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Cast of Characters:

English - Japanese

Yugi – Yuugi

Joey – Jounouchi (or Jou)

Tristan – Honda

Bakura – Ryou

Yami – Yami

Kaiba – Kaiba

Remember: //Yami to Yuugi//  /Yuugi to Yami/  "Talking"  'Thinking'

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Chapter 1: The Academy

Yuugi listened to the rain falling outside his window. He enjoyed listening to and watching the rain. But he couldn't stand to be out in it. For good reason too. Yuugi was a pyromancer. A magick user who could command the element of fire. As a pyromancer, he wasn't vulnerable to water as long as he didn't use his magic. He had just learned to be cautious of it.

            Yuugi sighed and turned back to his work. He was a student of magick at the Elemental Academy of Magick. He was in his second year of study and was already in fifth year classes. He was called a child prodigy because he had advanced so quickly. No one else in the history of the school had ever advanced so quickly. Since he was doing so well, this year he had been given the option to have his own room. But he had decided that he would rather share a room. For the last few weeks he had had the room to himself, but he was supposed to be getting a roommate in a few days.

            A knock on the door interrupted him. He closed the book he was reading, after marking the page, stood, and walked over to the door. He opened it and smiled when he saw his three friends, Jounouchi, Honda, and Ryou.

            "Hey, guys!" Yuugi greeted them, motioning them to come in.

            "Hey, Yuug!" Jounouchi replied, looking around as he entered. "This looks great! Real cozy!"

            "I just finished getting all my stuff organized." Yuugi replied, sitting down at his desk. "So, what brings you here?"

            "We're going to a demonstration that the final year students are giving. They're going to be demonstrating protection techniques with different elements. Want to come?" Honda asked.

            "I don't know; I have a lot of work to do. We're working on protection circles and I'm having trouble getting mine strong enough to last more than one blow."

            "Well, I'm sure they'll be demonstrating the circles." Ryou said, trying to convince his friend to come. "Besides, you know Jou and Honda will need you to explain everything to them. You know I can't. I've tried to before, you're just better at explaining things than I am."

            "Hey!" Jou and Honda cried at the same time.

            "I'm not nearly as bad as this lunkhead!" Honda stated, gesturing to Jounouchi.

            "Watch it Honda!" Jou said.

            "Or what?"

            "Or this!" Jou replied, taking a leap at Honda.

            "Enough!" Yuugi stated, causing his friends to pause in mid fight. "All right, I'll go with you. But I can only stay for about an hour or so. I really need to work in this."

            "Alright!" Jounouchi shouted, jumping up and grabbing Yuugi's hand. "Come on!"

            He literally dragged Yuugi down the hall and outside. The others following behind. Just as they reached the door that led outside, Yuugi managed to pull his hand out of Jounouchi's grip.

            "Wait, Jou!"

            Jounouchi turned around, looking at him in surprise. "What is it? If we don't hurry we'll miss the beginning."

            "You know Yuugi doesn't like the rain, dufus!" Honda stated, coming up behind them.

            Jounouchi blushed. "Sorry, Yuug. I forgot. So, how are we going to get over to the practice room?"

            "Don't worry about it, Yuugi. I can shield you long enough to get to the practice room." Ryou stated.

            Ryou had control over the element of air; Honda the element of water; and Jou the element of earth. Ryou was pretty good at creating low-level shields. They wouldn't protect against a magickal attack, but they would keep them dry. Yuugi nodded, and stood still so Ryou could concentrate.

            He watched as a blue glow surrounded the group. When Ryou opened his eyes and nodded, they opened the door and quickly exited the building before someone could complain about the draft. They quickly made they're way across the training yard and into the training room.

            The training room was actually a mid-sized building. The building was a single room, two stories tall, with a cement floor and walls. The roof was wood, but it was deemed safe since it was so high. The room was usually used to tame magick and fowl weather practice. It was heavily shielded against all six elements: air, water, earth, fire, shadow, and light.

            Ryou dropped the shield as they squeezed inside. The room wasn't very crowded. It probably wouldn't be. The first years had class at this time and most of the other students wouldn't want to be out in this weather anyway. They made their way around the room and took up spots along the wall to the right of the doors.

It looked like the demonstration was just about to begin. Yuugi didn't recognize any of the students gathered in a circle in the middle of room, but he did recognize the four instructors standing at the back of the room. There was one instructor for each of the four main elements. There currently weren't any shadow or light element users among the final year students. Both elements were very rare. In fact, there were only three shadow and two light users in the entire academy right now.

            The three friends watched the demonstration for about an hour. Ryou had been right; they did demonstrate the protection circles. Yuugi paid special attention to that demonstration. He saw what he had been doing wrong. He made a mental note on what he had observed so he could use it later in practice. After about an hour, Yuugi decided that he had to get back to his studies.

            He leaned over and tapped Ryou on the shoulder. "Ryou, I have to get back to my studies. I'll see you guys later."

            "Sure, Yuugi." Ryou replied. "Do you want me to shield you for a few minutes so you don't get wet?"

            "Yeah, thanks Ryou."

            "No problem."

            Yuugi waited for Ryou to finish then headed back to his room. Once he got there he dove back into his studies. He would have to wait to practice until the practice room was empty, or the rain stopped. He glanced out the window at the wet grounds outside. It didn't look like the rain would stop anytime soon and the aquamancers had predicted that the storm would last for a few days. 'Looks like I'll have to wait for the practice room to be empty.' With that in mind he finished the paper for one of his classes and went to bed.


            Hope you guys liked the intro for this. It will probably take a few chapters before I get to any of the good parts. Don't worry, Yami will show up next chapter. Now, the break down of the elements and element users:

            Element                       Term for User

            Fire                             Pyromancer

            Water                          Aquamancer

            Air                               Aeromancer

            Earth                            Geomancer

            Shadow                       Shadowmancer

            Light                            Ilummancer

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