She never wanted this, him getting injured for her. Yes she cared for him, yes she wanted his attention, but not like this. He was horribly wounded now and it was her fault, all over some stupid crush. It was not only him who got hurt through her actions. Her selfish deeds lead others to get hurt, some even by her own actions and ego… Now he was bleeding out and it was her fault, Jaune was bleeding out and it was all her fault. The worst part of it, she was willing to continue her scheme; she just needed be more careful next time, or so she thought.

Earlier that day

Jaune yawned stretching, he opened his eyes and looked at the world around him. There was not much to see other than team JNPR dorm, and Nora prodding Ren to get up. "Get up lazy butt," Nora said. "We need to get the pancakes before they run out!"


"Yes Renny?"

"The only reason they ever run out of pancakes is you inhaling ALL of them."

This did not phase Nora at all, she continued to poke Ren until he literally rolled out of bed. Jaune smiled, an average morning in JNPR dorm. Jaune was the first to the bathroom, not wanting to linger too long in his baby blue 'Pumpkin Pete' onesie. Before long Jaune was out of the bathroom with his armor, hoodie and worn blue jeans. There was no need to bring Crocea Mors; breakfast was hardly the Emerald Forest.

It hardly took any time for the rest of JNPR to get ready, Ren surprisingly taking the longest out of all of them. Nora had grabbed Magnhild, she had brought that damn hammer everywhere. Apparently breaking Cardin's legs was not out of the question. Ren could easily conceal his Storm Flowers and Pyrrha always was armed. However, carrying Crocea Mors a weighted sword from the Great War; everywhere was tiresome so he decided against going armed. JNPR made their way to the cafetorium.

Jaune observed with a level of morning induced indifference that team RWBY was already at their usual spot in the cafetorium; with the young prodigy, the leader of team RWBY; Ruby Rose, waving him over. Still, a standard day with no surprises, I'll take it easy today, no use in worrying, I'll probably take a snooze in Port's. Jaune thought to himself. Jaune nearly fell off of his seat when the intercom came on and Headmaster Ozpin's voice crackled over. "Teams RWBY and JNPR, please report to my office immediately for a field assignment; that is all." Both teams exchanged looks and made a quick pace out of the cafeteria to Ozpin's office. Everyone on both teams were excited to get out and do something, save for Jaune whom was annoyed about a mission interrupting his day of relaxation and Blake whom never liked to be excited as Yang would tease. However, Jaune was a good hearted individual and would, against his personal motives, jump at a moment's notice to help someone in need.

The two teams quickly entered Beacon Tower's large green, monochrome lobby; knocking some passersby as the eight made their way to the far dual elevators. Ruby was the first in the elevator; she had always been the fastest, even without use of her semblance. The elevator was a boring sight to the staff and students alike of Beacon; green tinted stone embroidered in Vale's golden emblem of crossed war axes surrounded by a sage-colored olive wreath. The elevator also hosted a window on its backside which revealed a priceless view of the remainder of the academy, the sight was commonly interrupted by the roar of patrolling Atlesian Airships. Military presence was on the rise ever since General James Ironwood came to Vale for the Vytal Festival.

The elevator had neared the top of the tower, where Ozpin was. When the doors opened the group was silent, quietly listening to the voices that spoke.

"Damnit Oz, this is the 3rd village to be attacked this week! This is why Vale needs to deploy garrisons to the nearby towns, do you really think your children can keep the growing Grimm population in line." Said a voice.

"There are more ways to win a war than just with brute force James. You and I both know the academy and the Vale council are under separate jurisdiction." Said Ozpin.

"Oz listen, the enemy is the Grimm! You do defeat them with an army, because if you don't, they tear apart you and your family limb by limb, I know. That is unless you know something I don't…" Retorted Ironwood.

"James, there is something else you must know. There is a student here with significant promise, do you remb-" Ozpin stopped tapping his scroll, a small smile creeping onto his face. "Students you may enter."

