh, he's so awesome!"

Leia stares at Sander with wide eyes, surprised that the boy has truly developed a deep admiration for the man if he is already talking about him so highly already. "Well, I'm glad you admire him. Please put on your shirt and get your things packed up. Windu has to make a departure speech in a few minutes before we leave the planet."

"Okay then." Sander replies, standing up and throwing his shirt back on. His mentor can't help but raise an eyebrow at how calmly he said that since she had mentioned Windu but shrugs and starts walking towards the door. She opens the door and walks back into the vast hallways with Sander filling his backpack with everything he brought with him and throwing on his cloak followed by his bag before following. The duo make their way towards the main entrance to the palace, where fellow Jedi Caleb, Depa, Anakin, Obi-Wan, Ahsoka, and Windu are standing in a horizontal line parallel to the large wooden double doors, all of them dressed in their Jedi robes; except for Ahsoka, who is wearing traditional mandalorian armor though she is not wearing a helmet and her twin lightsabers are hanging at her side.

The Jedi feel the presence of the new arrivals and look up the staircase at the mentor and apprentice standing at the top. "You're late." Depa says flatly.

"Sorry; it took me a while to organize everything." Sander speaks up, walking down the staircase. The duo then join the Jedi at their sides, waiting patiently for when the Jedi are called up.

"So, what's the verdict on Gaia? Will they join us in the fight?" Caleb asks, not having actually been present at the meeting the day before to discuss what comes after this war.

Ahsoka lets out a ragged sigh, annoyance clear in her voice. "They have decided to remain neutral in the Clone Wars for now. Though considering how much damage the clones caused to the people's homes, I can understand them not being ready for war. But I also hate their condition."

"What's that?" Caleb asks, almost dreading the response.

"They said that when the time comes, Gaia will be able to provide support for the Republic during the Clone Wars on one condition; we delete the location of the entire star system from our data banks." Obi-Wan adds, who is looking almost as calm as Windu.

"If we have even a slim chance of gaining a powerful ally, then this sacrifice will be worth it." Windu speaks up, then looks at Sander and his expression softens. "Sander, I want to tell you something."

"Yup?" The boy asks, looking him in the eye.

"You did good out there. Your master taught you well." Windu gives the boy a rare half-smile.

"Well, thank you." Sander answers, smiling back.

While Windu masks it well, he is honestly surprised at Sander's attitude, but before he can inquire further, the doors open to let in a rather bright flash of light, making Sander and Leia hiss in pain and cover their eyes slightly. "It's time." The Jedi Master says, then starts walking up the metal staircase. The other Jedi follow close behind, with Sander looking around anxiously. Once the Jedi reach the top of the make-shift wooden podium, they are greeted with the sight of hundreds, if not thousands, of people cheering for them. At the front of the stage is a glass podium with a microphone sticking out. On either side of the podium are the members of the reformed United Nations, with the British Royal Family being the symbol of the entire planet. What Sander finds interesting, aside from how high the podium is, are the emotions coming from the senators who represent their respective nations; some are truly ecstatic at being free, some are more mixed, while one or two are downright sour about this meeting. While anyone can say they have renounced the Empire, it seems that there are still some sympathizers to their cause around.

The padawan takes his attention away from this discovery and focuses on Windu who is already at the podium and making his statement. "Today, I speak for not only myself, but the entire Jedi Order. Four years ago, a new Empire had been forged on this world and dedicated to the proposition that all beings are equal. However, that was a lie that was created so as to further the Emperor's goal, which is the same goal as every other being like him; total domination of the galaxy. We met on that fateful day when our peoples engaged in a war that has engulfed every part of our lives. Let us never forget the brave warriors who fought in this war, fighting for what they believe in. Let us honor all those who laid down their lives, and the thousand Jedi who gave their lives to protecting the citizens of the galaxy from their own superiors. Despite all the sacrifices we have made to reach this point, they will not have died in vain. When this war is over in every corner of the galaxy, a government created by the people for all of you shall never perish."

The people who listened silently suddenly erupt into thunderous applause and even try dashing towards the Jedi Master, but the red-coated British soldiers who had protected the British Royal Family during their exile manage to hold them back. The vast majority of them compensate by throwing their hats into the air and continue cheering. Even the other Senators start cheering, though the two who Sander sensed bitterness from about the whole speech clap half-heartedly.

"Thanks for everything. We are in your debt." The new leader of Gaia, King Pius**, one of the only children of Diana, Princess of Wales, to survive the Emperor's takeover, says. His wife, Queen Cassie Hawking**, a daughter of the brilliant astrophysics professor Stephen Hawking and twin of the noted novelist Lucy Hawking, is off in the crowd and shaking hands with other UN members.

