Hello, how are you? Thank you for stopping by here!

Actually I've made one story that quite long (I put all the prompts there) but somehow I felt I could make it shorter so while waiting the right mood to edit/fix that story I decided to make short stories using each prompt. These short stories are not related to each other. But maybe I'll make a continuation for some of them if I'm in the mood hehe~

Oh and since I'm playing with adult theme here, so basically they're not teenagers anymore.

Well... happy reading and let me know what you think, okay! (*^∇^)ノ゚・*:.。.

Day 0: Underwear/Panties

Modern AU.

Day 1: Against the wall

The heir and his personal attendant.

Day 2: Skinny dipping

Trespasser. Old house. Lake.

Day 3: In public

Do not ever make Gray feel bored, or else...

Day 4: Clueless

Domestic GRAYLU

Day 5: Cool me down

A long road to home

Day 6: Secret code


Day 7: Hot and bothered