Both teams JNPR and RWBY nearly had collapsed upon the sudden shock of Ozpin's knowing they were there, "Umm... Hey P-Professor, uh, Sir!" Stuttered Jaune, followed a subtle awkward chuckle. The proud general made his way out of the room; replacing the students in the elevator.

Ozpin's personal office was truly unique; in its own way. There were giant rotating cogs and gears acting as a ceiling above revolving in a rhythm fashion; releasing a sense of melancholy weariness. Above those were the bright green orbs of Vale's CCT. Ozpin himself was seated at a glass desk with various gears rotating on the inside and outlined in a silver-steel trim. The professor was seated behind the desk on a chair which could've easily been modeled after the design of the desk. Ozpin was sipping on a cup of coffee, "Ah yes, good timing. The nearby village of Iron Grove has been relentlessly attacked by Grimm for days now, normally we would only send one team but due to the excessive amount of Grimm in the area, this will be a joint team operation. I have sent the location and departure times to your scrolls, any questions?" Ordered Ozpin.

"Uh yeah wha-" Began Jaune.

"GREAT, well you had all best get moving. Good luck!" Ozpin cut him off, Ozpin could honestly care less about Jaune's question. Such potential in the boy but still a fool, what a shame.

Ruby turned on her scroll as they entered the elevator, "Ok everyone, Iron Grove is a small mining village not far from here. There is a bullhead waiting for us at dock #3." Blake replied; "There appears to be reports of a significant amount of Grimm in the area; but nothing we can't handle." Then a thought occurred to Ruby, she was going on a mission, with Jaune. She had always liked him since he had helped her up the first day at Beacon. However, with the mission being joint team, she might manage to get close and… help him. Like a hero in the story books, yeah she had read a few of Blake's books too without Yang's permission.

"Well… I got an idea." Muttered the young leader. The elevator stopped and the teams began their trek to Beacon's air docks. "What was that Rubes?" Asked Yang.

"Ya see, our teams are always partnering with our partners, why not pair up with opposites. Like uh Weiss and Pyrrha, Blake and Nora, Yang and Ren, and Jaune and I…"

Proposed Ruby. "That's a great idea Ruby, maybe you could show me some more of your technique!" Piped in Jaune causing Ruby to blush a bit. "Doesn't that seem counter intuitive?." Added Blake, causing Ruby to give her a rare scowl she only gave to the people she was trying to kill (or maim). Blake threw up her hands in a sign of agreeance, and submission. "I'm up for it, as long as I'm not with Vomit Boy!" Joined Yang, Weiss nodding in agreement. "That's great that we are all in agreement, let's be on our way!" Said Ruby excitedly. Pyrrha was slightly annoyed, she liked being with her partner but it was only one time and seriously, what is the worst that could happen.

As the two teams entered landing platform 3 they could hear the roaring engines of their idling bullhead ahead. "That's our ride! Let's go!" Yelled Jaune over the noise of the airship. The very moment the sliding side doors shut the pilot hit max speed toward the destination of Iron Grove. Pyrrha glanced over to Jaune and something caught her eye. "Uh Jaune… Where is your weapon?"

Jaune's face went as white as snow. "Oh! Uh, oh god! I forgot it at the dorms..." He let out a disgruntled sigh and planted his hands in his face and sat down. Unfortunately at this point there was no turning back. Ruby nudged him and handed him an oversized combat knife, with a nearly 12 inch blade; its hilt and grip black with a crimson red line carving it's way through the silver blade's center. "Here, use my backup." She said, and mumbled something else to herself which Jaune lacked the ability to hear. "Ruby, how did you manage to fit something this large in your skirt?" Upon this statement most of the team members around him snickered, even Ren. However, Ruby maintained her innocence, "What ever do you mean?" She asked calmly. "Ya know what, never mind."