"Don't worry about us. Without your people's help, we would not have been able to win at all." Kenobi says, shaking Pius's hand next. Anakin scoffs slightly, but then notices that he can't see Ahsoka anywhere. He looks around rapidly until he notices a speeder driving down the long streets of London and sensing her presence go ever farther. Her former master looks down in slight shame, still wishing that he could have exposed the real culprit behind the bombing at the Jedi Temple sooner.

"Of course. While people around the world take in the news of the Empire's ultimate defeat, I will work with my people on rebuilding our homes from the fight."

"Yes, and while you do that, we have to get going soon. We still have a war to win." Anakin states.

"Of course. I will have my drivers take you to your fleet." Pius then taps his ear and starts talking with the person on the other line. "Yes. Our guests would like transport to their ships. Of course."

"Thank you, your Majesty. It has been an honor." Windu says, bowing respectfully. The Jedi then make their way off the podium and towards the green speeder that is based on the X-34 speeders used on Tatooine, only much cleaner, more advanced, and bigger so it can hold all of the Jedi at once. Sitting in the driver's seat is Ronald Weasley.

"Hey, mates. What's going on?" Ron asks, waving at them.

"We would like to go meet up with the gunships, Mr. Weasley." Windu states, getting into the second row of seats. Ron waits until all of the Jedi are seated and instantly takes off, managing to avoid the vast crowds of people who are trying to catch up with them.

"This is too easy." Sander speaks up, stating his suspicions that have been building for a while now.

"What?" Leia asks, a little confused.

"The Empire's so-called defeat. I can't help but feel deep down that they will be back."

"You are just being paranoid right now." Windu replies. "Besides, even if they did return, we will find a way to defeat them. The Dark Side is strong, but the light will always prevail." Sander can't help but find himself suppressing a scoff at that statement.

After a silent drive where everyone took in the scenery, the speeder arrived on the outskirts of a town called Chelmsford where a dozen Republic gunships are either docked or flying towards the ground on flat grassy plains in a solid formation. The last remaining clone troopers are marching on-board the ships. "Thanks for the ride." Depa says, jumping out of the ship. The other Jedi also get out and make their way to the ship.

"Heh. Good luck out there. You'll bloody well need it." Ron mutters before making his way back to London.

The Jedi reach the base of the ship where the clones Rex and Cody are watching the clones marching onto the gunships, and when they notice the Jedi, they crisply stand at attention. "Good to see you alright, General." Cody says, looking towards Kenobi.

"Oh, we're all a bit worse for wear." Kenobi answers. "Have you gotten any response as to how the rest of the Empire is taking the news of their Emperor's death?"

"Yes, sir." Rex adds, stepping forward. "It seems like there is a broadcast system that was sent out to all Imperial bases. Either they are fleeing from their stations or they're throwing their guns down and coming home. General Secura also sent her gratitude from the former Imperial base on Carlac. She was afraid they would send reinforcements to crush her fleet that was nearly destroyed taking the planet in the first place."

"Very good, Rex." Anakin says then places a hand on Rex's shoulder. "Have you seen Ahsoka's ship by any chance?"

"Ahsoka?" Rex asks, completely surprised. "No, sir. I don't know where her ship is."

Anakin lets out a slight sigh, saddened by that news; although he isn't really surprised, given how the Council treated her. "Very well. Get all troops and supplies loaded up and let's get off this planet."

"Yes, sir!" Rex snaps back, then starts marching to the gunship with Cody in tow. The Jedi decide to go their separate ways onto different gunships. Sander pauses for a brief moment, looking out at the grassy cliffside that overlook the English Channel before entering one of the gunships, the blast doors closing behind him and the gunship wasting no time in lifting off the ground. After several long and tense minutes, the blast doors re-open and they are onboard one of the last five Venators to survive.

"Come on. Let's go see if the Admiral made it." Anakin says after stepping out of his gunship with Kenobi, Rex, and Cody following behind.

Waiting for them at the bridge is none other than Admiral Tarkin, surrounded by clone officers as they prime the ship for immediate take-off. "Ah, Generals. I was wondering when you would get here."

"We had to set aside time to make a farewell speech before they would let us go." Windu snaps back. While the Jedi Master admits that Tarkin is an effective leader, he doesn't really like the Admiral's attitude regarding the Jedi.

"Ah. I see." Tarkin replies, stroking his chin in thought.

