You placed your arms over the sides of the bathtub and leaned your head back against the wall. It had been the first time in weeks it seemed, that you had a moment to yourself without dwarves and a hobbit surrounding you.

You were a woman and a half elf-half human, and you needed some space to yourself without having hairy, stinkin dwarves around you constantly. And having a bath was a good way to have time to yourself.

"Miss Y/N?" You sat up slightly as the door to the bathroom opened and in waked Bard. You smiled and lay back down. You swung one leg up and placed it on the edge of the tub, allowing your silky skin to be on show.

You felt a smirk working its way on your face as Bard's eyes wandered up your leg, his eyes darkening. You made eye contact with the handsome bowman and drug your tongue across your bottom lip. Slowly.

"Can I help you Bard?" His eyes were glued to your bare leg, and he slowly took a step closer as you motioned him with your finger.

"I wanted to see if you were okay." His tongue darted across his lips and you could see his arousal staring to show.

You smiled and stood, letting the water drop down your naked body, the lack of warmth hardening your nipples. You got out of the bath and stood before him, water dripping down your bare stomach to your thighs.

"I am doing well. I do have to thank you for your help however." You took a step towards him and placed your hand on his chest, your fingers drawing circles into the tunic.

"Thank me?" You grabbed his hand and placed it on your breast. You leaned in and pressed a soft kiss to the skin underneath his ear.

"I'm yours. Take me however you want me." You felt his hand clench around your breast as he remained silent. You waited as his eyes wandered from your eyes and face, down to your heavy breasts and smooth stomach, down to your thighs.

"This is how you'll thank me?" You were probably shivering and cold, but you didn't care or notice. You were focused on Bard.

"Follow me." He handed you a towel and waited for you to cover up, and then he grabbed your hand.

He led you through the house, and into a private room, one you were sure was his. He closed the door behind you and locked it, and then he pulled you towards him. His lips met yours in a heated desperate kiss. His tongue darted across your bottom lip and when you opened your mouth, you felt your tongues brush.

"On your knees." You kneeled in front of him, keeping your hands on your bare thighs as you looked up at him. He had started stripping down and only once he wa snaked, did he acknowledge you.

"You'll suck my cock to start." You looked up at him and smirked. You grabbed his cock in your hand and pumped it. Your hand went down to his base and back up again, before you opened his mouth and took his head.

You swirled your tongue around his hard and leaning head and slowly took morenof him in. You pushed your head down until you felt like you were going to gag. Slowly, his hands wove into your hair and pushed you down a little further.

"Oh fuck. Yes. You're good at this. You've done this before haven't you?" You moaned into his cock as acknowledgement, and continued to suck. You bobbed your head up and down on his cock, your tongue licking what skin it could reach.

"Good girl. That's how you properly thank a man. On your knees suckin his cock." You felt his cock twitch in your mouth. You pulled your mouth off and blew on the head, your breath on his cock, made Bard throw his head back and groan loudly as he came. His cum costed your mouth and throat.

"Clean up and get on the bed. Face down and ass up. I want to see that cunt dripping." You stood and grabbed a rag that was sitting on his dresser, and you wiped yourself off.

When you were done you crawled on the bed and spread your legs. You placed your head on his pillow and turned your head to the left. You couldn't see him but you could hear him shuffling behind you.

"Nice and wet for me aren't you?" You felt his hand connect with your ass cheek and you jerked in response. His hands were on his hips as he pulled you back, and smacked your ass again.

"I'm going to fuck you until you have no voice." You felt his cock at your entrance and then he was in you. You gripped the sheets with both hands and moaned loudly. You could feel your cunt stretch around his thick length and you were sure he was the biggest you'd had.

"You are a dirty little slut aren't you?" He pulled out and slammed back in. His hands were wandering your smooth back and then, with one hand, he grabbed your hair and jerked your head back. You could feel his lips on your throat mippong and sucking.

"Oh bard! Fuck! Oh gods yes! Fuck me harder!" You are in such a state of bliss. His cock pounding your pussy, his lips nipping st your throat and his hands in your hair. It was euphoric.

"You little slut!" He grunted as he ground his hips against your pussy and when you thought you'd had enough, you felt him pull you back. He lay down in one quick motion and pulled you to start riding him.

You placed your hands on his thighs and lifted your hips. You slammed yourself back down on his cock and jerked your hips. His hands moved from your hips to your breasts and he gave them a long and hard squeeze.

"Oh fuck! I'm going to cum!" His hips jerked his cock deeper and deeper as your pussy clenched around him.

"Bard! Oh fuck!" You felt your pussy clench and then you came, releasing your juices all down his cock and balls. Just as you came, you felt another twitch and then your pussy get coated in his sticky cum.

"You're welcome."

Well that was a long one coming! Hope you enjoyed it! I'm currently working on two requests, one is for a Thorin/Thranduil/Reader and the other for a Thorin/Reader but if you have any more requests let me know! I'll try and write them the best I can! (And I'll attempt any pairings!)