Day 0: Underwear/Panties

Modern AU. Gray and his brother's pet.




"What did I do to deserve this?!"

Gray groaned in frustration as he saw his living room. Several magazines fell under his coffee table, his window curtains almost detached from the rods. The throw pillows from his sofa scattered helplessly and one of them was torn until its stuffing spilled out. Even his favorite sneakers that he put beside his doormat had been bitten and chewed. Not only were they new, but they were even designed by his favorite player.

The room now looked in a total mess and if his mother saw the condition he might be lectured severely by her, even though he's a grown man now.

Maybe this is because you're late for thanksgiving dinner when you know that your brother wanted to announce his engagement to the family, his inner self sneered.

"Did I miss anything?! I was only 30 minutes late!" he shouted back.

He began to tidy up the living room, at least what was left of his small and neat living room.

Confused by the sudden silence, he's looked around before he glanced to a water bowl near his kitchen table. After being satisfied playing around with his living room, the culprit bent her head down to lap up the liquid.

Gray sighed. He should refuse when his brother came in the morning and asked him to keep his new pup while he was away on vacation. He's not good with pet sitting and stuff. But before he could say a word, Lyon already threw a large bag full of his puppy's stuff on his doorstep and left his little angel with him.

"Just a few more days and I'll be free…"

and do not forget to ask him to pay for it! His inner self added.

The dark-haired guy nodded curtly as he glanced back at the pup. But she was not there. "Kiyo. Kiyo. Where are you? Kiyooo… noooo…!"

He screamed in horror. Such a small creature managed to drop a box off the kitchen countertop and started pawing the wrapping. The said pup responded with a brief look and kept toying with the box. Gray rushed over to the box before it could be badly damaged.

Gray looked at the package for his neighbor that was entrusted to him by his landlord and was relieved when Kiyo suddenly lost her interest.

"I'm sorry. I won't refuse to play with you again, okay." He said in defeat as he picked up the torn box from the floor. She looked up at him, panting and wagging her tail happily. "I'll take you for a walk in the park but you must obey me." As if agreeing with what he said, the white pomeranian barked excitedly. She played with her squeaky toy while waiting for Gray.

"What kind of a writer would wear something like this?" said the dark-haired guy bemused. He knew that his neighbor is a writer, but they have never met before due to their work schedule.

"The sexy one!" his inner self replied with a low whistle.

In front of him was a pair of dark red lace lingerie set with cute ribbons to tempt your imagination. A pink tinge appeared on his face when he realized he was staring longer than he should.

Gray shook his head slightly. A faint smile appeared on his lips as he fix the box and put it back on the countertop. "Come, Kiyo. Let's get some fresh air!"

When he opened his apartment door he saw a girl struggling to find the keys from her purse. Before he uttered a word though, his brother's pup ran right through the open door and crashed into the said girl. Kiyo looked up at her, panting and wagging her tail cheerily.

A lean figure, long blonde hair, messenger bag on her left shoulder, is she…?

"Hello cutie, I'm Lucy. What's your name?" The girl cooed while staring down at the adorable pup.

"She's Kiyo, my brother's pet." Gray answered casually as he checking out the girl who's now picking her up. She's hot!

He suddenly remembered something and hurried back inside.

"I think this is yours!" he said, trying to distract her from Kiyo who now acted like a little angel. "The box's broken but the content's fine." He gestured toward the box and smiled awkwardly.

Lucy couldn't help but smile as well. "Is that a package from my sister? How did you… and you saw the…" a small laugh escaped from her lips.

He turned his gaze slightly.

Eugh! I don't want you to think that I am a pervert!

She folded her arms in front of her chest as if waiting an explanation from him. A small smile curled her lips.

A pink tinge appeared on his cheeks when he tried to explain to her falteringly, it felt difficult when her big brown eyes kept staring at him.

Such attitude made his inner self want to kick his butt!

"So um… yeah… so do you want to join us to the park? And then I could buy you a coffee as an apology?"

His sincere offer didn't make her reply immediately. She looked back and forth between Gray and Kiyo.

A second later the answer from the blonde girl made him sigh of relief.

"Sure! Who could say no this face!" said the girl with a fond smile that's definitely lit up his day.


Written: around early December '16

Finish beta-ed: 30.12.16 by lockandk3yfiction