Just then, a clone officer walks up to Tarkin. "Sir, we are receiving a transmission from Commander Krennic."

"Put it through." Tarkin replies, a hint of bitterness in his voice. It is well known that Commander Orson Krennic, who is also a representative of the Republic Strategic Advisory Cell, regards himself as a rival of Admiral Tarkin. However, Tarkin is far from happy with this belief and remains unimpressed with Krennic's work, even though he discovered a way to use scales from the Zillo Beast that was killed by the Republic months ago to upgrade the armor so as to be more resistant to blaster shots.

Tarkin walks to the holo-table where the image of a pasty-skinned, dark-haired man wearing a standard Republic officer outfit is standing tall. "Commander," Tarkin speaks up, his distaste well-masked, "what have you found at Artemis?"

Krennic's smile falls slightly. While the bulk of the Republic's forces have been busy defeating the last Imperial forces or returning officers to the ships, Tarkin used the communicators that still worked to contact Krennic and order the Commander to attack Artemis and gather as much intel from the ISD headquarters as he could. "Nothing. Everyone that was stationed at the base had been evacuated by the time I arrived with Commander Ponds. Most of the data had been scrubbed and the Director of the ISD is nowhere to be found."

Tarkin frowns slightly at what he saw as another sign of the commander's incompetence. "But," Krennic adds, "Not all of the data had been destroyed. I was able to recover some data on how their Beamspace drives can operate. That, and using the drive that we recovered from a downed ship, we now have a chance to discover how their means of transportation works without blind speculation and disastrous consequences."

Tarkin mulls over that piece of news for a brief moment. "Very well, then. It seems like your trip wasn't a complete waste of time. Maintain your position, we will come and pick you up."

"Admiral." Another clone officer says after walking up to him once the transmission is cut out. "All troops are loaded onto the ships. All stations have reported that we are ready to go."

"Bring us around to Artemis." Tarkin says, then stares out the front of the bridge as the ships soar towards the moon of Gaia, where a single gunship can be seen heading to a separate Venator. "So, General Skywalker, what are your orders now?"

"Take us back to Coruscant. There, we will receive our orders on where we are needed from the Chancellor. We may have won the battle today, but the war is far from over. And I will not stop until that day comes."

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November 29th


5:15 pm Gaia Time (Central Time Zone)

Docking Bay 001

Star Forge II

Undisclosed Location

"Director." Admiral Hermione Granger says, walking towards the former Director of the ISD. He is leaning against a railing that overlooks one of hundreds of docking bays, the octagonal panels on the ground a dull grey and forming a perfect square.

"Report." Drakon says, not even looking at his second-in-command. He watches as the shuttle rocket soars through the void of space before passing through the gravitational well that separates the docking bay from open space. Several of the panels suddenly split open and reveal claws that grip the landing mechanisms of the ship. The docking bay shield doors snap closed and the side of the shuttle splits open to reveal the Imperial troops who are inside.

"That was the last of our ships that we should be expecting. Right now, we have five million Imperial soldiers that managed to arrive at the base and on standby. Grand Admiral Vizsla has not reported in for the last few days, and I have felt something in the Force about him."

"A decent start. I felt that same disturbance; we felt Grand Admiral Vizsla dying at the hands of a savage monster. That is why you will be taking his place. Follow me, Grand Admiral." Drakon then turns to the left and starts walking towards the open security doors with Granger following close behind, still reeling about her sudden promotion.

"Director, permission to ask you a question?"


"When are we going to strike back at the Republic and Separatists? We can't let our home remain in incompetent hands."

"I agree, but I have a plan as to what our next step is. We leave our current location and head to Point Beta. There we will establish a position and wait until we are ready."

Granger pauses to stare at her comrade, who is wearing a grey suit with a black tie under a silver overcoat. "What? But sir, I read every scrap of data. We may need more supplies and O2 within a year, but according to everything I've seen, we have the ships, manpower, and weapons needed to strike back now."

"I admire your courage, Grand Admiral, but I have my reasons."

"I assume that it's personal, then." Granger accuses.

"Partially. The eventual supply shortage is why we will wait and gather our strength for 15 years; by then, Chancellor Palpatine will have grown strong, yet assured that no one will dare challenge him. That way, when we do reveal our presence to the galaxy, we will strike a merciless blow at him, crush his people, and prove that we can beat him at his best."

