Beverly caught her breath. "Data, that was... wow." She looked at her dance partner.

Data smiled lightly. "Thank you Doctor, I only know what you taught me."

Beverly chuckled. "And you picked all of it up very quickly Data. In under a week, you've reached what would be a professional level."

"I am an android, Doctor. I never forget anything," he said casually.

Beverly shook her head. "I know you don't."

Data looked at her curiously. "Do you believe me to be bragging about my being an android?"

"No Data, not at all. You know of your superiority, yet rarely use it to an advantage that doesn't benefit those around you. You're an asset to the crew, and a good friend. If anyone thinks you're bragging, just send them to me, and I'll set them straight."

Data smiled again, getting used to the feeling. "Thank you Doctor. Though I am rarely in need of your expertise as a Doctor, you are also an asset to the crew, as on several occasions, various members of the crew would have died in your absence."

Beverly chuckled lightly. "Thank you Data, just next time, when you're giving a compliment, maybe try to avoid being so grim."

"My apologies Doctor."

"You know Data, you're becoming more human everyday," she said, patting his arm.

"It is what I aspire to be, Doctor."

Beverly smiled. "I know."