You approached the door slowly, your eyes downcast as your heart was pounding loudly in your chest. You had no idea why you were being summoned by the King, but you were and you were late.

"She is here." You kept your eyes downcast even as you walked towards the throne. You could feel his eyes on your frame, looking over every inch of you. You would be lying if you had said that the King's eyes on you had no effect on your body.

But it did. His eyes on you made you want to drop to your knees and beg to be taken. Anyway and anyhow, you just wanted to be taken.

"Aran nîn..." You kept your eyes down. But your body was on fire from the anticipation of why you were here.

"Thír at nin he-edhel plural edhil." You looked at the King, your eyes wandering from his long blonde, almost white hair, to his strong shoulders and chest, covered by his silver tunic and then down to his powerful legs. Your eyes stopped at the sight where his cock was hiding and fought a groan.

His cock was hard in his pants, and you could clearly see the outline of his head, hard and ready to fuck. You couldn't stop yourself from licking your lips, your mind going to a darker place. One where you were on your knees, the kings cock in your mouth, and his hand gripping your hair.

"Thír at nin he-edhel plural edhil." You looked away from his body and focused your eyes on the king. He was standing before you, towering over you, his arms crossed over his strong chest.

"Aran nîn..." You were distracted by his hand reaching out and grabbing a strand of your hair, his thumb and forefinger touching the soft, silky strand.

"You don't think I know who you are? What you do to me? You tempt me and don't even realize it. I have had enough. I need you. And I will have you." You gasped as his hand wrapped around your waist and pulled you flush to his body. Your hardened nipples pressing against his chest and your heart pounding.

"King Thranduil..." You were silenced by his mouth. His lips on yours, desperate and hungry. You moaned into the kiss as his tongue entered your mouth.

His hands dropped from your shoulders to your hips and they received a ganelte squeeze and then felt his thumbs drawing circles into your hips through the material of your dress. You pulled away and looked down, not able to believe what was happening.

"Do you want to please me?" You felt a hand under your chin and you were made to look back at him, your eyes meeting his. You nodded your head and felt his lips on yours before you saw him motioning to the floor.

"On your knees." You did not hesitate to follow instructions. You dropped to your knees in front of him and shuddered when you saw a look of approval in his blue eyes.

You eyes remained on him and you watched every move he made. You follows his hands as they moved from his sides to the front of his pants. Youxouldnt stop licking your lips as your eyes were glued to the sight of his cloth hidden cock.

"You want to please your king?" You shuffled on your knees and moaned when his thick, hard cock was released from his pants. You reached out and grabbed his cook in one hand, the other grabbing his balls.

"Eager little elf aren't you?" He gently pushed you away and you looked up at him, puzzled.

"Follow me." He walked back to his throne and sat, his legs spread and his cock still out, hard and ready for attention.

"Be a good little eleth." You walked up the stairs and knelt before him, your hand reaching once more for his cock.

Slowly, you opened your mouth and took his head into your mouth, your tongue flicking against the slit, tasting the smallest bit of precum. You looked up at the king, your eyes neve leaving his.

"That's a good elleth. Continue." As you took more of his hat dcock into your mouth you were rewarded with his groans and grunts.

"More." You opened your mouth as wide as possible and pushed your mouth further into his hard, thick cock. Your head was bobbing up and down as you sucked his cock, your tongue flickin against the underside of the thick smooth skin.

"Yes...faster!" You moaned in response to his hand being placed on the back only your neck, his fingers dancing against the tender skin.

"Dar!" She was picked up and placed on the throne, Thranduil standing behind her.

"I am going to fuck your little elleth. You will scream my name." You gripped the throne, anxious to feel his thick cock in your tightness.

"Aran nîn..." You moaned and bit your lip when his head rubbed against your already swollen and wet clit.

"You're ready for me. You're already soaking wet. This will make it easier..." You fought to breath when he pushed his cock inside you, his thick member stretching your lips and walls.

"You are so tight, elleth." You felt him push forward, his cock filling every possible inch of your cunt. He stopped and gave you a minute to adjust before he pulled out and slammed back in. You couldn't hold in your screams as he fucked you.

"Aran nîn..." You pushed your hips back against his cock earning a loud grunt from the king.

"You little minx. Always teasing me." You bit your lip as wave after age of pleasure hit you. He was fucking you on his throne. Where anyone could see.

"Scream my name, elleth. Let everyone know who's pleasuring you." You felt your walls tighten and you gripped the arms of his throne, unprepared to cum.

"Say it!" You felt his hot breath in your ear followed by an amilaysoc growl.

"Thranduil! Thranduil, yes!" He gripped your hips and increased his speed of fucking as you came all over his length.

"I am not stopping!" His hand had grabbed a fistful of your hair and your head was pulled back exposing your neck.

"Yes! Oh yes!" He only answered you in grunts as he slammed into you over and over, his balls hitting your clit.

"I'm going to cum." You braces yourself as the king slammed into you once more, his hands digging into your hip bones. You turned your head and looked back at him, his head was thrown back and he was letting out a loud and satisfied groan.

"Aran nîn..." He pulled out and placed you on the throne and then picked up his discarded robe.

"Melin le." You let out a tired but pleased laugh at his declaration of love. He picked you up and placed you back in his lap, his robe covering the both of you.

"I told you role-playing would be worth it." You melted back into his embrace as his lips met your temple.

"Yes it was worth it, hîril nîn." You placed your head against his shoulder and closed your eyes, relaxing into his embrace. You loved him and he loved you.