The duo then stop in the middle of the grey corridor, a thin beam of yellow light glowing down at them. Both walls are flat, but the left wall is grey while the other wall is a pitch black. "Also, Drakon continues, "we are not as ready weapons-wise as you believe. We may want to get back at the traitors and aliens, but we will be crushed in our current state and the Emperor's vision will be lost. So, we will also spend our years preparing our weapons so they are even better than when we fought. I have schematics on how to upgrade our plasma cannons, how to make plasma more efficiently, and there's more. Let me show you something." He then walks to the right side of the stretch of the black wall and touches the bottom of a small panel running vertically and slides upward.

The black wall lifts up and reveals an enormous bay that is at least a hundred feet long, and several hundred feet tall. On either side of the view are massive construction bays where enormous metal titans are being made, each one is different than the other. In the center of the construction bay is Thanatos Infinity, its chaingun being ripped out and a newer, futuristic chaingun with a single coating to protect the three barrels inside being lowered by a metal claw. "It's beautiful." Granger admits, seeing the mechs being made. She then focuses her attention towards the back of the bay, where the Emperor's personal mech, Tiel, is strapped to a table and its weapons are being polished.

"Indeed. Dr. Aiyanna certainly knows how to build powerful weapons for our people. She has personally promised me that the Thanatos Project will provide 20 Thanatos-model mechs with enough power to decimate entire armies, but that they won't be ready for at least 15 years. Once they are completed, they will be assigned to the last Mavens who are on this station."

The duo then move on from the massive construction area after Drakon lowers the shades. "How about the Emperor's children? And the other Force-sensitives?"

Drakon lets out a breath. "I thank the Force that Admiral Moen actually saw past his ego for once and rescued as many Force-sensitive children as possible before Code Black went into full effect. Many of the children could use training to truly consider themselves part of the Sith Order, but they all show potential. Oswald and Cindy Peverell particularly show immense promise right now, but only time will truly tell how they develop." They then reach an elevator where the doors slide open. They walk into the elevator and the cylindrical door slides closed.

"State your name and which floor you wish to go to." An automated voice says, but this one sets Granger on edge a little because this voice is masculine rather than the usual feminine automated voices. Something about this voice also feels strangely familiar to her.

"Director Drakon. I wish to go to my personal office."

"Of course, Director." The elevator then rides up many levels at an abnormally fast rate until the door swings to the right and reveals the spacious office that is the size of a suite. In the center of the circular room that resembles the Oval Office is a metal desk with a data pad laying on it, a black screen in the middle of the table so as to receive personal transmissions, and a metal chair facing it, the inside of the chair covered in a light blue gel.

"That was a good talk, Grand Admiral. Tell the flight crew to set course to Point Beta. I will provide the coordinates momentarily." Drakon says, then walks towards the chair.

"Of course. Have a good day, Director." Granger says stiffly, obviously disagreeing with some of the things Drakon has said before the elevator seals shut.

The Director walks towards the chair as it slides back and leans back into it, letting out a sigh of relief. He then leans forward, turns on the screen at his table, and stares at the coordinates he selected to make an ideal base for the remnants of the Empire; at least, those who remain loyal to the Director, unlike Clan Saxon and their leader Gar. After running through the data and feeling satisfied with his choice, he sends it to the flight crew so as to send the Star Forge II into Beamspace.


The Director lets out a slight sigh. "I have laid out your orders exactly as you requested. Everything is going as you wish."

"How are the kids progressing?"

"They are doing well, considering how both of their parents died. My sources show that given the right push, they will be true Sith by the time they hit their teenage years. And their power right now is almost equal to Delphi Riddle."

The voice chuckles darkly. "Excellent; that girl has always shown immense potential. What of my new body?"

"The Kaminoans are hard at work creating the perfect artificial body. They are experiencing…difficulties with it and how to run it at the efficiency of a normal human body. It shouldn't be an issue, though, considering how we made you from where you came."

"They will need a brain and blood in order for that to truly become reality. That is why our first target when we will be ready is our home-world. Let them celebrate their petty victory, and we will test the reformed United Nations' resolve. We hold one of their own ransom and demand the Emperor's body."

"Once you have the body, my Emperor, you will lead our people to glory while the Republic falls and the Jedi are crushed, either by us or whatever Darth Sidious is planning." Drakon then looks down at his monitor. The screen turns from the normal dark blue screen saver showing the English Channel to a black screen with numerous white dots glowing on the screen. Within seconds, white lines start forming between the dots and start inter-connecting with each other. By the time it is finished, the lines have formed a blocky human face with a single eye glowing a volcanic orange color.

"Yes. I will never sleep, I will never stop until Sidious is at my knees and I see crushing defeat in his eyes. I want him, and the rest of my enemies, to feel pain unlike anything they have ever known ever. Count on that, Director."