Yang threw him a shit eating grin, "Damn Vomit Boy, ya got balls to say that in front of me, eh? Tell me do you fear getting castrated?" Her eyes flickered red; Jaune deadpanned, no Grimm scared him more than that fiery brawler. "What's castration?" Interjected Ruby causing nearly everyone to break into a fit of laughter. "Bless her innocence, for she knoweth not what she says!" Yang remarked in a mock voice; resulting in even Blake beginning to laugh.

The pilot cut the blackmail short and yelled back. "We're coming in close to Iron Grove, there appears to be some Grimm activity on the ground right now. I'll keep an eye on ya from the sky!" The bullhead swung low enough to the ground to allow the teams to jump out using landing strategies. Jaune crash landed hard into the ground. Iron Grove was a small village with palisade walls around it, anything bigger than an Alpha Beowulf could break through. One main gate with 2 small towers occupied the wall. Most of the structures were small log cabins, although centered in the middle of the village was a stone building which acted as a town hall and safe house. Iron Grove's mine was on the outside of the village across a small creek. The Grimm incursion was getting larger at this point, most of the village militia were either dead or dying somewhere.

The bullhead began to rise to a safe altitude from the multiple Beowulf attempting to grapple it. The cause was to no avail as a massive nevermore swooped in groping at the right engine causing an explosion, knocking the grimm back but sending the bullhead into the land below in a hailstorm of fiery doom. Shrapnel scattered, one fragment was hurtled, impaling a cowering child in the chest. The child's mother cried out in perilous agony, helpless as she watched her dearest die at her feet.

Ruby Rose had her own plans, she would wait until Jaune was about to get hurt, then swoop in and kill the incriminated creature. Stupid but simple especially with use of her semblance. The teams split off into their respective groups that Ruby had assigned. Pyrrha and Weiss were tearing through an Ursa Major as it made mad swings at them; Weiss blocking with glyphs and Pyrrha rolling out of the way utilizing Miló to fire shots off in its rifle form.

Nora's strategy was always the same, BREAK THEIR DAMN LEGS! While Blake took a more careful approach, eloquently dashing from Grimm to Grimm gaining clean kills as she went. Yang and Ren were working together in an orderly fashion, Yang blasting off explosive rounds from Ember Celica and attracting Grimm while Ren came from the flank and gained a kill.

Jaune was swinging Serrated Rose, or Ruby's "secondary" or just a 'big ass knife'. Slash, Slash, Jab was a simple form Pyrrha had taught him. Out of the corner of his eye Jaune caught sight of a Beowulf. He swung Serrated Rose backwards catching the attacking creature between its jaws embedding the blade into the Grimm. Jaune yanked and yanked but it was stuck. While Jaune was preoccupied by his blade, he failed to notice an Ursa coming up behind him preparing to strike.

Ruby Rose was using her average fighting style of swinging wide slashes and decapitating multiple grimm in a row. She had just finished getting a triple decapitation on 3 Beowulf when she noticed Jaune's situation. He was attempting to pull Serrated Rose out of a Beowulf's mouth and behind him was an Ursa formulating to slice into his spine.

This was the very moment she had been waiting for, all she needed to do was use her semblance and impale the Ursa with the spear head of Crescent Rose. However, as she charged up her semblance, Ruby felt a horrible pain in her right thigh. One of the Beowulf had slashed her with its claw knocking her off balance, her aura absorbing the majority of the damage. Then in horror she looked up just in time to see an Ursa swipe its claws across Jaune's spine, his aura hardly activating to block the onslaught. The initial hit had knocked Jaune onto the ground dazed, the Ursa once again pulled its arm back and in another swipe; cutting a gorge into his chest like string cheese. Blood was pooling the surrounding ground, his blond hair tinted crimson. "JAUNE!" Ruby cried out through tears, she could've been there sooner, not waited till the last second before she intervened. Once again the Ursa pulled its arm back preparing for the killing blow on the blond boy below it whom was gurgling in terror through his own blood.

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