Life was a beautiful thing. No matter where you went, the mere existence of life was breathtaking.

Well, maybe not breathtaking, but something to stand back and take in every once in a while. From home beyond earth and the stars, to the earth they lived, where life existed, it brought something magnificent. However, there were times when it was questioned if it were true or not.

"Hey! Can I come in?"

"What do you need Peter?"

"I need to pee!"

"Alright. I'm in the shower. Be quick."

Peter darted in and began to relieve himself. Once done, he of course flushed. There was a high pitched screech as steam began to billow out of the shower.


"Sorry! Forgot!"

The curtain moved to reveal a wet head with long black hair with toxic green eyes.

"Gah!" Peter yelled, covering his eyes, "Why didn't you tell me you were a girl? Better yet, why are you a girl right now?"

"Why not? And grow up Peter. It's nothing new. I've been your mother before."

"That doesn't mean I'm comfortable coming into the bathroom while your my mom."

The woman rolled her eyes, but her body shifted into a more masculine form.

"Is that better Spiderbug?"

"Please don't call me that mom."

"You want me to be your mom?"

"Get some clothes on first you gender confused Norse god!"

"Why Peter!? I'm not gender confused. More so, gender fluid."

"Dad!" Peter squeaked.

"Oh calm down Peter," the man said turning off the water. With a snap of his fingers, he was clear of water and dressed, "I'm still Loki whether I'm your mother or father."

"I know that. It just makes me a bit... Uncomfortable."

"Oh Peter," Loki said softly walking over to his adoptive son, "That's nothing to be ashamed about."

With that, the dressed and clean Loki gave Peter a hug.

"Thanks mom."

"Oh so now I'm mom."

So... If, A father had the male side, shouldn't A mother take a female side. So everyone, Peter's moms.